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Monday, 28 October 2013

Awaken Your Inner Faerie ~ Day 1

Published by 6th Books
RRP £9.99  Available on Amazon UK  
So my gorgeous friend Alex Clarke, author of Awaken Your Inner Faerie in 30 Days  gifted me her wonderful new book to awaken my inner faerie! It's a 30 day practice that help you tap into your creativity, wildness, fun source and powerful inner fae. I agreed to do a review of this book for her and it's the least I can do seeing as I am featured in this book - you can check out page 99 to see what I have to say.
I decided to dedicate a small blog each day for 30 days so that my journey to my inner faerie is documented and witnessed. I have worked with the faeries very publically in the past having a column with the leading faerie magazine (FAE Magazine), and being known as The Faerie Whisperer may ring some faerie bells to a lot of you lovely readers. But there is always more room to discover more about yourself and for me, today was Day 1.
So what did I learn today? I am so glad you asked that question!

I learnt all about the Faerie Clan that I belong to! Yes, you read that right, my faerie clan revealed itself to me through the magickal questionnaire contained within these magickal pages. You see, in Alex's practice working with clients on developing and awakening their inner faerie she is able to work out which clan they belong to which really helps with the rest of the sessions - and lessons in this book. A sneaky secret - tomorrow I get to meet the Faerie Queen of my Clan - exciting!
So anyway, I discovered that I belong to the "Omil of the Tree Roots" clan. You may be wondering what on earth they are? And rightly so because they are of the earth, they... Hang on let me let Alex explain in her words taken from the book;
The Omil clan live in hollows and tree roots; they dress in gossamer and have pointed wing tips to punch holes in lies and corruption. They are compulsive truth tellers. They also like to sing into spiders' webs to watch the universe wobble. They understand words change worlds. The Omil understand language as frequency which makes them excellent writers, journalists and storytellers. They have an otherworldly ability to emotional power games being played and how they will pan out. They communicate in words easily and can often cook up an interesting anecdote or two, or three hundred. Sadly if found in an environment where secrecy is norm, or self deceit encouraged, the Omils can feel themselves going round the bend. They end up looking at the world with despair and disgust; sometimes retreating into solitude and sleep, pottering generally grumping about and sleeping some more. (...) The Omil's totem is the spider who shows up to say 'Hey! You can change this! Weave some magic words together and let the manifestation unfurl...'

 So there we have it - this witch and her inner faerie take no rubbish and lies from anyone! Can't say you haven't been warned now haha. On a more serious note, this makes sense to me for some many reasons - the entire interpretation that is. I have friends tell me that I was right about someone in their life who has less than friendly intentions towards them. I warned them beforehand -perhaps because I can see the emotional power games they are playing. I do know that all my life I've had this ability to see through the (excuse my French here) bullshit that people do, say and act with. None of it washes with me. It's interesting because to me the Omil Tree Clan sound similar to Indigo Warriors /Adults / Children that we read about. Standing up and fighting for justice. What else I find interesting and wonder fi there is a connection is that when I chose to train in a healing modality I chose to work with Celtic Reiki - Reiki using tree energy.

So, I've learnt a little more about me today and tomorrow I get to meet my Faerie Clan Queen - I have no idea what to expect and I am looking forward to it. Please come back and visit tomorrow to find out all about the Faerie Queen I meet during meditation! And if you want a piece of the action (We so know that you do!) then use the links above directly underneath the book image to purchase your copy!

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Wiccan, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor
Friday, 25 October 2013

Words of Comfort ~ Messages to Help Heal Grief

Published by Hay House
RRP £10.99       Hay House Price £8.79

How to Heal a Grieving Heart - the title itself filled me with hope for a manual of some sort of how to actually heal your grieving heart. I was eager to get my hands on this book because I have been involved with helping loved ones attempt to heal their grieving heart through mediumship for the past 9 years. I've received countless emails from people who are suffering from losing a loved one, some even feeling that they can no longer go on. When you have someone coming to you for help, comfort, advice and communication from their loved ones, it really does humble you, I am honoured to be able to help these people, I can almost feel their pain and the stories they relay to me are so heart wrenching at times it's all I can do to try and not cry with them!

