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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Brewing Up Acceptance with Baba Yaga

Today I woke up feeling very grouchy and I knew I needed to do something to shake it off, so I headed off with Baba Yaga for a brew in an ancient forest. As part of my personal magickal development I am a member of the Soul Path Tribe (I've spoken about it before and you can click the link in the sidebar to discover more and sign up yourself), and each month we work with a specific Goddess. March was all about Baba Yaga and taking risks in our life.

For me, March has been a topsy turvy, higgledy piggledy month because I found myself really not wanting to settle anymore for less than I deserve. I discovered that I wanted, desired and deserved more. So I began a mental life clearing by making decisions on what I was no longer going to accept in my life, which has had it's moments of "gloom and doom". I actually detest those moments in my life when I feel sorry for myself and I seriously get on my own nerves in a big way.

Anyway, going back to today, I was met in meditation by a Fox who guided me through the ancient forest until I reached Baba Yaga's hut. When I saw this hut dancing around on it's chicken legs I couldn't help but giggle. The freedom I felt there was mixed for me, because although I felt the peace in the location, I didn't feel at peace within myself. I was still too uptight and pissed off to be honest. Well, Baba Yaga came flying towards me not on her broom but in her Mortar and Pestle. It was actually one of the most wonderfully magickal moments I have ever witnessed in meditation. Out she popped and into her hut she went.

I found a log outside to sit on, and just watched the hut feeling some sense of calm within. Then Baba Yaga came out with two cups of tea, and she handed me one. When I drank it, it tasted like lemon and ginger tea and I felt a wave of emotion come over me and my shoulders relaxed and then, right there in that moment, I wasn't sipping tea with an old hag, or a witch with a reputation, I was sipping Lemon and Ginger tea with a Grandmother Guide/Goddess. There was a gift in the tea and Baba Yaga brewed it with immense intuition as to what I really needed : Acceptance.

It dawned upon me that for a few years now, I haven't accepted myself much. I've tolerated myself and my life, but accepting has been a HUGE NO NO. I have regrets as does a lot of us, I regret allowing myself to give up on my biggest dream of becoming an accountant, but I don't accept that I allowed it to happen. I regret sometimes becoming a life coach, because I feel that everyone assumes I have everything sorted and switched on and live in "super perfect world" which I don't and no one ever will, but I haven't accepted that I'm a life coach - part of me regrets becoming one because... well... it's in fashion right now to be a life coach and when something becomes TOO popular, it becomes a piss take. Another thing I regret is allowing myself to become too close and open with people in my life in the past because that sharing my weaknesses became ammunition for them as those relationships fled apart, and I also regret being so afraid of being burnt/hurt/stabbed in the back again that I closed up all my barriers and am really guarded about what I share and how much I share and when exactly I share - if I do at all. And those regrets and hurts, well I haven't accepted them either - not fully. Forgive? Yes, but forget and accept? I'm not there yet 100%, but that's OK because I accept where I am right now, and I accept that I hold the power within me to move forward in whatever direction I choose.

So Baba Yaga brewed up some "ACCEPTANCE" for me and I sipped it and embraced it all and she told me a special message to help me through. At the moment, I'm not quite what direction I will take with my being a life coach, I know my other directions and I know that in the coming month as I work with Lilith, my authenticity will most certainly shine through.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

What Makes A Witch Authentic?

Hello my Witchlings,

I've been gone for far too long. You could say that I've been off zooming on my broom but the truth is, that broom has been standing in the corner gathering dust. Bad Witchy. No cookie for me. I truly hope to make more of an effort with this blog by posting at least once a week - although the book reviews will be little rather than often.

I realised I've been spending far too much of my precious witchy time reviewing books, and as enjoyable as it once was, we all know that we head to amazon to check out previous buyers opinions rather than trawling blogs. So I asked my friends what they would like me to do; book review or blog authentically with creations. It was a resounding BLOG AUTHENTICALLY WITH CREATION along with the sweetest "We miss YOU" message. It touched my heart very deeply. I have listened and here I am with a rather brilliant topic and question I think. (Please do let me know your opinions).

The other night I dreamt of having animals outside of my bedroom door, I'm still deciphering what this dream actually means based on the animals that were there, but I really believe that there is a deep and meaningful message to it. I have always believed in the power of my dreamtime, and have over the quarter of a century of my existence (goddess that makes me sound old - I'm only 25), had a great many of prophetic dreams that many have scoffed at. The thing is, I never asked for anyone's permission or validation of these dreams, I simply shared them with whom I thought were like minded folk. I know my self, I know my own inner mechanical workings, I have all the validation within. Which, going back to the subject I am discussing with you here means that when it comes to me and my dreamtime - I am authentically assured.
But what makes a witch authentic?
This is a question that I began my day with this morning when my darling little Mr Magick Man woke me up at 5:15am and we snuggled and purred (You do know I'm talking about my Cat here don't you? ;) ) and I grabbed a witchy book from the side and began reading. I began to wonder exactly what does make an authentic witch, and I knew from that moment it would make an excellent discussion here amongst us.
So what does make a witch authentic in her/him self, in her/his practice, and perhaps in her/his teachings? Is it the clothes they wear, the jewellery they display, the ritualistic photos that are splashed across social media, or is it even the branch of the craft that they practice? I don't think it is at all. Before, when I was just starting out on my path I thought it was so super important for me to have the elaborate altar in my home, because that would make me a witch, and I thought that if I had witchy items displayed in my bedroom and home and even garden that would make me a witch for sure. I was young, naive, and a beginner. Who hasn't got some "Oppsy" to share about their beginnings in the craft. 


