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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Spiritual Saturday : Moon Magic

Published by Moon Books
Publication Date: 31 January 2014

I am so excited that Rachel Patterson is back with her amazing book on Moon Magic. This book is full of the awe and wisdom of the beautiful Luna that we in the craft love, honour and respect. It has to be the most informative book out there on the moon and how we can work with her energies to harness our magick.

There are in depth chapters that focus on each of the moon phases; waxing, waning, full and new. However it also details how the waxing and waning gibbous moons can be worked with effectively, something I haven't seen in any pagan book that I have read.

What I particularly loved about this book was the additional Moon Magic correspondences, such as crystals, oil recipes, herbs, colours, written guided meditation, spells and moon cycle ritual. I know from my own personal practice that it is such a huge relief now to have this "Go To Moon Magic Bible" to discover what crystals and herbs I should be working with in a particular moon phase.

Rachel also details how the moon is related to the Triple Goddess and includes a guided meditation for you to follow, she does this also for the Moon Dieties chapter where she shares short insightful information on some of the goddesses one may choose to work with.

There are chapters also on;

  • Celtic Tree calendar
  • Moon Names
  • Moon Divination
  • Moon Charms
  • Moon Crafts,
  • Faeries, Angels and Werewolves
  • Planting with the Moon ... and so much more.

Rachel has created a Moon Magic reference tool that is beyond the expectations of any Moon book out there. It really is the comprehensive guide, the ultimate guide even.
It is a real addition to any Grimoire or Book of Shadows out there and if you like working with the moon, this book will only enhance that experience for you and add to your spiritual development.

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Pagan Blog Project Week 3 ~ Books

Week 3 of the Pagan Blog Project is here, and I struggled all week to think about what I could write about, perhaps overlooking the most obvious ~ Books.

For me, my life has quite literally revolved around books. I have always been an eager reader, a book worm (even my primary school teachers gave me a book mark in the shape of a worm - calling it my book worm page keeper). I recall spending my Saturdays with my Mum heading into the city whilst Dad was working and we'd make our way into The Works (I still hang out a lot in there), and Dillions bookstore (now known as Waterstones). We spend the majority of the day in these bookstores looking at both fictional reading books and educational workbooks. I was avid to read and learn anything and everything. Mum would choose a couple of educational workbooks to keep me going for a week or two on top of my normal school work, simply because the work the school were providing me simply wasn't pushing me enough. Then we'd head to the fictional section and we'd buy books - lots of books. Some included; Gobbolino the Witches Cat, The Little Wooden Horse, The Worst Witch, Animal Ark, Dick King-Smith titles, Enid Blyton, and my favourite - The Babysitters Club.
As I hit my teens, my interest in reading changed, I wanted fantasy, metaphysical, witchy and otherworldy books to read. Harry Potter was slightly interesting. I was reading book 3 in the series when my Father passed away - whilst he was in hospital when I was 15/16 years old, he's ask my Mum how I was getting on with my book, and what had happened so far in the story. I was actively encouraged by both my parents to read. I saw Dad reading daily, and also Mum reading daily. We are a reading bookworm family.

Books have played a huge part in my life in general, but also in my spiritual life. I've learnt so many things from various authors about; psychic development, tarot, oracle cards, candle magick, magickal housekeeping, hedge witchery, Wicca, spells, natural magick, the moon, hoodoo, and so much more. Without books in my life, I don't quite know what I'd do. I have piles of books next to my bed and can rarely read just one book at a time. I think I've read up to as many as 8 books at one time (I don't have 8 pairs of eyes - I just switch and change and read a chapter and a chapter there), I never get bored then :) I'm really lucky that I get to read and review lots of books each month for a variety of publishers, you may have read one or two of my book reviews that I post here. I love to share book love.
I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, and I'd love to hear about your journey with books and how they have impacted upon your life.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moon in Leo - Hear Me Roar!


Published by Hay House UK 

Hay House have published 12 delightful pocket sized Moon Sign guides or rather e-books to be more specific and I have been lucky enough to review one of these 12 for you. I’m reviewing the one that resonates to me because that makes the most sense doesn’t it? These guides are written by Astrology Extraordinaire, David Wells.