For this reason I was sincerely hoping that one of my favourite new thought  authors and spiritual teachers would have provided me with guidance, and also a book I could recommend to all these people. Sadly I don't believe the title of this book matches it's contents. Let me explain;

This book contains beautiful imagery of butterflies - a favourite being of mine which has since as far back as I can remember has always represented a loved one in spirit/heaven. The colours are divine, and almost each page contains a paragraph of comforting words and some comforting advice. I didn't agree with some of the advice based on my own experiences of loss and grief, and thinking back to when Mum and I were dealing with the loss of my Father, I can only honestly say that some of the paragraphs of comfort in this book would have possibly either pushed me over the edge or made me feel anger, despair and other related grieving emotions all at once.

Just because your loved has moved to the higher dimension does not mean he or she has forgotten about you and is uninterested in your life.

For example, the passage about keeping on top of your nutrition and making sure you are eating correctly I fully agree with in part. It really is important that when you are dealing with a loss of a loved one that you keep your energy up and eat correctly - although I know from personal experience the last thing you care about is whether you are healthy or not. But what really kind of got me miffed was when the passage continued to recommend going shopping for organic produce in health food stores. The last thing I ever wanted to do when dealing with the loss of my Father, Aunt, Uncle, Nan etc was think about going to a health food shop and ensure my produce was organic! It was a tough time to even get to the fridge and eat anything at all. Cooking was tough - having to change cooking for 3 to cooking for 2 was really really emotional and even still today it becomes tough going to the supermarket and seeing foods my Father used to love that we no longer have to buy.

Your loved one does see you and visits you frequently in your dreams, when you need help, and while you are engaged in activities that you two once shared.

There was a lot of repetitive messages too in my opinion that was simply re-written or simplified or added to. There must have been about 3-4 messages about doing some sort of memorial for a loved one. Yes this is a brilliant idea, but you only have to mention it once! We may be grieving but ...

Life is change, and change is life. it is through change that we are able to clearly measure where we have come from, where we currently are, and where we wish to go.

I believe that had this book been called; Healing Messages : Words of Comfort through Grief, then it may have probably met the expectations, because this book doesn't in my opinion tell you "HOW TO HEAL A GRIEVING HEART". We all react to grief in our own unique way and no one feels the same emotions or feelings, that is one thing both the book and I can agree on. The book does contain lovely messages of upliftment for when you are remembering a loved one and are already in a stronger more healed place.

There is no such thing as death. Death is very much an illusion. A soul can never be harmed, and nothing can put out the light of your being.

I am slightly torn between this book because it has it's good points and it's not so good points and I do feel slightly uneasy by not providing a positive review. However I'm not going to praise a book up on a topic that I am so passionate about, something that I am actually involved in when in my opinion and the standards I've set aren't met. In all honesty when I receive an email from someone who is at the deepest most painful stage of their grief, I wouldn't recommend this book to them. From my experience of the questions my clients ask me about their loved ones regarding death and grief, well, the answers aren't in this book. However if you like reading short inspiring passages to comfort you when you are at the later stage of your grief, or even 2-3 years after losing a loved one, and you want some advice on how to get on with life, then maybe this book is for you. If you are at the early stages of grief, I would recommend a bereavement counsellor, and listening to your inner voice and feelings - what do you want to do right now, cry? do it. Scream? do it. Stay in bed for a week? do it. Only you know how to heal your grief, we can only advise you on things we've found to be helpful. As with anything, take what makes sense to you, what feels right to you, what feels comfortable with you at that time, and leave everything else.

The memories you and your loved one created in life now live on in your heart for all time. Memories stay with you forever; they can never go away! They are always there for you to enjoy, so remember and relive those wonderful, happy and unique moments you shared.

This was one review that I was at first looking forward to writing, but then after reading it I wasn't so enthusiastic, which in itself saddened me. I have always been a huge fan of Doreen's work, and have every title that she has ever written, and each one holds a memory of the time in my life when I read it. Sadly, this book really felt like a huge disappointment to me. I can only hope that the "Talking to Heaven" Mediumship Oracle Cards will be a double spectacular to make up for it.

**You can view an extract of this book on Hay House UK's website which I highly recommend so that you can make your own mind up before purchasing**

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Year Of Dates With The Angels

My Angel Diary 2014 by Jenny Smedley
Published by Hay House UK
"This beautiful diary will take you on an exciting journey into the hidden realms of the angels, and the energies of nature in the world around you. Month by month, it will help to bring you closer to our celestial friends than you ever thought possible."

Jenny Smedley, renowned spiritual healer, therapist, advisor and author has brought us another year full of angels to guide our days in 2014. Having already brought us these wonderful angel diaries in both 2012 and 2013, it was a pleasure to see this charming pocket sized angel diary arrive on my doorstep. Containing 777 pages of pure divine wisdom, inspiration and comfort, this diary will have you feeling protected, guided, supported and blessed from the moment you begin working with it.
Each month begins with a "FOCUS" and is wonderfully complimented with REAL ANGEL STORIES from many of Jenny's loyal readers who continue to write to her of their celestial encounters. Then throughout the pages which are organised on a week to view basis there are weekly ANGEL LESSONS, INSPIRED WORDS for the week, FLOWERS of inspiration and WISE WORDS and QUOTES from a variety of sources.
At the start of the diary there is even a written ANGEL MEDITATION to help you meet your very own guardian angel and receive their assistance in your life. It is perfect in length for you to read to a group of friends should you decide to commit to an angelic study group in 2014 as a new year resolution, or even record to listen to yourself in the privacy and comfort of your very own angel sanctuary.  
As if that isn't enough ... each month focuses on a different planetary body in our solar system which helps with the FOCUS given at the beginning of each month. Each daily section in the diary provides enough room for you to jot down your important appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and even angelic blessings and signs that you've encountered - perfect for seeing just how much the angels surround you! 

This would make a DIVINE CHRISTMAS present or even birthday present before January!
I personally LOVE using these diaries as they provide enough daily inspiration, comfort, and angelic love to support me through the year. I love reading Jenny's books which include; Angel Whispers (perfect if you want lots of information on how you can work with the angels more), Soul Angels (Discovering all about those angels that guide your soul each time you incarnate), and Pets Have Souls Too (Detailing animals in the afterlife).

"As you learn to walk with angels beside you each day, prepare for peace and love to flow into your life, and to watch your wishes come true!"

This is just another wonderful angel book with a difference!  I don't have to put back on the shelf until the year is over - this comes with me in my handbag to compliment the angels that walk by my side.
Make sure to check out Jenny's website ~ and her Facebook page

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Wiccan, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor
Friday, 18 October 2013

Ring Ring! Hello? ... This is the Dark Goddess Calling...

Merry Meet Witchettes!
I have missed you so much! I have had a very serious call to answer this past week or so.

I had been called back to working with and discovering new pathways within my witchy soul as you are aware and I came across the Dark Goddess during my studies. I had heard of 'The Dark Goddess' but in all honesty had never really taken time to really understand what message she imparted. As I discovered more about the Dark Goddess showing up in your life and in my life I began to join the links together that showed just how she had been present in my life. I began to feel compelled to tell others via my blog all about my discoveries when the witchy soul inner telephone began to ring ...

Yep, she called and I answered the phone which means I had accepted on a soul level I believe the lesson I have now learnt.
Over this past week or so I have known the darkness of health and its made me appreciate my good health far more than I did before and I didn't think that was possible. I noted how I'd mentioned "The Call of the Dark Goddess" and was resonating with my past as I recalled times I'd been called by her, I know that I was called back to this pathway and my attention to the Dark Goddess was caught for a reason. The Dark Goddess called me again, and I have truly learnt how to listen to my body and the power healing energy has. I know there is more for me to learn, but positivity and faith in the Goddess will help me appreciate the light.
I have been in hospital (which has been a nightmare all on it's own) but I am home resting now. Mum called the ambulance Sunday and I was admitted. after first being discharged and then called back in within a matter of seconds to be told that I have gallstones and the pain I was in was caused by the gallstones passing through my bile duct and getting slightly stuck. Now blood tests show that my liver function is improving and returning to normal. I am armed ...with painkillers and can say that I have now experienced gas and air, morphine and been assured that if I can get through THAT pain, childbirth will be a breeze. Which coincidently I believe was a lesson from the Dark Goddess in matter of speaking as I am now 25 years old, in a relationship with the sheer love of my life, the man that I just can't imagine not waking up to for the rest of my life, the man I want to fight over the remote control with, and I admit it - I have had a fear of getting pregnant largely due to the childbirth aspect. Thank you Goddess for the lesson!

