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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Oracle Review : Angel Answers by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Angel Answers Oracle Cards
Angel Answers Oracle Cards
A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook
List Price: £13.99 
                   £10.00 (Save 29%)
Sometimes you need a simple and to-the-point answer to your questions, such as 'Is it "Yes" or "No"?' and 'When will I get that job... meet my soul mate... move to a better location?' and so on. Angel Answers Oracle Cards offer you trustworthy guidance when a short-but-sweet response is required.

If you're navigating through a confusing situation, this card deck will yield straightforward answers to give you the clarity you're seeking. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, bestselling authors of Angel Tarot Cards, bring you an oracle card deck that cuts to the chase with the most pertinent information you need. The 44 beautifully illustrated cards come with step-by-step instructions in the accompanying guidebook. For those who have never worked with angelic energy before, or who are introducing a client to their unique power, these cards will be an invaluable tool.
My Review:
When I first opened these oracle cards I was blew away. The designs on the cards are just so breathtakingly beautiful that I find it hard to not just pick them up and look at.

We've seen Doreen and Radleigh team up for a small number of angel themed tarot cards and the artwork hasn't been overall that impressive with many people commenting on the poor photo-shopping of images, but this hasn't discouraged them from coming back with a regular set of oracle cards. I'm extremely glad they did as these cards are not only beautiful, but for me they carry a higher energy to them, and have so far proved highly accurate for both myself, my mum, and a general daily reading for our home.
What I particularly like about these cards is that they contain 'timing' cards which a lot of clients and we ourselves have wanted for so long. Now we can ask; "When will I see an improvement in my finances?" "How long will it take for me to meet my soulmate?" and "When should I be aiming to start my new business/blog/health regime/hobby...etc?"

Now these oracle cards can provide answers such as; "A year from now", "You're Ready", "In the coming months" and they can also provide messages of probability with; "Yes" Yes!", "Unlikely, "It's up to you", "No", and "No!".

Also, I really do love the inclusion of a couple of ascended masters in this oracle deck. I actually want to try out using these cards combined with Doreen's Ascended Masters oracle deck. Although, I assume that these cards will work absolutely beautifully with all decks. I can only suggest that you purchase yourself a deck and make 2015 the year that you get Angel Answers....

I'll leave you with a few more of the images from this wonderful and beautiful oracle deck.




FTC Disclosure: I received these oracle cards for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

My Rating:
About the Author:

 Doreen Virtue holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology; and is a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. Doreen is the author of Healing with the Angels, How to Hear Your Angels, Messages from Your Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters, Solomon's Angels, and the Archangel Oracle Cards, among other works. Her products are available in most languages worldwide.

Doreen has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View, and other television and radio programs; and writes regular columns for Woman’s World, New Age Retailer, and Spirit & Destiny magazines. For more information on Doreen and the workshops she presents, please visit

You can listen to Doreen’s live weekly radio show, and call her for a reading, by®
Please visit her Website:®
Radleigh Valentine is an internationally known speaker, author, spiritual intuitive, and radio-show host. He has studied tarot for more than 20 years and teaches workshops around the U.S. He is also the creator of RadScopes, weekly horoscopes with an enchanting twist of tarot.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My 2015 Focus

Hey Witchlings!

I am back! I'm now a 26 year old happy witchette!

I wanted to share with you what I'll be focusing on in 2015. These past few years I've been very much involved within the self help and coaching arena, and with that came endless book reviews that just kept on coming. I took time away from coaching, my blog and book reviews of a self help/spiritual/coaching theme since around July/August.

Taking that time away has helped me re-group and focus on what makes me get up on a morning. I recently got notified that I have passed two University modules I studied over this year; Counselling (Anxiety & Depression) and also Financial Investments! Which I am extremely happy about.

I've taught myself to crochet! And even managed to crochet and knit these little babies! I am super proud of them and plan on making more of these and other things over the coming year.

But my main focus these past few months have been my Chick Lit Blog ~ A Page of Love which I'd love if you visited, but not to worry if it's not your thing. Reading has always been a huge passion of mine, and just Tuesday gone I celebrated my first Blogiversary on A Page of Love. I've been able to connect with so many wonderful authors, and read so many amazing books, I can't wait to see what 2015 brings me there!