So I’m a Moon in Leo gal, and how did I discover that? Well I used the brand new website brought to you by Hay House and David Wells. It’s really simple to use and very quick! All you do is type in your date of birth and time of birth and it calculates your moon sign. You can then choose your Moon Sign below and read a brief intro to your lunar self.

Knowing your Moon Sign equips you with the ability to purchase the short e-book via amazon and for a tiny price of £1.99. You can then discover all about YOU and how the Moon reflects into your life.

I am blown away by the accuracy, astrology is something I am interested in so that I know more about myself, but I really have no idea about the lingo or technical jargon. David explains the basics for us at the start of the e-book before diving right on in to discovering your archetypes. Being a Leo Moon, I’m the Queen, the one who always wants to help others and be of benefit to their emotional health. But as any King or Queen knows, royalty brings expectations, and expectations are something I have had a lot of experience with in my life. I always knew I looked good wearing a crown!

I was avidly nodding when I read the details of expectations of a Leo Moon, but the reasoning behind it made so much sense to me. If you wear the crown, you’re the one they see, they don’t see your friends, colleagues or people around you doing it and pull them up, they see you whilst the drama creators fade into the background which makes you roar “Look They’re Getting AWAY!”  

Each e-book goes into detail about your love life, career, parents and family, health, life skills, and your spiritual lesson. David then goes into how your sun sign and moon sign combined react and what it means for you. For me it means love sweet love. I have a huge love of romance and romance is an important quality for a Sun Libra and Moon Leo. I speak from experience.

David then goes on to discuss the signs movement for 2014, and then your Moon Sign’s movement in 2014. You can even discover what your compatibility is with other moon signs particularly when checking yourself against the eye candy in your life.

Leo Moon’s need to be less Elizabeth I and more Cate Blanchett, according to David Wells, especially when you seem to be coming across as a stuck up snob shall we say, when in fact you happen to be very down to earth, and the fun amongst friends and family. Leo Moon’s also love their hair – every lion and lioness does! I can certainly vouch for that. My hair is my pride and joy – more traits of the Leo Moon (images of lions roaring at the moon are becoming much romanticised in my head right now – replacing the typical wolf howling at the moon).

Luxurious living (something I’ve even blogged about), fun at home with friends and family, excitement in romance, and a life of having it all – it’s what Leo’s want. I can vouch for the fact that this book really has brought more than a smile to my face as I finally can say; It’s not me, it’s my Moon sign! It’s one of those books that you actually want to hug to your chest and give it a little squeeze just because it’s a book you love!

I urge you … no I Command you (tapping into my Royal Leo Lioness energy – blame my moon sign!) to hot trot it to work out your moon sign and then go and grab your personal e-book for your very own moon sign – You will simply be thrilled, delighted, and astounded at the accuracy of the interpretation.

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Podcast Host, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor
Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Business Bible for my Soul

I've viewed so many life planners and year planners with a spiritual theme, and they are pretty amazing. Yet Jess has blown me away with the phenomenal quality you get in her Soul Biz Planner 2014!
I must have viewed around 6 or more life planners this year alone, everyone is doing them (maybe not everyone because I don't have one), but how do you know which one is the one that will help you up-level your business? What if you buy the "wrong" one and it doesn't inspire you, doesn't help you plan effectively, and just sits gathering dust in the corner of your office and taking up space on your download hard drive? I've had the same concerns myself.

So I'm here to share with you the BEST business planner that I've come across EVER!

Jess Carlson is a friend of mine and she is an intuitive life and biz coach, a shaman and spiritual teacher. We roll in the same worlds, and we have a super awesome big LOVE for DreamCatcher images. Jess is one of the most passionate, creative and honest people I know who helps women get in touch with their inner voice, empowering themselves to manifest the lives and businesses they want. This is why I am thrilled to be able to use her Soul Biz Planner this year.

So what do you get in the Soul Biz Planner?

