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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Spiritual Saturday : Moon Magic

Published by Moon Books
Publication Date: 31 January 2014

I am so excited that Rachel Patterson is back with her amazing book on Moon Magic. This book is full of the awe and wisdom of the beautiful Luna that we in the craft love, honour and respect. It has to be the most informative book out there on the moon and how we can work with her energies to harness our magick.

There are in depth chapters that focus on each of the moon phases; waxing, waning, full and new. However it also details how the waxing and waning gibbous moons can be worked with effectively, something I haven't seen in any pagan book that I have read.

What I particularly loved about this book was the additional Moon Magic correspondences, such as crystals, oil recipes, herbs, colours, written guided meditation, spells and moon cycle ritual. I know from my own personal practice that it is such a huge relief now to have this "Go To Moon Magic Bible" to discover what crystals and herbs I should be working with in a particular moon phase.

Rachel also details how the moon is related to the Triple Goddess and includes a guided meditation for you to follow, she does this also for the Moon Dieties chapter where she shares short insightful information on some of the goddesses one may choose to work with.

There are chapters also on;

  • Celtic Tree calendar
  • Moon Names
  • Moon Divination
  • Moon Charms
  • Moon Crafts,
  • Faeries, Angels and Werewolves
  • Planting with the Moon ... and so much more.

Rachel has created a Moon Magic reference tool that is beyond the expectations of any Moon book out there. It really is the comprehensive guide, the ultimate guide even.
It is a real addition to any Grimoire or Book of Shadows out there and if you like working with the moon, this book will only enhance that experience for you and add to your spiritual development.

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