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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Talking to Heaven Mediumship Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue & James Van Praagh

Published by Hay House UK
Doreen and James return with an accompanying psychic tool to their book that I previously reviewed How to Heal a Grieving Heart. I really wanted these cards to be something "AMAZING" to restore my faith really. Gladly I can report that although they didn't appear to be anything special when I initially looked at them, when used appropriately with clients, they were definitely AMAZING.
The cards are beautiful to look at, with lovely heaven-like scenery depicted on each one, and none of them appear to be photo-shopped in a distasteful manner, and each card contains a short message that resembles the many things that loved ones communicate to us when they have passed to spirit. Messages include; It was my time to go, I am in no pain, I am standing behind you, etc. These are messages that I myself have given to thousands of loved ones from their dearly departed on the other-side.
When I tested these with a few clients to see if they enhanced the mediumship reading at all, they produced tears from my clients - but in a good way. It wasn't so much that I needed the cards to tell me what their loved ones wanted to communicate to them, but rather the clients ability to "see" the message with their own eyes as I told them the messages in greater personal detail specific to the client in question, it seemed to offer a deeper level of comfort.

One of my clients commented that although she felt that she knew the answers to her most pressing questions she would like her husband to answer, the cards along with my mediumship message gave her the peace she needed after almost 10 years of wondering. That reading alone gave me confidence in these cards and the use of them in my mediumship sessions.
I believe these cards are brilliant if you are just developing your mediumship abilities, or have been doing it all your life (like I have), because the cards add that extra energy and depth to a reading and what could begin as a simple sentence on a card such as; "You are Never Alone" can and I have found personally develops into a deep message from the other side when a loved one (spirit) describes specific situations where the client has felt alone, and with that streams through more detail and more comfort for the client. 

So if this review and account of my own personal experience with these oracle cards have spoken to your heart and you want to give it a try for yourself then purchase these cards that come with an accompanying guidebook to use if you are a beginner, or if you want to just have a valid too to connect with your own loved ones privately.

Lots of Love,
Dawn x

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