Superb question and one that I am only too happy to share the answers with you to.

Jess asks all the right questions, the ones that any spiritual business owner needs to ask themselves when it comes to planning for their business. You know, those deep questions that make you sit up and be honest with the current position of your business AND also where your business vision is heading!  The genre of questions are of none I've seen in other well known planners, and the prompt questions are amazing! Some planners just leave you hanging, and from my own experience I've sat for hours wondering what on earth I am supposed to say in answer to those questions. yet the Soul Biz Planner 2014 got me beating those procrastinating moments, and I got swift clarity. Why? Because Jess has included prompt questions under the big questions. It reminds me of the Aussie hats, you know those ones with corks hanging off (totally cool right?!) Well the corks are the little prompt questions underneath the big hat question. So you get super questions.

It comes with monthly tracking sheets for all the important aspects that can help you uplevel your business. Tracking may not be fun (USUALLY) but tracking your business is so important, you have to know where you are so that you can move forward and tracking helps you see what works for you and what doesn't.

You get blog tips -  My coaching business relies a lot on my blog, as I love to share coaching tips in my blog posts, it's also where I get to post my reviews of awesome books and products - without my blog you wouldn't be getting to hear about my new business bible! So, if you have a blog or want to start a blog to go with your business, it's packed with tips for you.

You have money goal setting worksheets, and blog post scheduling tracking sheets. One of my favourite sections of the Soul Biz Planner is where Jess shares the love of Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map. You know how much I love desire mapping (I've spoken about it here many times before), and both Jess and I used Danielle's Desire Mapping last year to up-level our business.

Seriously, Jess has jam packed this planner full of so many tools and goodies you would be mad to miss out on it. It's 138 pages of WOWness!  I'm absolutely thrilled with mine! Just looking at it, and peeking at it out the corner of my eye brings a smile of manifestation to my face. It's like flirting with the Holy Grail and then actually getting to pet it, touch it, use it, and work it!

Having the Jess Carlson Soul Biz Planner by your side in 2014 will undoubtedly blast your business into Success this year! I consider mine my business bible!"
If you fancy flirting with the Holy Grail of Soul Biz Planners, then you can head on over to and grab your INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the Soul Biz Planner 2014 for a Super Soulful price of only $24 by clicking the Dreamy pic below!

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Angel Astrology 101

Published by Hay House (US) and Hay House UK
RRP $19.95  / £11.99 
Hay House Price £9.59
Also Available on Kindle
Published/Released March 4th 2014 

Angel Astrology 101 is co-written by Angel Expert Doreen Virtue and Astrology Expert Yasmin Boland. I distinctly recall reading in a UK Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine an interview with Yasmin Boland as she spoke about her upcoming book with Doreen Virtue (Published March 4th). I was captivated by that very interview as Yasmin spoke openly and lovingly about her journey to getting where she is today. And, my admiration for Doreen Virtue is self explanatory for anyone who is a regular here at The Witch Inside. So when I got the opportunity to review a preview of Angel Astrology 101  before it was published I was elated to say the very least.

I'm not that adept in astrology at all. In fact as far as my knowledge carried me before reading this book, I knew only of my Sun sign - Libra. However now I know so much more about my astrological chart and can relate to myself on a much deeper level. I even triple ... ok quadruple checked the accuracy of the descriptions in this book by checking out my deceased father's astrological signs, my Mums and my partners. They all add up perfectly, and I have to say knowing their signs and the planetary influences upon them, I can see how they in turn effect upon me.

In this 288 page book, you get a detailed and in depth introduction to astrology, and the basic 101 of the planetary signs the book focuses on. You also get a brief intro to how astrology began, with records of it being recorded some 25,000 years ago, and how understanding astrology can help you better understand your personality, relationships, moods, energy cycles and life purpose.

