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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moon in Leo - Hear Me Roar!


Published by Hay House UK 

Hay House have published 12 delightful pocket sized Moon Sign guides or rather e-books to be more specific and I have been lucky enough to review one of these 12 for you. I’m reviewing the one that resonates to me because that makes the most sense doesn’t it? These guides are written by Astrology Extraordinaire, David Wells.

So I’m a Moon in Leo gal, and how did I discover that? Well I used the brand new website brought to you by Hay House and David Wells. It’s really simple to use and very quick! All you do is type in your date of birth and time of birth and it calculates your moon sign. You can then choose your Moon Sign below and read a brief intro to your lunar self.

Knowing your Moon Sign equips you with the ability to purchase the short e-book via amazon and for a tiny price of £1.99. You can then discover all about YOU and how the Moon reflects into your life.

I am blown away by the accuracy, astrology is something I am interested in so that I know more about myself, but I really have no idea about the lingo or technical jargon. David explains the basics for us at the start of the e-book before diving right on in to discovering your archetypes. Being a Leo Moon, I’m the Queen, the one who always wants to help others and be of benefit to their emotional health. But as any King or Queen knows, royalty brings expectations, and expectations are something I have had a lot of experience with in my life. I always knew I looked good wearing a crown!

I was avidly nodding when I read the details of expectations of a Leo Moon, but the reasoning behind it made so much sense to me. If you wear the crown, you’re the one they see, they don’t see your friends, colleagues or people around you doing it and pull them up, they see you whilst the drama creators fade into the background which makes you roar “Look They’re Getting AWAY!”  

Each e-book goes into detail about your love life, career, parents and family, health, life skills, and your spiritual lesson. David then goes into how your sun sign and moon sign combined react and what it means for you. For me it means love sweet love. I have a huge love of romance and romance is an important quality for a Sun Libra and Moon Leo. I speak from experience.

David then goes on to discuss the signs movement for 2014, and then your Moon Sign’s movement in 2014. You can even discover what your compatibility is with other moon signs particularly when checking yourself against the eye candy in your life.

Leo Moon’s need to be less Elizabeth I and more Cate Blanchett, according to David Wells, especially when you seem to be coming across as a stuck up snob shall we say, when in fact you happen to be very down to earth, and the fun amongst friends and family. Leo Moon’s also love their hair – every lion and lioness does! I can certainly vouch for that. My hair is my pride and joy – more traits of the Leo Moon (images of lions roaring at the moon are becoming much romanticised in my head right now – replacing the typical wolf howling at the moon).

Luxurious living (something I’ve even blogged about), fun at home with friends and family, excitement in romance, and a life of having it all – it’s what Leo’s want. I can vouch for the fact that this book really has brought more than a smile to my face as I finally can say; It’s not me, it’s my Moon sign! It’s one of those books that you actually want to hug to your chest and give it a little squeeze just because it’s a book you love!

I urge you … no I Command you (tapping into my Royal Leo Lioness energy – blame my moon sign!) to hot trot it to work out your moon sign and then go and grab your personal e-book for your very own moon sign – You will simply be thrilled, delighted, and astounded at the accuracy of the interpretation.

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  1. Is this information correct for Southern Hemisphere as well? I was told I too was a Leo, but the website says Virgo...