However, I want more time for ME next year, and I decided to NOT plan for a business or self developme3nt this year, so there will be NO Leonie Dawson year planner for me this year. Instead I came across a wonderful Self Love year planner from Dominee @ Blessing Manifesting.

I can't wait to fully focus on me and what I want to be doing, feeling and having. I'm going to be working more on my training qualifications in accountancy and will be taking a total of 4 modules that will qualify me in Personal & Business Tax with a leading accountancy body.

I'm also working out more, and run a small health & fitness group on facebook. I'm currently loving my workouts which are Autumn Calabrese - 21 Day Fix from Beachbody! I love it!

And I'm just doing all those things that make me happy!

If you want find out more about the year planner I'm going to working with you can find out more details by looking here ~ Blessing Manifesting Self Love 2015 Year Planner

Fall in Love with YOU in 2015
I'd love to hear about your plans for 2015 and what you're going to be focusing on,

Love & Hugs,
Dawn & Magick

Earth Angel Realms

Earth Angel Realms

Earth Angel Realms
Revised and Updated Information for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards and Other Lightworkers
             by Doreen Virtue                
Order Now  
Format: Paperback
List Price: £7.99 £5.00 (Save 37%)  £7.99
Learn about the newest Earth Angel realms in this revised and updated edition of Doreen Virtue's bestselling book Realms of the Earth Angels (formerly titled Earth Angels). In addition to chapters about Incarnated Angels, Starpeople, Wise Ones and such, readers will learn how to identify the newly discovered realms - Cherubs, Atlanteans, Aladdins, Gallactic Angels and more - all of which are described in detail, including their patterns with respect to personality, relationships, physical characteristics and lifestyle. Members of each realm receive guidance as to how to fully enjoy their unique qualities, as well as how to focus upon their life purpose.
My Review:
This book builds on the previous two editions that Doreen has written. having read all 3 I can say that this book is much in depth, clear and helpful to the reader.

Before, I wasn't sure what realm I came from, yet today I can say that I closely relate to the incarnated cherub realm, with an affinity to both incarnated Angel and wise ones realm. I ticked the boxes on everything in the cherub realm, but was about 70-80% connected to both incarnated Angel and wise ones.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in spirituality, magick, earth based religions and angels. I found that whilst reading I discovered my friends and family members realms along with understanding more about myself.

Well worth a read xxx

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

My Rating:
About the Author:

 Doreen Virtue holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology; and is a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. Doreen is the author of Healing with the Angels, How to Hear Your Angels, Messages from Your Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters, Solomon's Angels, and the Archangel Oracle Cards, among other works. Her products are available in most languages worldwide.

Doreen has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View, and other television and radio programs; and writes regular columns for Woman’s World, New Age Retailer, and Spirit & Destiny magazines. For more information on Doreen and the workshops she presents, please visit

You can listen to Doreen’s live weekly radio show, and call her for a reading, by®
Please visit her Website:®
Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cherub Angel Cards

Well this is the first blog post I'm doing  via my phone due to broadband issues and WiFi cards not responding as they should.

Anyway, Doreen Virtue has created possibly the cutest oracle card deck ever - cherub angel cards for children.

Cherub Angel Cards for Children by Doreen Virtue
Published by Hay House UK

They are smaller in size compared to her many other decks making them the perfect size for cherub (child) sized hands.

They have an accompanying Guidebook with short and child friendly explanations. There are cards such as guidance to be a friend, make new friends, tell an adult about bullying, and play.

What I also liked was the beautiful artwork on the cards along with the way they are packaged. The container has a magnectic open and close mechanism making them super child friendly

I'd buy these for my children as they can be a positive tool to get your little ones in a good state of mind and realise that they
are never alone.

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor
Monday, 28 July 2014

Practical Prosperity


Practical Prosperity Magick : Creating Success & Abundance by Ellen Dugan
Published by Llewellyn
I was absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to read and review this book months in advance of its publication. Llewellyn sent me a copy and instantly I devoured it. I couldn't put it down and throughout the day my Mum would ask me; "What's new with the money magick book?".
It quickly became an instant prosperity bible with its wealth of information and practical tips. Mum and I began applying those that felt important and felt relevant to us. Life certainly felt more abundant!
From lucky cats known as the Maneki Neko, and the meanings of the variety of colours, to altars and prosperity magick dedicated to Lakshmi, right down the crystals, candles and manifesting know-how, this book offers you all you could ask for and more! Universal cosmic Ordering in book form - the book that keeps on giving!
What I particularly loved about this book was the lesser known Goddesses of prosperity and abundance were introduced and discussed in depth, and Ellen gives you the practical steps, confidence and knowledge to get started on creating success and abundance instantly. I loved learning about the many different facets of prosperity magick, and loved reading the follow on to her Practical Protection. (Shhhh! She has another amazing book based on psychic abilities being applied practically coming next!!!).
If you want to add something magickal to your money magick rituals, or even create an air of abundance and success in your life (c'mon, who doesn't!) then I strongly urge you to purchase your copy of this magick green money book. It's worth every penny!

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor
Thursday, 15 May 2014

For the Love of Tarot


Anyone who knows me, knows me for my tarot and my love of it. I began my tarot journey many years ago (around 11 years now!) and it is the tool that actually helped me develop not only my psychic skills but also it really helped me to tune in and heighten my mediumship abilities.
So, a new tarot deck arrives on my door mat some months ago now and I knew they would be amazing because I'd previously purchased The Psychic Tarot by John Holland some years previous. Somehow these cards always bring up the exact truth (no matter how ugly it may seem) and that is why when I have an issue that I want super clarity on or a client is really struggling to understand their energies and thoughts, I reach for these.
The Psychic Tarot for the Heart are a tarot deck specifically formulated to help delve into those romance and relationship queries that we all have. I played with them on my own queries as one relationship broke down and the progression of a new one continued as it had been dormant in the background whilst I cleared up some Karma and got really specific over what I wanted, expected and would now only accept in a relationship. These cards have been accurate, comforting and a true guide to how I have been able to move on in my life.
Clients have found their images (when I've emailed them their reading and included a photo of their cards) to be inspirational, uplifting and smile-worthy. The readings flow much easier than usual tarot, perhaps a placebo effect as you automatically become much more tuned in to your own psychic senses when using the cards of the namesake.
They are quite beautiful cards and I also like (sometimes) the Chakra Cards which sometimes come up. Although they are for relationships, I have also used them for all queries and general reads - they just bring a nice feeling to the reading. 

Here are a few of my favourite cards from the deck;

If you would like a tarot reading (or angel reading) with me via email, you can contact me via my facebook page : or send me an email at
All written content on this blog belongs to © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Love Your Money Coach ©, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Hedgewitch.  
Friday, 4 April 2014

* A Witch and Her Broom*

A Witch without her broom is like a police officer without handcuffs - their sense of power becomes diminished.

Witches have long been associated with flying - whether its on a broom, or on the backs of animals or birds such as ravens, crows, or owls.
There are known Goddesses or Deities if you prefer, that are associated with broomsticks. As part of my own magickal development, just last month I worked with Baba Yaga who flew through the skies in a mortar and pestle whilst using her broom for spell work by sweeping the path behind her. Interestingly, a Chinese Goddess called Sao Ch'ing Niang also known as Lady of the Broom is thought to be in charge of the good weather (I'm suspecting a lot of research in to this Goddess will now commence as we all want good weather instead of the floods, fires and smog we've been having the world over or late). Farmer's used to call upon her to ensure healthy crops.


My last sample of Broomstick Goddesses is an Aztec Goddess, Tiazolteotl. She is involved in sweeping away the wrongdoings when called upon. Although she inspires sin, she is also actively involved in sweeping it away. So you see, the world over, despite cultural differences; A Witch and Her Broom are symbols of power, change and abundance.

So how can we use the broom in our craft?

So glad you asked. Brooms are most known for sweeping away negativity and also guarding your home by being placed upright thus invoking protection. But did you know that you can anoint the handle of your broom using oil and perhaps sprinkling a few drops on the bristles to add some extra witchy substance to your magickal broom workings?

You can use; Rosemary and/or Lemon for protection, Rose and/or Geranuim for Love, Peppermint and/or Cinnamon for prosperity - the list is endless. Follow your witchy senses and all the natural witch within to guide you.

It is bad luck to loan your broom to anyone, even a friend

As well as oils, you can perhaps weave and tie on herbs for added power to. And why not try decorating your broom a little more elaborately if you feel guided to and placement of the broom permits it. You could try hanging empty egg shells for Ostara perhaps with the blessing you wish to invoke written on them, butterflies and faeries for Midsummer, Holly for Yule, etc. go wild and decorate your broom in a way that feels empowering to you.