The book is then divided into twelve chapters, one for each of the zodiac signs and it's accompanying Archangel. Each chapter details the general overview of the zodiac sign, before launching into the sun sign, moon sign, mercury sign, Venus sign, mars sign and the rising sign. The chapters begin with Aries, and ends with Pisces. Knowing the exact time of your birth (something I am fortunate to know to the exact minute), helps with the calculating of your signs (Advice is given on getting a free astrology chart within the book). Each section within the chapter discusses how working in partnership with the zodiac planet and also the related Archangel offers up some pretty helpful tips on how you can make astrology work more effectively for you. Both the positives and negatives (challenges) within the signs are discussed with actionable steps you can take to live a more peaceful and balanced life.

The pages in the book are vibrantly coloured, and contain some very beautiful images for the reader to gaze upon during reading. All in all it is a special book for any hay house, astrology and/or angel fan to have sitting on their shelf for referencing to regularly. This book also adds beautifully to Doreen's previous 101 series of books. It's perfect for the beginner like myself who had no idea about astrology, and it's also perfect for someone who wants a fresh perspective on astrology and how angelic influences can compliment the planets.

*Please Note, images are sourced from Pinterest and book cover is from Hay House UK*

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor.

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Friday, 3 January 2014

Amber ~ Pagan Blog Project 2014

The Pagan Blog Project is back! And this year I am attempting to take part as I re-dedicated myself in Samhain to take my pagan practice up a notch or two. I want to find that inner closeness I have had snatches of over the past few years. So this is my personal journey, and I will be posting about topics I haven't done before or that I haven't done in much detail. This week's post is the letter "A" and I chose to write about AMBER.

Amber is one of the most prettiest stones I have ever seen. I have to admit that it was my Mum who brought my attention to this amazing stone. Mum has always had a close affinity with Merlin, Alchemy and Nature. She still remains in awe at how this beautiful crystal is formed from tree resin which is what gives it that plastic feeling when you rub it between your thumb and forefinger.

Amber is a stone of courage, personal power and harmony - traits every practicing pagan and witch would benefit from and understand just how important they are to have. It's also a great crystal to work with as we approach Imbolc, as we each grow out of the dark and begin to emerge into the lightness of the earths cycle. Amber is also especially brilliant to work with when in our practices, wiccan or shamanic, we are aiming to connect between the realms, amber acts as the gateway.

It's long been associated with the Mother Goddess as it is believed to contain the essence of life - possibly down to the fact that some tree resin Amber's contain insects and the like.

Ways To Use Amber:

On a Healing level, Amber is good to wear upon you for self-healing, and relieving anxiety and depression. It's brilliant for increasing your self confidence and inner radiance. If you are a healer and work with many clients either physically or spiritually at a distance, wearing amber can help prevent you absorbing negative energies. It's a wonderful crystal to aid digestion, and speech problems, it strengthens the spine and encourages cell regeneration.

With Children and Animals, Amber is particularly self healing for animals who are older. I find my Cat like to lie on this crystal which is gentle and comfy and seems to ease her arthritis. For children, you may find it helpful for them if they are prone to being bullied, it creates a barrier against spite (sometimes us adults could benefit from Amber for this reason too).

Protection is what Amber is probably best known for, it gives you the courage to face your enemies be they people, situations, fears, etc. Roman Gladiators used amber for this too! If you place a piece on your altar it will offer power and protection in your rituals.

Money, Money, Money! Amber is a stone of prosperity and success. So it's great to keep some in your purse/wallet, on your desk at work, in your safe at home with your money and valuables, you can even pop a small piece in a money box. I like to keep a piece near my vision board and have even attached it to a vision board.

Spiritually Speaking - Amber is great to use for past life work. Burn an orange candle and hold this crystal whilst gazing into the flame with half closed eyes.

My experiences with Amber

My mum bought me a gorgeous Amber pendant for my birthday one year and it looks truly like a family heirloom. Many people have even asked me if it was my Grandmothers or Great-Grandmothers - yet it is totally brand new. It is just a very experienced stone - at least I like to think of it that way. I've always associated amber with High Priestesses and I tend to work with Jet too when doing magickal work. The deep richness of the colour, I cant help but be transformed to autumnal thoughts of cosiness, and warmth, which is important for self security and inner reflection.

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor