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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Angel Detox : Take Your Life to a Higher Level

Published by Hay House UK

Angel Detox is written by two very lovely people (both of whom I've been lucky enough to have a chat with briefly in the past), Doreen Virtue, who readers of my blog should be very familiar with as a lovely lightworker and spiritual teacher who has written countless books on angels, faeries, healing and divine guidance whilst living in the gorgeous Hawaii, and Robert Reeves who is a Naturopath in beautiful Australia as well as using his training in herbal medicine combined with his psychic abilities to help clients heal. He also writes articles, runs a natural health clinic (which he began at 17 years old!) and runs self-help workshops!

A perfectly matched co-author relationship I would say! 

So now, onto the book that these lovely people have written. 
Angel Detox is a book catered for everyone who works with the angels and wants to detox. It really is a book that does what it says it does. It is jam packed with information; both metaphysical and also nutritional. Doreen and Robert tell you right from the start what exactly a detox is and what it means to detox. They discuss with you the steps to take when detoxing and the side effects that may be temporarily endured as toxins are lifted and removed from the body.
There is a heavy chapter that is tailored specifically with detox programs. Whether you want to detox from cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, coffee/caffeine, dairy, wheat and gluten, or soda, there is a detailed detox plan for you to follow for 7 days, after which you are guided to follow your angels guidance. Doreen covers the metaphysical side to the detox with Archangel healing with Raphael, Michael, and the prayers you can use to help you with your detox, and Robert details the nutritional and healthful detox support that you can get from flower therapy, and natural herbs such as dandelion, St John's Wort, Oat Straw, and the vitamins you need during your detox. You really are supported every step of the way with a daily plan which guides you on what steps to take that day to support and enhance your detox.
There are some lovely chapters that help you detox your energy field through crystals, flower essences, aromatherapy, aura sprays, and prayers accompanied with Archangel meditations. These were very beautifully written and are full of really helpful metaphysical advice. There are also guidelines for detoxing from technology and how to combat the negative effects of EMF (Electro-magnetic Frequencies) should this be an issue or concern for you.
Angel Detox is perfect for anyone on a spiritual path who are open and willing to detox in a healthy, balanced manner with the support of the Angels. It took me a month to read this book as I was taking it step by step and reading it as if I were planning on detoxing (My life ran it's own detox without even consciously putting it into action), and I learnt a lot about nutritional support whilst detoxing. If you fancy detoxing and getting healthy for life and not just for summer (although getting into our Bikini's is an excellent motivational tool), then Angel Detox is for you.

At the time of writing, Hay House UK is currently OUT OF STOCK of this book, but you can keep checking back or head over to AMAZON and get your copy now for only £7.12 on your KINDLE 

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