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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

All is Well ~ By Louise L Hay & Mona Lisa Schultz

Published by Hay House UK / Hay House USA
When I first picked up this book to read I thought it was going to be more of "You Can Heal Your Life", full of affirmations and exercises to help us heal the body. What I didn't realise was just how practical a manual this is. It sits up and recognises that sometimes it really does take more than just a positive thought to heal your life.
All is well focuses on your body and how you can take practical, mental and spiritual steps to create ease within the body. I love how well Mona Lisa and Louise compliment each other in the writing of this book as it really is the perfect combination of spirituality with practical medicine.
This book teaches you that you can blend medicine, affirmations (positive thought) and your intuition to create wholeness and well-being in your life. It begins with explaining the book and it's purpose before guiding you to complete the All is Well Self Assessment quiz that is contained within the book! This helps you identify what chakra areas you may be experiences a dis-ease in your life, as Mona Lisa and Louise have perfectly created sections in this book that resonates to each of the 7 main chakra centres, explaining that each chakra centre resonates with illness and discomfort in your lives. For example; the throat chakra centre (5th emotional centre) is connected to issues with the mouth, neck and thyroid.
Each chapter goes through the medical aspects of such conditions including; Thyroid issues, Lung Disorders, Digestive Issues, Learning Disorders, Reproductive Organs and more. Then they take you through a case study of the discussed medical conditions to show you exactly how the principles they teach can and has worked in people's lives.

At the back of the book not only is there an awesome amount of documents and books that you can hunt down to read more about what you've learnt in All is Well, but there is a jam-packed section of 37 pages containing Medical Problems, it's Probable Cause and a suggested New Thought Pattern. The All is Well tables are so valuable and insightful that throughout my reading of this book I found myself referring to the tables to discover the cause behind my own ailments, the ailments of friends and my partner.
An  example of my own application of the teachings from ALL IS WELL include my partner having lower back pain that was spreading to the middle and the upper back. Now, him being a medical professional (paramedic) he regularly gets back pain die to the nature of his work, however it was extremely painful on one occasion and we decided to talk whilst I gave him a massage. We acknowledged and accepted the practical reasons behind his pain, but then we discovered there was a metaphysical aspect to it too - he had placed so much pressure on himself to earn more money in order to buy a new car, get us a new home, and also prepare for us preparing to start a family that his fears of lack - financially was impacting upon his health.

I referred to the All is Well tables and low and behold it said;
Lower Back Pain:
Probable Cause : Fear of Money. Lack of Financial Support.
New Thought Pattern: I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.
This made perfect sense to me! And to him! So we decided to stop worrying about our finances, we processed the new thought pattern, and we visualised him in perfect health, able to work, gaining the extra money, and doing it with ease. We also took practical steps and completed the massage to ease the muscles and completed back strengthening yoga poses and stretches together. The back pain eased and is more manageable.
What I really LOVED about this book was that at the end of each chapter, there is an affirmative thought that helps you realise that in truth, All is Well.
Get yourself a copy of this book and see what steps you can take to heal your body.
Published by Hay House UK / Hay House USA

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Friday, 10 May 2013

It's All About Gratitude

 Gratitude is a topic that has become so talked about that even non spiritual folk throw the word around every now and then. There are countless books, blogs, websites and even Facebook pages dedicated to gratitude and teaching us how we can become more grateful in our lives.

Practicing the art of gorgeous gratitude - that is making the conscious decision to express, feel, think and say words of gratitude on a daily basis is where the magic happens. When we find ourselves desiring new experiences, people, places, objects and feelings we do so because we believe that the acquisition of them will make us feel better, happier, more prosperous, more loved etc etc. I believe in truth it's not a specific object we desire but a better more positive feeling within our core that we desire.

However if you are enjoying living a sassy human experience (me too!) then chances are you will at some point perhaps want a newer car, a bigger house, a better job, more money, the latest phone, the newest iGadget etc. How can we go about manifesting these? How we can we tap into the cosmos and give our cosmic order a boot up the sweet behind? We can practice Gratitude Girlfriend!

 The more you practice gratitude the more abundance (not limited to the cash in your purse or wallet) that you will experience in your life! Practicing Gratitude has to be one of the surest ways and also the quickest, most effective method for raising your energy levels, your positivity and those feel good brain chemicals. There has been a study conducted by psychologists into how having a happy brain affects our lives.
I have learnt so much about how we CAN re-train our brain this re-programming our negative mindsets so that we become much happier and healthier human beings. Richard Davidson et al (2002) ran research studies that showed the difference between happy and unhappy brains and how it linked to our levels of happiness. By having a happy brain, by thinking positive and loving thoughts about ourselves and to ourselves we can increase our levels of happiness in life. Richard Davidson used a EEG machine (Electroencephalograph) to measure which parts of our brains are active with happy thoughts, and which parts are active when we think negatively. He found that when we tend to think more happy thoughts and are feeling happy we have more activity in the front left side of our brain, and when we are feeling more negative and thinking unhappy thoughts, the front right side of our brain is active.
Doesn’t that just make it worth taking a chance on gratitude? If gratitude can make us happy then we should most definitely give it a try.

I'd love you to leave a comment below and tell me how you practice the art of gratitude and/or what you thought of my latest Podcast

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