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Friday, 17 January 2014

Pagan Blog Project Week 3 ~ Books

Week 3 of the Pagan Blog Project is here, and I struggled all week to think about what I could write about, perhaps overlooking the most obvious ~ Books.

For me, my life has quite literally revolved around books. I have always been an eager reader, a book worm (even my primary school teachers gave me a book mark in the shape of a worm - calling it my book worm page keeper). I recall spending my Saturdays with my Mum heading into the city whilst Dad was working and we'd make our way into The Works (I still hang out a lot in there), and Dillions bookstore (now known as Waterstones). We spend the majority of the day in these bookstores looking at both fictional reading books and educational workbooks. I was avid to read and learn anything and everything. Mum would choose a couple of educational workbooks to keep me going for a week or two on top of my normal school work, simply because the work the school were providing me simply wasn't pushing me enough. Then we'd head to the fictional section and we'd buy books - lots of books. Some included; Gobbolino the Witches Cat, The Little Wooden Horse, The Worst Witch, Animal Ark, Dick King-Smith titles, Enid Blyton, and my favourite - The Babysitters Club.
As I hit my teens, my interest in reading changed, I wanted fantasy, metaphysical, witchy and otherworldy books to read. Harry Potter was slightly interesting. I was reading book 3 in the series when my Father passed away - whilst he was in hospital when I was 15/16 years old, he's ask my Mum how I was getting on with my book, and what had happened so far in the story. I was actively encouraged by both my parents to read. I saw Dad reading daily, and also Mum reading daily. We are a reading bookworm family.

Books have played a huge part in my life in general, but also in my spiritual life. I've learnt so many things from various authors about; psychic development, tarot, oracle cards, candle magick, magickal housekeeping, hedge witchery, Wicca, spells, natural magick, the moon, hoodoo, and so much more. Without books in my life, I don't quite know what I'd do. I have piles of books next to my bed and can rarely read just one book at a time. I think I've read up to as many as 8 books at one time (I don't have 8 pairs of eyes - I just switch and change and read a chapter and a chapter there), I never get bored then :) I'm really lucky that I get to read and review lots of books each month for a variety of publishers, you may have read one or two of my book reviews that I post here. I love to share book love.
I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, and I'd love to hear about your journey with books and how they have impacted upon your life.

2 Readers Musings:

  1. I too love books! I am definitely a Fantasy nut, but my love of reading didn't start for me until I read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and some early Stephen King when I was in my mid teens! These remain a love of mine (as well as King's movie adaptations), but I have now branched out into the world of Fantasy for leisure reading. I have a kindle, but still love the feel of a book in my hands, there is something about the smell too... I get a lot of my pagan/wicca books from Kindle, but I still love a hard copy!

  2. Oh I love the smell of a brand new book - the pages! mmmm :D But yes, I use a kindle too. I tend to get books I'm not sure about on my kindle, and then if I like them, i'll invest in a hard copy :) Thanks for stopping by xx