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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Chaos - Creation : It's all part of the Journey

Last month I was working with the Goddess Tiamat in my Soul Coaching group and I began the month wondering how on earth Tiamat and I were going to blend. You see I always feel like I'm meeting up with a friend to work on a project when I work with the Goddess, but Tiamat was different. She felt "out of reach", unapproachable and rather like the super powerful cool girl at school that you wanted to be friends with, but knew you daren't even think about it.

I really struggled to connect with Tiamat, I even considered working with a totally different Goddess - but then she made her presence known. My life began making waves and I knew she'd arrived in my life. The chaos came, but then swiftly afterward so did the creativity. Out of all the chaos, I found myself seeing new opportunities, chances being offered, ideas coming out of nowhere and I felt rather balanced during January.

I didn't really outdo myself with the goal achievement but then January is never the best month to set goals and actually worry about getting them done. So I accepted the waning of this in my life, and I embraced each day with a question;

What lies in store for me today? Chaos or Creation?

I spent a lot of the time beginning to work with Archangel Jeremiel taking a life inventory and I worked out what was working for me and what wasn't. I discovered the things that really lit me up and I felt true passion for and I chased after them. Well OK, I didn't chase, but I spent time researching, and taking the baby steps towards achieving those passions as true examples of my authenticity. These are going to be LIFE CHANGING for me and I just know that I am on the right path.

From the Chaos, Tiamat brought through creation. Which leads me nicely onto my Soul Path Steps for February. Chaos and Creation I have learnt are all part of the journey. And 'journey' is the key word here as February is being co-created with the Goddess Sedna.

So what do I have planned for February?

Flirtation of course! It's the month of love, romance and journey's. I am open and receptive to how Sedna wants to journey with me this month and I know that if I pay attention and listen I will hear her message for me this month.

But a few of the goals I've set myself .... no scrap that I switched it up for myself this month. I wholeheartedly believe in setting standards for myself, and keeping them high. So this month is about the standards I'm setting for myself and my life.

A few of the standards I've set myself include;

  • Developing my health & fitness even more by focusing on working my booty. I'm working out to Brazil Butt Lift (Jennifer Love-Hewitt did it!). I'm mainly doing it because I am a girl with curves and I LOVE my curves and don't want the curves to go - I just want them to be slimmer. So BBL will lift, firm and tone my booty!
  • Study ~ I love to study and this will continue throughout the year. I've made a pact with myself that I will only reveal what I'm studying AFTER I've finished my studying :) So watch this space!
  • Flirt! C'mon, it's February we have to flirt!
  • Continue starting my day with Green Tea and Lemon - It's super healthy for your liver and kick starts your metabolism
  • Knit myself a pretty item ~ Last year I taught myself how to knit and this month I want to continue this by knitting me something pretty
  • Spend more time working on things that make me happy, add value to my life and others, and also that I am passionate about. If your heart's not in it - don't do it!
I have more standards, especially related to my business and career, but didn't want to exhaust you with my HUGE list, so I decided to share a few with you above. I will let you know how I get on, and will hopefully be able to post a few pictures of my journey this month.

I have to say, Sedna is welcome and has been around for the past week or so waiting in the waves, and I feel that she is going to be one of those Goddesses who sends the subtle messages, and is a lot calmer than Tiamat.

Have you a Goddess that you found hard to connect with? What happened on your journey? I'd love to hear.

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor

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