This is my broom that I decorated with Ivy that was growing in my garden. Also, there is lots of coloured ribbons invoking certain aspects of magick that I desired and a handmade twigged pentacle at the top of the handle.


 If you like the idea of working with a broom to enhance your witchcraft practice and would like more information including; wood selection, the making and buying of a broom, broomstick meditation, spell, rituals and charms, along with so much more valuable and practical information, then I can't recommend "The Witch's Broom" by Deborah Blake highly enough.

Published by Llewellyn, in paperback and kindle, it really is a witch's companion on working more deeply in your witchy practice, to develop the level you currently work at. Head to AMAZON UK or LLEWELLYN to order yours. I absolutely LOVE mine :)
Saturday, 29 March 2014

Brewing Up Acceptance with Baba Yaga

Today I woke up feeling very grouchy and I knew I needed to do something to shake it off, so I headed off with Baba Yaga for a brew in an ancient forest. As part of my personal magickal development I am a member of the Soul Path Tribe (I've spoken about it before and you can click the link in the sidebar to discover more and sign up yourself), and each month we work with a specific Goddess. March was all about Baba Yaga and taking risks in our life.

For me, March has been a topsy turvy, higgledy piggledy month because I found myself really not wanting to settle anymore for less than I deserve. I discovered that I wanted, desired and deserved more. So I began a mental life clearing by making decisions on what I was no longer going to accept in my life, which has had it's moments of "gloom and doom". I actually detest those moments in my life when I feel sorry for myself and I seriously get on my own nerves in a big way.

Anyway, going back to today, I was met in meditation by a Fox who guided me through the ancient forest until I reached Baba Yaga's hut. When I saw this hut dancing around on it's chicken legs I couldn't help but giggle. The freedom I felt there was mixed for me, because although I felt the peace in the location, I didn't feel at peace within myself. I was still too uptight and pissed off to be honest. Well, Baba Yaga came flying towards me not on her broom but in her Mortar and Pestle. It was actually one of the most wonderfully magickal moments I have ever witnessed in meditation. Out she popped and into her hut she went.

I found a log outside to sit on, and just watched the hut feeling some sense of calm within. Then Baba Yaga came out with two cups of tea, and she handed me one. When I drank it, it tasted like lemon and ginger tea and I felt a wave of emotion come over me and my shoulders relaxed and then, right there in that moment, I wasn't sipping tea with an old hag, or a witch with a reputation, I was sipping Lemon and Ginger tea with a Grandmother Guide/Goddess. There was a gift in the tea and Baba Yaga brewed it with immense intuition as to what I really needed : Acceptance.

It dawned upon me that for a few years now, I haven't accepted myself much. I've tolerated myself and my life, but accepting has been a HUGE NO NO. I have regrets as does a lot of us, I regret allowing myself to give up on my biggest dream of becoming an accountant, but I don't accept that I allowed it to happen. I regret sometimes becoming a life coach, because I feel that everyone assumes I have everything sorted and switched on and live in "super perfect world" which I don't and no one ever will, but I haven't accepted that I'm a life coach - part of me regrets becoming one because... well... it's in fashion right now to be a life coach and when something becomes TOO popular, it becomes a piss take. Another thing I regret is allowing myself to become too close and open with people in my life in the past because that sharing my weaknesses became ammunition for them as those relationships fled apart, and I also regret being so afraid of being burnt/hurt/stabbed in the back again that I closed up all my barriers and am really guarded about what I share and how much I share and when exactly I share - if I do at all. And those regrets and hurts, well I haven't accepted them either - not fully. Forgive? Yes, but forget and accept? I'm not there yet 100%, but that's OK because I accept where I am right now, and I accept that I hold the power within me to move forward in whatever direction I choose.

So Baba Yaga brewed up some "ACCEPTANCE" for me and I sipped it and embraced it all and she told me a special message to help me through. At the moment, I'm not quite what direction I will take with my being a life coach, I know my other directions and I know that in the coming month as I work with Lilith, my authenticity will most certainly shine through.

All written content on this blog belongs to © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Love Your Money Coach ©, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Hedgewitch.
Sunday, 23 March 2014

What Makes A Witch Authentic?

Hello my Witchlings,

I've been gone for far too long. You could say that I've been off zooming on my broom but the truth is, that broom has been standing in the corner gathering dust. Bad Witchy. No cookie for me. I truly hope to make more of an effort with this blog by posting at least once a week - although the book reviews will be little rather than often.

