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Friday, 18 October 2013

Ring Ring! Hello? ... This is the Dark Goddess Calling...

Merry Meet Witchettes!
I have missed you so much! I have had a very serious call to answer this past week or so.

I had been called back to working with and discovering new pathways within my witchy soul as you are aware and I came across the Dark Goddess during my studies. I had heard of 'The Dark Goddess' but in all honesty had never really taken time to really understand what message she imparted. As I discovered more about the Dark Goddess showing up in your life and in my life I began to join the links together that showed just how she had been present in my life. I began to feel compelled to tell others via my blog all about my discoveries when the witchy soul inner telephone began to ring ...

Yep, she called and I answered the phone which means I had accepted on a soul level I believe the lesson I have now learnt.
Over this past week or so I have known the darkness of health and its made me appreciate my good health far more than I did before and I didn't think that was possible. I noted how I'd mentioned "The Call of the Dark Goddess" and was resonating with my past as I recalled times I'd been called by her, I know that I was called back to this pathway and my attention to the Dark Goddess was caught for a reason. The Dark Goddess called me again, and I have truly learnt how to listen to my body and the power healing energy has. I know there is more for me to learn, but positivity and faith in the Goddess will help me appreciate the light.
I have been in hospital (which has been a nightmare all on it's own) but I am home resting now. Mum called the ambulance Sunday and I was admitted. after first being discharged and then called back in within a matter of seconds to be told that I have gallstones and the pain I was in was caused by the gallstones passing through my bile duct and getting slightly stuck. Now blood tests show that my liver function is improving and returning to normal. I am armed ...with painkillers and can say that I have now experienced gas and air, morphine and been assured that if I can get through THAT pain, childbirth will be a breeze. Which coincidently I believe was a lesson from the Dark Goddess in matter of speaking as I am now 25 years old, in a relationship with the sheer love of my life, the man that I just can't imagine not waking up to for the rest of my life, the man I want to fight over the remote control with, and I admit it - I have had a fear of getting pregnant largely due to the childbirth aspect. Thank you Goddess for the lesson!

So I am just resting because I've had no sleep and really am exhausted. I have to go back Monday for an MRI to make sure the stones have passed., needless to say that I would appreciate healing energy to help these stones pass from my gallbladder easily, and in a pain-free way as I do NOT want surgery at all. Of course if needs must I will have to travel that route, but I REALLY want to try all other natural methods first! So along with the painkillers, I'm armed with Crystals, Herbal Drinks, Healing Music/Meditations and Angel Prayers of Healing. Oh and one more thing; I am SO glad to be home!!!
So what have I learnt?

Basically that as much as I live to GIVE to you and everyone I can help, I really do have to put myself first and rest more, help myself, listen to my own body, tap into my own wisdom. I have to stop putting my own needs last, especially when it comes to my health. I have to stop apologising and feeling guilty for taking responsibility for my life. I always manage to feel guilty when other people disagree with my choices which I make because I KNOW they are for the best for ME. I can say that I now know what it means to fully embrace my inner goddess and accept myself and my decisions, my choices. You can't make everyone agree or understand with why you do the things you do, but when you listen to your beautiful heart and do what feels right, no one, and I mean NO ONE has the right or the power to make you feel like you shouldn't do what's right for you.
So, if you take anything from this post I would like it to be; Stand up for yourself, listen to your heart and if you want to stop something, walk away, do something different, say NO, change your mind etc - you go for it! You listen to your Goddess Heart, and you feel PROUD!


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