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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Angel Astrology 101

Published by Hay House (US) and Hay House UK
RRP $19.95  / £11.99 
Hay House Price £9.59
Also Available on Kindle
Published/Released March 4th 2014 

Angel Astrology 101 is co-written by Angel Expert Doreen Virtue and Astrology Expert Yasmin Boland. I distinctly recall reading in a UK Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine an interview with Yasmin Boland as she spoke about her upcoming book with Doreen Virtue (Published March 4th). I was captivated by that very interview as Yasmin spoke openly and lovingly about her journey to getting where she is today. And, my admiration for Doreen Virtue is self explanatory for anyone who is a regular here at The Witch Inside. So when I got the opportunity to review a preview of Angel Astrology 101  before it was published I was elated to say the very least.

I'm not that adept in astrology at all. In fact as far as my knowledge carried me before reading this book, I knew only of my Sun sign - Libra. However now I know so much more about my astrological chart and can relate to myself on a much deeper level. I even triple ... ok quadruple checked the accuracy of the descriptions in this book by checking out my deceased father's astrological signs, my Mums and my partners. They all add up perfectly, and I have to say knowing their signs and the planetary influences upon them, I can see how they in turn effect upon me.

In this 288 page book, you get a detailed and in depth introduction to astrology, and the basic 101 of the planetary signs the book focuses on. You also get a brief intro to how astrology began, with records of it being recorded some 25,000 years ago, and how understanding astrology can help you better understand your personality, relationships, moods, energy cycles and life purpose.

The book is then divided into twelve chapters, one for each of the zodiac signs and it's accompanying Archangel. Each chapter details the general overview of the zodiac sign, before launching into the sun sign, moon sign, mercury sign, Venus sign, mars sign and the rising sign. The chapters begin with Aries, and ends with Pisces. Knowing the exact time of your birth (something I am fortunate to know to the exact minute), helps with the calculating of your signs (Advice is given on getting a free astrology chart within the book). Each section within the chapter discusses how working in partnership with the zodiac planet and also the related Archangel offers up some pretty helpful tips on how you can make astrology work more effectively for you. Both the positives and negatives (challenges) within the signs are discussed with actionable steps you can take to live a more peaceful and balanced life.

The pages in the book are vibrantly coloured, and contain some very beautiful images for the reader to gaze upon during reading. All in all it is a special book for any hay house, astrology and/or angel fan to have sitting on their shelf for referencing to regularly. This book also adds beautifully to Doreen's previous 101 series of books. It's perfect for the beginner like myself who had no idea about astrology, and it's also perfect for someone who wants a fresh perspective on astrology and how angelic influences can compliment the planets.

*Please Note, images are sourced from Pinterest and book cover is from Hay House UK*

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2 Readers Musings:

  1. I loved the mind,body & spirit magazine (still have all my copies)! This book sounds so interesting - was wondering if it would be ok for me (as I too only know my star sign) so was happy to read your experience with the book! Sounds fab and I shall defo get the book sometime!

  2. Hi hun Thank you for stopping by :)
    Yes the book would be ok for you, because you'll find that reading the other aspects of the zodiac and accompanying archangels gives you so many ideas and tips on how to work more with the planets and angels. I'd love to know how you get on with it when you buy it! xx