I realised I've been spending far too much of my precious witchy time reviewing books, and as enjoyable as it once was, we all know that we head to amazon to check out previous buyers opinions rather than trawling blogs. So I asked my friends what they would like me to do; book review or blog authentically with creations. It was a resounding BLOG AUTHENTICALLY WITH CREATION along with the sweetest "We miss YOU" message. It touched my heart very deeply. I have listened and here I am with a rather brilliant topic and question I think. (Please do let me know your opinions).

The other night I dreamt of having animals outside of my bedroom door, I'm still deciphering what this dream actually means based on the animals that were there, but I really believe that there is a deep and meaningful message to it. I have always believed in the power of my dreamtime, and have over the quarter of a century of my existence (goddess that makes me sound old - I'm only 25), had a great many of prophetic dreams that many have scoffed at. The thing is, I never asked for anyone's permission or validation of these dreams, I simply shared them with whom I thought were like minded folk. I know my self, I know my own inner mechanical workings, I have all the validation within. Which, going back to the subject I am discussing with you here means that when it comes to me and my dreamtime - I am authentically assured.
But what makes a witch authentic?
This is a question that I began my day with this morning when my darling little Mr Magick Man woke me up at 5:15am and we snuggled and purred (You do know I'm talking about my Cat here don't you? ;) ) and I grabbed a witchy book from the side and began reading. I began to wonder exactly what does make an authentic witch, and I knew from that moment it would make an excellent discussion here amongst us.
So what does make a witch authentic in her/him self, in her/his practice, and perhaps in her/his teachings? Is it the clothes they wear, the jewellery they display, the ritualistic photos that are splashed across social media, or is it even the branch of the craft that they practice? I don't think it is at all. Before, when I was just starting out on my path I thought it was so super important for me to have the elaborate altar in my home, because that would make me a witch, and I thought that if I had witchy items displayed in my bedroom and home and even garden that would make me a witch for sure. I was young, naive, and a beginner. Who hasn't got some "Oppsy" to share about their beginnings in the craft. 


Over time I have come to realise that it really doesn't matter how often you miss a lunar cycle ritual, or even that you forget to cast a spell on the full moon, and you don't always have a witchy altar on display, heck you may not even pick up a book on the craft for months. Your pentacle is in your jewellery box, the candles are low on stock, you may even have forgotten some of the theory you once learnt. But NONE of that matters. Not one tiny bit. Not to the Goddess, Not to the God, and it certainly shouldn't matter to You.

What does matter however is the intention and purity within your heart. Do you always try to be grateful? Do you smile at passers by? Do you try to help whenever you can, in whatever way you can? Do you feel fondness for Mother Nature; the trees, flowers, plants, grass? Do you feel the love for the animal kingdom and realise just how blessed you are to share your existence with all of them and the beauty of this world? Then I believe within my heart that all of that is what makes you an Authentic Witch. When you feel a calling to the craft path, and you honour that calling AS and WHEN you can with or without the extras, then you are being authentic in your craft practice, your life as a follower of the craft, and as a teacher of the craft as you go about your day to day living setting an example to those around you. All the other stuff is just glitter. And we can sparkle with or without the physical glitter.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about what you think makes an authentic witch, and how you remain authentic in your craft practice. If you have time, please stop by my lovely friend Lyn Thurman's blog where she's posted a blog of a sister theme to this one on how you can feel more witchy. It really is a most excellent read. Just click on the picture below and don't forget to mention who sent you :)
Until Next Time, May the Goddess Guard and Guide you Safely

All written content on this blog belongs to © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Love Your Money Coach ©, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Hedgewitch.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Written in the Stars with Yasmin Boland ~ Interview


Do you recall my New Year pre-review of the recently released Angel Astrology 101? It's a book co-wrote by Yasmin Boland and Doreen Virtue about how you can discover the angels connected with your birth chart. You can read my in depth review HERE

Today I am so very thrilled to share with you an exclusive interview with one of the Co-Authors : Yasmin Boland, Astrology Extraordinaire. Yasmin kindly agreed to stop by the Witch Inside and answer a few questions about the book and how you can benefit from reading it.

Yasmin Boland; Co-Author of Angel Astrology 101
Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "Why do you think it's both helpful and important to understand how astrology relates to us?"