Over time I have come to realise that it really doesn't matter how often you miss a lunar cycle ritual, or even that you forget to cast a spell on the full moon, and you don't always have a witchy altar on display, heck you may not even pick up a book on the craft for months. Your pentacle is in your jewellery box, the candles are low on stock, you may even have forgotten some of the theory you once learnt. But NONE of that matters. Not one tiny bit. Not to the Goddess, Not to the God, and it certainly shouldn't matter to You.

What does matter however is the intention and purity within your heart. Do you always try to be grateful? Do you smile at passers by? Do you try to help whenever you can, in whatever way you can? Do you feel fondness for Mother Nature; the trees, flowers, plants, grass? Do you feel the love for the animal kingdom and realise just how blessed you are to share your existence with all of them and the beauty of this world? Then I believe within my heart that all of that is what makes you an Authentic Witch. When you feel a calling to the craft path, and you honour that calling AS and WHEN you can with or without the extras, then you are being authentic in your craft practice, your life as a follower of the craft, and as a teacher of the craft as you go about your day to day living setting an example to those around you. All the other stuff is just glitter. And we can sparkle with or without the physical glitter.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about what you think makes an authentic witch, and how you remain authentic in your craft practice. If you have time, please stop by my lovely friend Lyn Thurman's blog where she's posted a blog of a sister theme to this one on how you can feel more witchy. It really is a most excellent read. Just click on the picture below and don't forget to mention who sent you :)
Until Next Time, May the Goddess Guard and Guide you Safely

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Written in the Stars with Yasmin Boland ~ Interview


Do you recall my New Year pre-review of the recently released Angel Astrology 101? It's a book co-wrote by Yasmin Boland and Doreen Virtue about how you can discover the angels connected with your birth chart. You can read my in depth review HERE

Today I am so very thrilled to share with you an exclusive interview with one of the Co-Authors : Yasmin Boland, Astrology Extraordinaire. Yasmin kindly agreed to stop by the Witch Inside and answer a few questions about the book and how you can benefit from reading it.

Yasmin Boland; Co-Author of Angel Astrology 101
Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "Why do you think it's both helpful and important to understand how astrology relates to us?"

Yasmin: I started to study astrology because I didn't want other fortune teller type people telling me my future. What if they were mad and told me something totally wrong! So from that point of view, I think astrology is great for getting a fix on the energies in your chart at any one time. Hopefully the people who read the horoscopes I write trust that I am not mad myself! :-) 

Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "You had the chance to co-create with Doreen Virtue, how was that experience for you, and did your own astrological chart reveal anything about such a possibility?"

Yasmin: Interesting question! Actually I have something in my chart which suggests I can be "well-connected" (Sun/North Node). However working with Doreen felt more like a blessing than anything else. Working with Doreen is amazing. She is such a brilliant writer, and also really like one-woman publishing juggernaut! Her abilities when it comes to editing and structure, illustrations and more are second-to-none. There is one good reason why she is one of the most successful New Age writers out there - it's because she's truly awesome.

Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "Doreen teaches us about the Archangels that correspond to each astrological sign, how relevant do you think angels are to astrology?"

Yasmin: They are very relevant. When people learn about their chart, there are often issues which come up. Knowing which Archangel can help you with what is highly useful and constructive.

Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "Some aspects of astrology requires you to know your time of birth, the more exact the better, but what if you don't know that?"

Yasmin: If you don't know your time of birth, then you can't know your Rising Sign and your Moon sign might be in doubt depending on the day you were born. In our book, we cover the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, Mercury, Venus and Mars, so even if you don't know your time of birth, you can still get tons of info. If you don't know your chart, you can find it out for free at 

Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "Out of all the signs that make up our Astro Make-Up, such as our Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn signs, which one do you think reveals the most about us and which one reveals the most about how we can make progression in our lives?"

Yasmin: One of the arts of astrology reading is known as synthesis. This is about taking all the elements of the chart and mixing them together to read the whole. You can't really single one thing out of the chart and really make any sense of it. Asking which of the planets is the most important is a little like asking if eggs, flour, milk or butter is the most important element in a cake! 

 I want to say a huge thank you to Yasmin for taking part in this interview on both my readers and my own behalf. I know for sure that this interview will provide some enlightening content to our lives. I think that it's a great book, one that has so much to offer the reader and I truly wish both Yasmin and Doreen huge success for this book.
If you would like to get your hands on a copy you can head to HAY HOUSE UK for a copy or AMAZON.COM or AMAZON.CO.UK (Purchase now on KINDLE or Pre-Order Hardback copy)  

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