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Monday, 11 November 2013

The Tarot Masters

Published by Hay House UK
To say that I LOVED this book would be a serious understatement. I have to begin by saying that if you know ANYONE who is a Tarot Lover then this is an absolute MUST BUY for their Festive Christmas Gift! I know that if I woke up on Christmas morning to find this in my stocking, wow I would be one serious Jubilant Girly!
The Tarot Masters features 38 tarot experts (the crème de la crème of the Tarot world) and their deeply insightful take on tarot. The book is separated into two distinct sections that flow from each other beautifully. The first section take the Major Arcana (illustrated of course) and a Tarot Expert discusses both their interpretation of the card and their journey into the world of tarot. It's bang up to date as they discuss what they are currently doing, and what projects they are working on.
So who are the tarot experts that I am so giddy about? I am so glad that you asked.

Kim Arnold, founder of the prestigious UK Tarot Conference, has managed to gleam the insights from the likes of Juliet Sharman-Burke (My first EVER tarot deck was by this wonderful expert), Richard Abbot whom was trained by the late Arthur Norris - who by the way happened to read for my Mother several times before his passing in 2010 and whom I leant a few techniques from, Mary K. Greer, Ciro Marchetti - another tarot expert whom I have high praise for, Alison Cross... and ... Oh I am not going to spoil it!
Coming from a family of psychics myself who have used a variety of methods, tools and techniques to gleam insight into people's lives, I was absolutely THRILLED at reading just how these tarot experts began their journeys. Each time I read that a Tarot Expert used the playing cards to foretell the future I high-fived my Nan in the spirit world (along with my Great Nan, and Great Great Nan, and Great, Great, Great Nan) because I recall at being just under 2 years of age and my Nan sat with me in the living room of her home teaching me the meanings of the playing cards. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this, I thought it was an important game we were playing, I think on some level, my soul knew what I was doing, and knew it was a huge part in the development of my destiny, (and family tradition) and in some way I was still innocent enough to not have my ego jumping in and messing it all up. Interestingly, my Nan always called the playing cards "the Prayer Book" or "the bible" and readings have always been "scarily" accurate.
I simply cannot praise this book high enough! If I were to stand on top of the worlds tallest Mountain and have a huge banner waving frantically at you promoting this book, it wouldn't be enough (OK I'd look like a lunatic but I'd do it anyway for this book!). Please, if you LOVE tarot as much as I do, Or even half as much, go and buy the book, Santa says you've been VEY VERY GOOD this year, you deserve it! You never know what you'll discover yourself!
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