Yasmin: I started to study astrology because I didn't want other fortune teller type people telling me my future. What if they were mad and told me something totally wrong! So from that point of view, I think astrology is great for getting a fix on the energies in your chart at any one time. Hopefully the people who read the horoscopes I write trust that I am not mad myself! :-) 

Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "You had the chance to co-create with Doreen Virtue, how was that experience for you, and did your own astrological chart reveal anything about such a possibility?"

Yasmin: Interesting question! Actually I have something in my chart which suggests I can be "well-connected" (Sun/North Node). However working with Doreen felt more like a blessing than anything else. Working with Doreen is amazing. She is such a brilliant writer, and also really like one-woman publishing juggernaut! Her abilities when it comes to editing and structure, illustrations and more are second-to-none. There is one good reason why she is one of the most successful New Age writers out there - it's because she's truly awesome.

Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "Doreen teaches us about the Archangels that correspond to each astrological sign, how relevant do you think angels are to astrology?"

Yasmin: They are very relevant. When people learn about their chart, there are often issues which come up. Knowing which Archangel can help you with what is highly useful and constructive.

Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "Some aspects of astrology requires you to know your time of birth, the more exact the better, but what if you don't know that?"

Yasmin: If you don't know your time of birth, then you can't know your Rising Sign and your Moon sign might be in doubt depending on the day you were born. In our book, we cover the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, Mercury, Venus and Mars, so even if you don't know your time of birth, you can still get tons of info. If you don't know your chart, you can find it out for free at 

Dawn @ Witch Inside ~ "Out of all the signs that make up our Astro Make-Up, such as our Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn signs, which one do you think reveals the most about us and which one reveals the most about how we can make progression in our lives?"

Yasmin: One of the arts of astrology reading is known as synthesis. This is about taking all the elements of the chart and mixing them together to read the whole. You can't really single one thing out of the chart and really make any sense of it. Asking which of the planets is the most important is a little like asking if eggs, flour, milk or butter is the most important element in a cake! 

 I want to say a huge thank you to Yasmin for taking part in this interview on both my readers and my own behalf. I know for sure that this interview will provide some enlightening content to our lives. I think that it's a great book, one that has so much to offer the reader and I truly wish both Yasmin and Doreen huge success for this book.
If you would like to get your hands on a copy you can head to HAY HOUSE UK for a copy or AMAZON.COM or AMAZON.CO.UK (Purchase now on KINDLE or Pre-Order Hardback copy)  

All written content on this blog belongs to © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Love Your Money Coach ©, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor. PLEASE DO NOT COPY ANYTHING WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM DAWN BRIERLEY
Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Angel Detox : Take Your Life to a Higher Level

Published by Hay House UK

Angel Detox is written by two very lovely people (both of whom I've been lucky enough to have a chat with briefly in the past), Doreen Virtue, who readers of my blog should be very familiar with as a lovely lightworker and spiritual teacher who has written countless books on angels, faeries, healing and divine guidance whilst living in the gorgeous Hawaii, and Robert Reeves who is a Naturopath in beautiful Australia as well as using his training in herbal medicine combined with his psychic abilities to help clients heal. He also writes articles, runs a natural health clinic (which he began at 17 years old!) and runs self-help workshops!

A perfectly matched co-author relationship I would say! 

So now, onto the book that these lovely people have written. 
Angel Detox is a book catered for everyone who works with the angels and wants to detox. It really is a book that does what it says it does. It is jam packed with information; both metaphysical and also nutritional. Doreen and Robert tell you right from the start what exactly a detox is and what it means to detox. They discuss with you the steps to take when detoxing and the side effects that may be temporarily endured as toxins are lifted and removed from the body.
There is a heavy chapter that is tailored specifically with detox programs. Whether you want to detox from cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, coffee/caffeine, dairy, wheat and gluten, or soda, there is a detailed detox plan for you to follow for 7 days, after which you are guided to follow your angels guidance. Doreen covers the metaphysical side to the detox with Archangel healing with Raphael, Michael, and the prayers you can use to help you with your detox, and Robert details the nutritional and healthful detox support that you can get from flower therapy, and natural herbs such as dandelion, St John's Wort, Oat Straw, and the vitamins you need during your detox. You really are supported every step of the way with a daily plan which guides you on what steps to take that day to support and enhance your detox.
There are some lovely chapters that help you detox your energy field through crystals, flower essences, aromatherapy, aura sprays, and prayers accompanied with Archangel meditations. These were very beautifully written and are full of really helpful metaphysical advice. There are also guidelines for detoxing from technology and how to combat the negative effects of EMF (Electro-magnetic Frequencies) should this be an issue or concern for you.
Angel Detox is perfect for anyone on a spiritual path who are open and willing to detox in a healthy, balanced manner with the support of the Angels. It took me a month to read this book as I was taking it step by step and reading it as if I were planning on detoxing (My life ran it's own detox without even consciously putting it into action), and I learnt a lot about nutritional support whilst detoxing. If you fancy detoxing and getting healthy for life and not just for summer (although getting into our Bikini's is an excellent motivational tool), then Angel Detox is for you.

