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Friday, 4 April 2014

* A Witch and Her Broom*

A Witch without her broom is like a police officer without handcuffs - their sense of power becomes diminished.

Witches have long been associated with flying - whether its on a broom, or on the backs of animals or birds such as ravens, crows, or owls.
There are known Goddesses or Deities if you prefer, that are associated with broomsticks. As part of my own magickal development, just last month I worked with Baba Yaga who flew through the skies in a mortar and pestle whilst using her broom for spell work by sweeping the path behind her. Interestingly, a Chinese Goddess called Sao Ch'ing Niang also known as Lady of the Broom is thought to be in charge of the good weather (I'm suspecting a lot of research in to this Goddess will now commence as we all want good weather instead of the floods, fires and smog we've been having the world over or late). Farmer's used to call upon her to ensure healthy crops.


My last sample of Broomstick Goddesses is an Aztec Goddess, Tiazolteotl. She is involved in sweeping away the wrongdoings when called upon. Although she inspires sin, she is also actively involved in sweeping it away. So you see, the world over, despite cultural differences; A Witch and Her Broom are symbols of power, change and abundance.

So how can we use the broom in our craft?

So glad you asked. Brooms are most known for sweeping away negativity and also guarding your home by being placed upright thus invoking protection. But did you know that you can anoint the handle of your broom using oil and perhaps sprinkling a few drops on the bristles to add some extra witchy substance to your magickal broom workings?

You can use; Rosemary and/or Lemon for protection, Rose and/or Geranuim for Love, Peppermint and/or Cinnamon for prosperity - the list is endless. Follow your witchy senses and all the natural witch within to guide you.

It is bad luck to loan your broom to anyone, even a friend

As well as oils, you can perhaps weave and tie on herbs for added power to. And why not try decorating your broom a little more elaborately if you feel guided to and placement of the broom permits it. You could try hanging empty egg shells for Ostara perhaps with the blessing you wish to invoke written on them, butterflies and faeries for Midsummer, Holly for Yule, etc. go wild and decorate your broom in a way that feels empowering to you.

This is my broom that I decorated with Ivy that was growing in my garden. Also, there is lots of coloured ribbons invoking certain aspects of magick that I desired and a handmade twigged pentacle at the top of the handle.


 If you like the idea of working with a broom to enhance your witchcraft practice and would like more information including; wood selection, the making and buying of a broom, broomstick meditation, spell, rituals and charms, along with so much more valuable and practical information, then I can't recommend "The Witch's Broom" by Deborah Blake highly enough.

Published by Llewellyn, in paperback and kindle, it really is a witch's companion on working more deeply in your witchy practice, to develop the level you currently work at. Head to AMAZON UK or LLEWELLYN to order yours. I absolutely LOVE mine :)