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Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Year Of Dates With The Angels

My Angel Diary 2014 by Jenny Smedley
Published by Hay House UK
"This beautiful diary will take you on an exciting journey into the hidden realms of the angels, and the energies of nature in the world around you. Month by month, it will help to bring you closer to our celestial friends than you ever thought possible."

Jenny Smedley, renowned spiritual healer, therapist, advisor and author has brought us another year full of angels to guide our days in 2014. Having already brought us these wonderful angel diaries in both 2012 and 2013, it was a pleasure to see this charming pocket sized angel diary arrive on my doorstep. Containing 777 pages of pure divine wisdom, inspiration and comfort, this diary will have you feeling protected, guided, supported and blessed from the moment you begin working with it.
Each month begins with a "FOCUS" and is wonderfully complimented with REAL ANGEL STORIES from many of Jenny's loyal readers who continue to write to her of their celestial encounters. Then throughout the pages which are organised on a week to view basis there are weekly ANGEL LESSONS, INSPIRED WORDS for the week, FLOWERS of inspiration and WISE WORDS and QUOTES from a variety of sources.
At the start of the diary there is even a written ANGEL MEDITATION to help you meet your very own guardian angel and receive their assistance in your life. It is perfect in length for you to read to a group of friends should you decide to commit to an angelic study group in 2014 as a new year resolution, or even record to listen to yourself in the privacy and comfort of your very own angel sanctuary.  
As if that isn't enough ... each month focuses on a different planetary body in our solar system which helps with the FOCUS given at the beginning of each month. Each daily section in the diary provides enough room for you to jot down your important appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and even angelic blessings and signs that you've encountered - perfect for seeing just how much the angels surround you! 

This would make a DIVINE CHRISTMAS present or even birthday present before January!
I personally LOVE using these diaries as they provide enough daily inspiration, comfort, and angelic love to support me through the year. I love reading Jenny's books which include; Angel Whispers (perfect if you want lots of information on how you can work with the angels more), Soul Angels (Discovering all about those angels that guide your soul each time you incarnate), and Pets Have Souls Too (Detailing animals in the afterlife).

"As you learn to walk with angels beside you each day, prepare for peace and love to flow into your life, and to watch your wishes come true!"

This is just another wonderful angel book with a difference!  I don't have to put back on the shelf until the year is over - this comes with me in my handbag to compliment the angels that walk by my side.
Make sure to check out Jenny's website ~ and her Facebook page

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