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My Services

Thank you for visiting my SERVICES page.
Here you will find all the details of the available Coaching Packages and intuitive readings available with me, Dawn Brierley, your Life Coach.
To purchase any session first send an Enquiry message to me using my email contact so that we can discuss your needs first to ensure you have chosen the most helpful package for you, and then we can discuss payment and invoicing.
Mediumship Reading
Do you feel like there is something that your loved one wanted to say before they passed but they never got the chance? Would you like to know they are around you? Maybe you would just like a message from heaven.
I have over 9 years of experience of doing mediumship readings via the internet, I have the found that the best way for me to transcribe them is for them All to be written and emailed to you in PDF format (Word can also be done), within 7-10 working days although many get it much sooner.
All you have to do is email me at the address above and I will get back to you within 24 hours
Romance Coaching with the Angels (4 Sessions over a period of 2 Months)
1 Payment of £80 / $120 OR 2 Installments of  £40 / $60
Are you having relationship difficulties? Want to put the spark back into your love life? maybe you want to have better sex, or learn how to move on from heartbreak? Do you want to understand your partner better? Wish you could attract Mr or Miss Right? This is the package for you.
  • You will get an Intuitive Romance Reading with the Angels to better understand your position right now, your relationship, what's going on, what could happen, and how you can be more in control of allowing love into your life. The reading will be a recorded MP3 file so you can listen to it again and again.
  • Fail proof bag of techniques to help enhance your attract-ability, create an air of love, improve your sex life, how to move on, forgive, communicate more effectively to name a few.
I have personally tried and tested these methods I've learnt and can acclaim to their success.
LightWorkers Check-Up (4 sessions spread over 4 months)
1 Payment of £160 / $200  OR 2 instalments of £80 / $100
Are you a light-worker? Do you find yourself to be extremely sensitive? Perhaps you know yourself to be an Earth Angel? This package is for all lightworkers; healers, psychics, therapists. Everyone who works in a spiritual capacity or is involved in developing their spiritual abilities will benefit from this package.
Drawing from my life-long experience of working with spiritual energies I will combine a huge array of tools that I use, have learnt and even developed to help myself and my many clients to help you maintain tip top spiritual health.
You will receive:
  • A Psychic Reading to check in with your energy, circumstances, problems, opportunities and pathway. The reading will be a recorded MP3 file so you can listen to it again and again.
Based on your concerns, wishes and the intuitive reading I will then help you with;
  • Psychic Protection
  • Celtic Reiki Empowered Manifestation Symbols
  • Crystal Prescriptions
  • Chakra Healing
  • Aura Balancing and Re-Building (along with protection tips)
  • Meditation to cleansing, balancing and protecting your Third Eye Chakra
  • Angel Assistance to help you until our next session
Goal Setting with the Goddess (1 Session)
1 Payment of £40 /$60
Do you enjoy working with Goddess energy? Perhaps you've been feeling that the Goddess has a message for you but are unsure whether you have heard right? Maybe you really want to move your life forward but are unsure how to do it? Want to feel more in tune with your Inner Goddess Power? Then you need this session.
You will receive;
  • an Intuitive Goddess Reading to shine light on your goal setting, and also see how you are dulling your own inner shine. The reading will be a recorded MP3 file so you can listen to it again and again.
  • I will show you and guide you on how to create your own personalised "Goddess Shrine of Success" to help with manifesting those goals.
  • You will get Goddess 101 sheets to help you connect with your leading Goddess
  •  you will also receive worksheets to help you get specific on the area of your life you want to Goddess Goal Set.
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Make Transformations with Tarot (1 Power Session)
1 Payment £80 / $100
Do you want to change your life? Not sure how to do this? Maybe you would love to start a new business or make a change in your life but are unsure as to the pros and cons for you personally? This 1 off POWER SESSION will help you bust through the cobwebbed corners of questioning, giving you insight, advice, a way forward and you get to try on your future and see how it would work out.
You will receive;
  • An In depth intuitive tarot reading to see clearly your decisions - The reading will be a recorded MP3 file so you can listen to it again and again.
  • A tarot spell outline to help you manifest your dreams
  •  A Magic Wand of Dreams Worksheet to try on your future and dream those big dreams
Angel Coaching (2 Power Sessions)
1 payment of £50 / $90 OR 2 payments of £25 / $45
Do you want to know how to work with your angels more effectively? Perhaps you want to get to know your very own guardian angel? Maybe you have a decision to make and wonder what the angels advice would be. Invite the angels into your life with this Power Angel Session of coaching.
You will receive;
  • An intuitive angel reading to help gain some angelic perspective on things in your life. The reading will be a recorded MP3 file so you can listen to it again and again.
  • I will then coach you on specific Angels that you can work with to help you in your specific area of angel transformations.
  • You will also get personalised guidance on how to construct an effect angel altar to help attract your desires with the help of the angels.
  • Meditating Master class - a whole array of spiritual meditations to soothe your mind, body and soul.
  • Money Making Master class - An abundance of prosperity coaching tools that I have learnt and developed that actually work, plus effective techniques to help you master your money.
  • Clarity Classes focusing on The Power of an I-CAN-DO Attitude - a huge bumper package of techniques I've developed to help you personally have an I CAN DO Attitude in order to achieve those goals, dreams and raise those standards.
PRAISE for Life Coaching with Dawn Brierley
Here are a few testimonials from people I have coached and advised in the past through my services;
Charleen : I would definitely recommend your 7 Day Kick Start Coaching Program, it has kicked started my motivation! It has definitely inspired and motivated me to get on with setting my new business up in my therapies and selling related things through a website.
 I have been very motivated indeed and I have done my website and facebook page! This is what I want to do in life, be a holistic therapist and sell things that I am interested in and share it with like minded people! Thank you very much!

Lisa: First and foremost if you develop anymore Coaching Packages like this one send them my way please oh my god you have opened my eyes and shown me I needed a kick up the butt. I've always wanted to be a nurse, to take care of people and I think it's time I get back to training for it....
You have given me the tools I need to cleanse my mind body and spirit. Thank you so so so much

P: Wow! You are so Good - Really Good! You get me to think in places in my head that no one ever can! Gosh I feel so clear now about the way forward! You've inspired me!

Chris: You motivate me to be a better person. I find myself pushing myself further than I have before simply to get the results that after coaching with you, I know I can get! Thank You so much.

PJ: Thanks to you, I am now a qualified Colour Therapist. You showed me what I could achieve and helped me to believe in myself again. I took your advice and studied my butt off. Now I can have a career doing something that I love that helps others! You have to come work for me when I have my own Therapy Centre!

ATD: Your coaching is always so very healing. You truly are an earth angel. Thank you.

LL: I only trust you! I always know when I come for advice and coaching that I am going to get high quality from you which makes me determined to get high quality results in my life. You are awesome!


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