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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review: Holistic Energy Magic by Tess Whitehurst


Title: Holistic Energy Magic 

Author: Tess Whitehurst

Publisher: Llewellyn

Source: NetGalley 

Rating: 4/5

Purchase: Amazon

Learn to work magic and manifest your desires anytime, anywhere. Interweaving New Age techniques with Pagan sensibilities, Tess Whitehurst incorporates diverse modalities such as color energy, symbol interpretation, and visualization. Use the power of your own mind, body, and spirit as well as crystals, herbs, and flowers to achieve positive conditions in your life.
Organized into two sections, Holistic Energy Magic provides magical foundations and a spellbook of charms and invocations for success, love, health, and happiness. Enhance your spiritual path by fostering a strong relationship with the five elements. Develop relationships with magical allies, including angels, ancestors, and even animals. From cleansing your home to aligning with the divine, this accessible guide helps you create the magical life you want.

Is there anything that Tess cannot write about that isn't utter magic in how it transforms your life?

I have long been a fan of Tess Whitehurst's work and there is something charming about the way in which she delivers practical, down to earth ideas in a way that makes you know that your life will be improved by implementing them.

I enjoyed the new approach to this topic from Tess, in that she really does show you that to change your life and add a touch of magical charm to your life, you don't need to spend ridiculous amounts of money, or any in some circumstances. Holistic Energy Magic is just that... holistic, and magical. I love how you can use simple things such as herbs in your garden, a simple incantation to the angels or wear a crystal to enhance your life.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to add a touch of everyday charm to your life.

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