At the time of writing, Hay House UK is currently OUT OF STOCK of this book, but you can keep checking back or head over to AMAZON and get your copy now for only £7.12 on your KINDLE 

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach Consultant, & Mentor
Sunday, 2 February 2014

Chaos - Creation : It's all part of the Journey

Last month I was working with the Goddess Tiamat in my Soul Coaching group and I began the month wondering how on earth Tiamat and I were going to blend. You see I always feel like I'm meeting up with a friend to work on a project when I work with the Goddess, but Tiamat was different. She felt "out of reach", unapproachable and rather like the super powerful cool girl at school that you wanted to be friends with, but knew you daren't even think about it.

I really struggled to connect with Tiamat, I even considered working with a totally different Goddess - but then she made her presence known. My life began making waves and I knew she'd arrived in my life. The chaos came, but then swiftly afterward so did the creativity. Out of all the chaos, I found myself seeing new opportunities, chances being offered, ideas coming out of nowhere and I felt rather balanced during January.

I didn't really outdo myself with the goal achievement but then January is never the best month to set goals and actually worry about getting them done. So I accepted the waning of this in my life, and I embraced each day with a question;

What lies in store for me today? Chaos or Creation?

I spent a lot of the time beginning to work with Archangel Jeremiel taking a life inventory and I worked out what was working for me and what wasn't. I discovered the things that really lit me up and I felt true passion for and I chased after them. Well OK, I didn't chase, but I spent time researching, and taking the baby steps towards achieving those passions as true examples of my authenticity. These are going to be LIFE CHANGING for me and I just know that I am on the right path.

From the Chaos, Tiamat brought through creation. Which leads me nicely onto my Soul Path Steps for February. Chaos and Creation I have learnt are all part of the journey. And 'journey' is the key word here as February is being co-created with the Goddess Sedna.

So what do I have planned for February?

Flirtation of course! It's the month of love, romance and journey's. I am open and receptive to how Sedna wants to journey with me this month and I know that if I pay attention and listen I will hear her message for me this month.

But a few of the goals I've set myself .... no scrap that I switched it up for myself this month. I wholeheartedly believe in setting standards for myself, and keeping them high. So this month is about the standards I'm setting for myself and my life.

A few of the standards I've set myself include;

  • Developing my health & fitness even more by focusing on working my booty. I'm working out to Brazil Butt Lift (Jennifer Love-Hewitt did it!). I'm mainly doing it because I am a girl with curves and I LOVE my curves and don't want the curves to go - I just want them to be slimmer. So BBL will lift, firm and tone my booty!
  • Study ~ I love to study and this will continue throughout the year. I've made a pact with myself that I will only reveal what I'm studying AFTER I've finished my studying :) So watch this space!
  • Flirt! C'mon, it's February we have to flirt!
  • Continue starting my day with Green Tea and Lemon - It's super healthy for your liver and kick starts your metabolism
  • Knit myself a pretty item ~ Last year I taught myself how to knit and this month I want to continue this by knitting me something pretty
  • Spend more time working on things that make me happy, add value to my life and others, and also that I am passionate about. If your heart's not in it - don't do it!
I have more standards, especially related to my business and career, but didn't want to exhaust you with my HUGE list, so I decided to share a few with you above. I will let you know how I get on, and will hopefully be able to post a few pictures of my journey this month.

I have to say, Sedna is welcome and has been around for the past week or so waiting in the waves, and I feel that she is going to be one of those Goddesses who sends the subtle messages, and is a lot calmer than Tiamat.

Have you a Goddess that you found hard to connect with? What happened on your journey? I'd love to hear.

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