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Sunday, 23 March 2014

What Makes A Witch Authentic?

Hello my Witchlings,

I've been gone for far too long. You could say that I've been off zooming on my broom but the truth is, that broom has been standing in the corner gathering dust. Bad Witchy. No cookie for me. I truly hope to make more of an effort with this blog by posting at least once a week - although the book reviews will be little rather than often.

I realised I've been spending far too much of my precious witchy time reviewing books, and as enjoyable as it once was, we all know that we head to amazon to check out previous buyers opinions rather than trawling blogs. So I asked my friends what they would like me to do; book review or blog authentically with creations. It was a resounding BLOG AUTHENTICALLY WITH CREATION along with the sweetest "We miss YOU" message. It touched my heart very deeply. I have listened and here I am with a rather brilliant topic and question I think. (Please do let me know your opinions).

The other night I dreamt of having animals outside of my bedroom door, I'm still deciphering what this dream actually means based on the animals that were there, but I really believe that there is a deep and meaningful message to it. I have always believed in the power of my dreamtime, and have over the quarter of a century of my existence (goddess that makes me sound old - I'm only 25), had a great many of prophetic dreams that many have scoffed at. The thing is, I never asked for anyone's permission or validation of these dreams, I simply shared them with whom I thought were like minded folk. I know my self, I know my own inner mechanical workings, I have all the validation within. Which, going back to the subject I am discussing with you here means that when it comes to me and my dreamtime - I am authentically assured.
But what makes a witch authentic?
This is a question that I began my day with this morning when my darling little Mr Magick Man woke me up at 5:15am and we snuggled and purred (You do know I'm talking about my Cat here don't you? ;) ) and I grabbed a witchy book from the side and began reading. I began to wonder exactly what does make an authentic witch, and I knew from that moment it would make an excellent discussion here amongst us.
So what does make a witch authentic in her/him self, in her/his practice, and perhaps in her/his teachings? Is it the clothes they wear, the jewellery they display, the ritualistic photos that are splashed across social media, or is it even the branch of the craft that they practice? I don't think it is at all. Before, when I was just starting out on my path I thought it was so super important for me to have the elaborate altar in my home, because that would make me a witch, and I thought that if I had witchy items displayed in my bedroom and home and even garden that would make me a witch for sure. I was young, naive, and a beginner. Who hasn't got some "Oppsy" to share about their beginnings in the craft. 


Over time I have come to realise that it really doesn't matter how often you miss a lunar cycle ritual, or even that you forget to cast a spell on the full moon, and you don't always have a witchy altar on display, heck you may not even pick up a book on the craft for months. Your pentacle is in your jewellery box, the candles are low on stock, you may even have forgotten some of the theory you once learnt. But NONE of that matters. Not one tiny bit. Not to the Goddess, Not to the God, and it certainly shouldn't matter to You.

What does matter however is the intention and purity within your heart. Do you always try to be grateful? Do you smile at passers by? Do you try to help whenever you can, in whatever way you can? Do you feel fondness for Mother Nature; the trees, flowers, plants, grass? Do you feel the love for the animal kingdom and realise just how blessed you are to share your existence with all of them and the beauty of this world? Then I believe within my heart that all of that is what makes you an Authentic Witch. When you feel a calling to the craft path, and you honour that calling AS and WHEN you can with or without the extras, then you are being authentic in your craft practice, your life as a follower of the craft, and as a teacher of the craft as you go about your day to day living setting an example to those around you. All the other stuff is just glitter. And we can sparkle with or without the physical glitter.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about what you think makes an authentic witch, and how you remain authentic in your craft practice. If you have time, please stop by my lovely friend Lyn Thurman's blog where she's posted a blog of a sister theme to this one on how you can feel more witchy. It really is a most excellent read. Just click on the picture below and don't forget to mention who sent you :)
Until Next Time, May the Goddess Guard and Guide you Safely

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4 Readers Musings:

  1. Thank you! One thing I tell myself is just that, I may lose track of time, the lunar cycle or not have all the herbs I would like to have on hand, but at the end of the day - I still wave and say hello to the Moon. Many times I've gone back to basics just to reassure myself that I have a connection, but the connection is more within my soul than words on a page or stacks of spells waiting to be completed.

    1. Hi Angela,

      Thanks for stopping by, it's lovely to see you :)

      I totally agree with you about the important aspect of our practice is that we maintain our connection with our soul. It truly is a heart-centred way of life.

      xx Dawn xx

  2. I concur. As time wears on, and I continue learning...I realize that being a witch is an act of breathing, or consciously living. It's not, necessarily, all the bells and whistles of slinging around ritual mojo on a regular basis. I think it can be important to know how all that works too, but I think the crucial "real" part of being a witch is just that...being a witch, how you live your life as a creature nature designed.

    1. Hi WildThing,

      Thank you so much for stopping by :)

      I couldn't agree more. Being a witch is not declaring it, or doing all the spells, ritual and whatnots, it's about LIVING, BREATHING and BEING at one with ourselves, nature, The God & Goddess and All that Is.

      Dawn xx