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Monday, 28 October 2013

Awaken Your Inner Faerie ~ Day 1

Published by 6th Books
RRP £9.99  Available on Amazon UK  
So my gorgeous friend Alex Clarke, author of Awaken Your Inner Faerie in 30 Days  gifted me her wonderful new book to awaken my inner faerie! It's a 30 day practice that help you tap into your creativity, wildness, fun source and powerful inner fae. I agreed to do a review of this book for her and it's the least I can do seeing as I am featured in this book - you can check out page 99 to see what I have to say.
I decided to dedicate a small blog each day for 30 days so that my journey to my inner faerie is documented and witnessed. I have worked with the faeries very publically in the past having a column with the leading faerie magazine (FAE Magazine), and being known as The Faerie Whisperer may ring some faerie bells to a lot of you lovely readers. But there is always more room to discover more about yourself and for me, today was Day 1.
So what did I learn today? I am so glad you asked that question!

I learnt all about the Faerie Clan that I belong to! Yes, you read that right, my faerie clan revealed itself to me through the magickal questionnaire contained within these magickal pages. You see, in Alex's practice working with clients on developing and awakening their inner faerie she is able to work out which clan they belong to which really helps with the rest of the sessions - and lessons in this book. A sneaky secret - tomorrow I get to meet the Faerie Queen of my Clan - exciting!
So anyway, I discovered that I belong to the "Omil of the Tree Roots" clan. You may be wondering what on earth they are? And rightly so because they are of the earth, they... Hang on let me let Alex explain in her words taken from the book;
The Omil clan live in hollows and tree roots; they dress in gossamer and have pointed wing tips to punch holes in lies and corruption. They are compulsive truth tellers. They also like to sing into spiders' webs to watch the universe wobble. They understand words change worlds. The Omil understand language as frequency which makes them excellent writers, journalists and storytellers. They have an otherworldly ability to emotional power games being played and how they will pan out. They communicate in words easily and can often cook up an interesting anecdote or two, or three hundred. Sadly if found in an environment where secrecy is norm, or self deceit encouraged, the Omils can feel themselves going round the bend. They end up looking at the world with despair and disgust; sometimes retreating into solitude and sleep, pottering generally grumping about and sleeping some more. (...) The Omil's totem is the spider who shows up to say 'Hey! You can change this! Weave some magic words together and let the manifestation unfurl...'

 So there we have it - this witch and her inner faerie take no rubbish and lies from anyone! Can't say you haven't been warned now haha. On a more serious note, this makes sense to me for some many reasons - the entire interpretation that is. I have friends tell me that I was right about someone in their life who has less than friendly intentions towards them. I warned them beforehand -perhaps because I can see the emotional power games they are playing. I do know that all my life I've had this ability to see through the (excuse my French here) bullshit that people do, say and act with. None of it washes with me. It's interesting because to me the Omil Tree Clan sound similar to Indigo Warriors /Adults / Children that we read about. Standing up and fighting for justice. What else I find interesting and wonder fi there is a connection is that when I chose to train in a healing modality I chose to work with Celtic Reiki - Reiki using tree energy.

So, I've learnt a little more about me today and tomorrow I get to meet my Faerie Clan Queen - I have no idea what to expect and I am looking forward to it. Please come back and visit tomorrow to find out all about the Faerie Queen I meet during meditation! And if you want a piece of the action (We so know that you do!) then use the links above directly underneath the book image to purchase your copy!

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