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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Forward Focused Energy Oracle Cards

Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor
Published by Hay House UK

This 53 card oracle deck is by far my favourite ever oracle deck (and I have hundreds). Sandra Anne Taylor has created a forward focusing oracle deck that I could simply  jump and down about. So many oracle cards are used and focused on discovering what effect the past has had on our present and then a little insight into what might be - our future. But this oracle deck is so much different!

The Energy Oracle deck focusing on the energy around you NOW in the present moment, and then you gain insight into what that energy might manifest into. The suggested spreads contained in the accompanying guidebook are new and exciting (for me anyway), and I have found the clarity and accuracy of the messages to be phenomenal. Every time I have used these oracle cards over the past couple of months (I like to fully try and test the products I review) I have thought that the enquiry might just catch these cards out, and I would finally see their flaw - but NO. These cards went above and beyond in what I expected from them. Each and every reading proved highly accurate in both the interpretations of the energy surrounding the present and then later what emerged as the future.

What I simply adore about these cards is the fact that they really endorse the well known saying;
"You can't fix the past, your power is in the present moment"
Each card is beautifully created and the naming's of the cards are unique and welcoming. Even when a reversed card is interpreted it provides such powerful and life changing advice that you fully understand what is going on in your situation that you are enquiring about. Some of the cards are grouped into specific messages, for example you have a selection of "Door's to..." cards, and you have 7 chakra related Archangel Cards that I have found when present in a reading to add extra oomph to the understanding for the client and for yourself.
A beautiful deck to look at, an inspiring deck to work with, if there is one oracle deck I will always work with (after over 12 years of working with oracles cards - I was 13 when I began working with Doreen Virtue's Messages from your Angels Deck), it will be this one! It is seriously that amazing, and I just know that if you feel called to the deck through the images you've seen here, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.
These cards get a full on 10/10 from me.
**Images are photos taken by myself and the background is a Country-Chic handmade table-cloth made by Myself & my Mother

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