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Friday, 14 August 2015

Review: The Clean in 14 Detox by Melissa Costello

Title: The Clean in 14 Detox 

Author: Melissa Costello 

Publisher: HCI Books

Source: Press Review Copy

ISBN: 9780757317842

Purchase: Amazon

Rating:  4/5 

P90X creator Tony Horton, the Old Spice Man, and hundreds of others lost weight, boosted their immunity,and increased their energy levels—undeniable proof thatThe Clean in 14 Detox really works!
Millions of people are embracing cleansing because it rids the body of accumulated slow poisons that cause a sluggish metabolism, inflammatory and digestive issues, a host of chronic diseases, and unwanted weight gain.
The Clean in 14 Detox is a whole foods, vegan- and juice-based cleanse that not only flushes the body of toxins, but frees the mind of negative patterns, allowing the entire system to reset itself to a place of balance.
From leading successful group and private cleanses,Melissa Costello pulls no punches: She explains that the key to kick-starting health is to eliminate the CRAP (Caffeine, Refined Sugars, Alcohol, Processed Food) and the SAP (Sabotaging Addictive Patterns). Costello encourages readers to make the commitment, teaches them how to prep their minds and kitchens, and shares practical tips to succeed through the program with minimal withdrawals or cravings. The best part of this cleanse is that it’s user friendly and the participant will never feel deprived, unlike most other cleanses out there. A wide variety of delicious, unprocessed foods are allowed and there are no diet pills or chalky shakes. The Clean in 14 Detox features 14 days of mix-and-match meal plans and more than 75 irresistibly fresh and simple recipes, including Baja-style fajitas,chopped salad with creamy pepita dressing, coconut yam soup, oven-baked sweet potato fries, and more.

The Clean in 14 Detox is a proven program that will set anyone on a course to increased immunity, a more efficient metabolism, better digestion, glowing skin, and revitalized health.

I'm a HUGE fan of Beachbody and the workout programs they bring us, particularly the 21 Day Fix which has helped me shift some weight and gain a better body shape. However this book is connected to another Beachbody trainer; Tony Horton of P90X fame. 

The book is broken up into nine chapters:

* Chapter 1 -- Getting Started

* Chapter 2 -- 10 Basic Principles to Cleanse -- and Live -- By

* Chapter 3 -- Your Questions Answered

* Chapter 4 -- Preparation Week

* Chapter 5 -- Let's Do It!

* Chapter 6 -- Food Basics and the Meal Plans

* Chapter 7 -- Cooking and Shopping Tips

* Chapter 8 -- Clean in 14 Rituals

* Chapter 9 -- The Recipes

In the first few chapters Melissa gives you a basic food plan to help you start the cleanse and elimination of CRAP foods.. an acronym. I love that it gives you an explanation of the foods you need to avoid and why you should do so. She explains the benefits of a cleanse and how people have lost weight using the program. Tony Horton himself is one reason why this book is a success because look at what he practices... he preaches it too! And thousands if not millions of people are benefiting from his advice and Melissa's work.  

Melissa's program isn't just a food-based cleanse; each day of the cleanse, she encourages you to avoid sabotaging addictive patterns, by doing things such as journalling and creating action items and rituals for each day. 

In terms of the recipes themselves, they all rely on easy-to-find ingredients and come together fairly quickly, so there's not a lot of complicated cooking to do. If you're worried that Melissa will try to convert you to being vegan, she won't. She logically explains why a plant-based cleanse is beneficial, and then provides some tips for how to transition out of the cleanse if you want add dairy, eggs, and meat back into your diet.

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