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Monday, 30 December 2013

Every Cook & Kitchen Witch's Dream

Every Cook & Kitchen Witch's Dream ... The Selection of 3 Fabulous Cookery Guides
I have a very special book review post for you here, I have received throughout 2013 three amazing cookery guides to review, and having spent the year trying and testing out their recipes and adding to my culinary knowledge the results are in - well the reviews are!

Published by Hay House UK
This book arrived at such a timely moment in my life. When I was facing having to dramatically change my diet for health reasons, I was lost and although my GP, Nutritionist and handsome Paramedic (my Mr) really helped break it down into the basics, I wanted to know more.
Always a well thirsty for more knowledge, I ploughed on in to reading Cultured Food for Life which taught me so much. When I began reading I had no ide what "kombucha" was, or "kefir, cultured vegetables, sourdough or sprouted flour" but alas after reading the Fermentation Guru Donna's guide to all this and more I am more knowledgeable and equipped with eating more probiotic foods.
Donna tells you exactly what eating Cultured Food can do for you, the benefits, and even shares with you her own personal story o how she healed herself and her family wit these foods. She walks you through the step by step preparation techniques for those mentioned above and includes and added 120 recipes that use these foods, to help you create dishes to please any palate.
Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr
Published by Hay House UK
Crazy Sexy Kitchen has to be one of the most known cook books out there for plant-based nutrition. This is Kris Carr's follow on book from her huge success of  Crazy Sexy Cancer that documented her quest to live with incurable stage IV cancer by following a healthy diet of plant based nutrition.
The book begins by deeply documenting everything you need to know to get your way around your Kitchen - this is something quite wonderful for someone like me that needs the 101 on kitchen cookery.
Provided within are 150 plant empowered recipe's that include; juices, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, snacks, main courses, desserts - all with full unbelievable flavour.
Not your average cookbook - Crazy Sexy Kitchen helps you to;
  • Shop like a seasoned health-conscious barganista
  • Fill your kitchen with the "Clean Fifteen" basics of must have ingredients
  • Master the cooking lingo
  • Whip up drinks such as the Sicilian, French toast, and Chocolate Walnut Cake
  • and so much more!

Published by Hay House UK

The Mystic Cookbook promises to transform your eating into a spiritual practice and enlighten and enrich every mouthful. This is probably the most spiritual based cookbook I've ever come across ( I might not be much of a cook, but I have oodles of pretty cookbooks in my country cottage style kitchen).

The insightful lessons in this book are simply amazing. Denise & Meadow (Mother & Daughter) share with you; how the colour of your food affects your consciousness, how to unlock the secret messages in the foods you eat, how meals can open up your chakras, and how your intentions whilst cooking impact upon the taste and nourishment. They even include what they term to be magical meals that will help you achieve abundance, love and success in your life.

The recipes included are from many far reaching places such as; Mexico, Thailand, France, Italy, Asia, Africa and Britain. You certainly get a taste of the exotic, the homely and the spiritual with this book.

If you find yourself wanting to up the stakes in your culinary skills then these three books should give you a wonderful head start. Make those Cooking Dreams come true in 2014

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