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Monday, 4 November 2013

The Power of the Archangels

Published by Hay House UK
Doreen and Radleigh the tarot duo return with the new Archangel Power Tarot Cards which promise to help you drive yourself forward to making those positive life changes with the insight and wisdom you gain from using these colourful tarot cards.

I love tarot and have become somewhat of a collector for pretty decks that give powerful messages with a high level of accuracy. These tarot cards are more colourful than their previous deck the Angel Tarot Cards, however the artwork on some of these cards let them down ever so slightly. Clearly photo-shopped with images of Doreen, Radleigh and other members of their friends and family, the deck becomes somewhat hard to take seriously when you focus so much on the images. I love the idea of personalising your tarot deck and even the idea of putting Doreen and Radleigh in the deck is wonderful, I just think that with the professional reputation that both these two spiritual teachers have, I would have hoped for better photo-shopped images - with a flawless finish.

However if you can see past the imagery and focus on the card message itself from either prior experience of using tarot or the use of the accompanying guidebook then for example; pulling the Five of Gabriel or the Six of Michael won't really matter what image the cards have. You will be able to see through the imagery and focus on the message that is given - although most cards are incredibly beautiful to look at. I absolutely have some favourite cards in this deck based on their imagery and message which I will share at the end of the post.
To use these cards is a pleasant experience, shuffling is easy, flowing beautifully - I am not a fan of those sticky cards that when you shuffle just never synchronistically blend in with the other cards  - you almost have to force them into place. With this deck there is no force needed, they are so gentle, and beautiful. The readings I've done for myself and my loved ones using this tarot deck have provided some amazing insight, showing what is working in life and what isn't and more importantly, what steps need to be taken to correct them. There are the major arcana cards, and each of the usual Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords are replaced by Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Ariel.
This tarot deck gives you the confidence and courage to move forward based on the guidance given, and the accompanying booklet explains the meaning of each card along with guidance on how you can use these cards and give readings for yourself, friends and family if you have never used them before. A good introduction to anyone interested in tarot but never felt the courage to use them because of the seeming negative cards. Even the not so positive messages in this deck has powerful and pro-active advice to them, thus turning a negative into a positive.
Overall, a pleasing deck, and I am aware of plans for another tarot deck to be released next year (shhh it's a secret ATM) so my only deep wish is that the images on that deck will be greatly improved from this one, as I know that a lot of people are drawn to tarot by the images and also use the images to interpret them!  


Published by Hay House UK
RRP £13.99 Hay House Price £9.79
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