So I am just resting because I've had no sleep and really am exhausted. I have to go back Monday for an MRI to make sure the stones have passed., needless to say that I would appreciate healing energy to help these stones pass from my gallbladder easily, and in a pain-free way as I do NOT want surgery at all. Of course if needs must I will have to travel that route, but I REALLY want to try all other natural methods first! So along with the painkillers, I'm armed with Crystals, Herbal Drinks, Healing Music/Meditations and Angel Prayers of Healing. Oh and one more thing; I am SO glad to be home!!!
So what have I learnt?

Basically that as much as I live to GIVE to you and everyone I can help, I really do have to put myself first and rest more, help myself, listen to my own body, tap into my own wisdom. I have to stop putting my own needs last, especially when it comes to my health. I have to stop apologising and feeling guilty for taking responsibility for my life. I always manage to feel guilty when other people disagree with my choices which I make because I KNOW they are for the best for ME. I can say that I now know what it means to fully embrace my inner goddess and accept myself and my decisions, my choices. You can't make everyone agree or understand with why you do the things you do, but when you listen to your beautiful heart and do what feels right, no one, and I mean NO ONE has the right or the power to make you feel like you shouldn't do what's right for you.
So, if you take anything from this post I would like it to be; Stand up for yourself, listen to your heart and if you want to stop something, walk away, do something different, say NO, change your mind etc - you go for it! You listen to your Goddess Heart, and you feel PROUD!


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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

☆ Today's Witchy Insight ~ October 8th 2013 ☆

Today's Witchy Insight is from the world of Tarot ~ The Magician who to me always inspires me and fills me with such hope. He also reminds me of a Universal teaching that has become so popular these days we can actually deem it fashionable ;  The Law of Attraction. 

In my first days of learning tarot, The Magician was my most hoped for card as I learnt that not only was he balanced (being a Libran, this is important to me) by his awareness of all 4 elements; represented by the cup, wand, sword and pentacle (water, fire, air and earth respectively) but he had the ability to do anything he put his mind to. 

I think everyone, regardless of their pathway or life circumstances can be inspired by the presence of this energy. Don't we all want to be told that WE CAN IF WE TRY? I believe that The Magician arrives in our lives when we may be feeling hopeless, despair or lacking in confidence, to remind us that if we only use the tools that we have around us (just like he does laid upon the table) then we can be living a life that others may see as only merely a dream. 

I also believe this card can mean that we are about to enter a phase in our lives where we are going to be tested, perhaps to the max, but definitely we are going to have our boundaries pushed. What do we do in this situation? We use all of our elemental spirit, our experiences, our heartaches, our passions, our ideas and thoughts, and our resources to throw everything we have at this situation and by utilizing the power of our thoughts (WE CAN IF WE TRY), come out the other end happier, healthier, wiser and proud of our achievement. 

I hope everyone can take the energy of The Magician with them over the next 24 hours or so and carry him with them throughout their lives,

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor
Monday, 7 October 2013

New Moon? Same Old Story - Re Written!

Merry Meet everyone,

It was my birthday on Saturday which also happened to be the New Moon, I had a lovely day, spent the weekend with my Handsome Paramedic who spoilt me rotten. He cooked me a gorgeous meal, bought me Nexus 4 Mobile phone however the speakers didn't work so it's been sent back for them to send me one that actually works! I was spoilt by my Mum who bought me lovely gifts such as fitness equipment (I am working out more these days, and being kept on track by my health & fitness coach), books, DVD Box Sets such as Ghost Whisperer, new hair straighteners, clothes etc. I am one lucky girly!

But the New Moon really brought up some energies that I have personally been feeling for a while, especially in relation to my spiritual pathway. Many of you have been here with me on this blog since it's birth when it was "The Witch Inside", then it changed to Living a Life of Blessings, then to The Faerie Whisperer, then more recently to Finding the Goddess Within and now it has come full circle and returned to "Witch Inside". This blog has ALWAYS been a reflection of me and my spiritual pathway.

I feel that I began to lose my way a little when I felt the urge to change it the first time, and I have to say that I am particularly pleased that it has returned to all it's glorious witchiness! There is a saying that "Once a Witch, Always a Witch!", now I truly believe that with all my soul. I can try and ignore it and maybe for a year or so it will die down and bury itself deep within me, but sooner or later it will resurface and it will ultimately win!

Now what does this mean for me? Well personally it means a whole load of exciting things for me, it means that I get to post about my witchy ponderings once again that many of you first began to follow this blog for, it means that I get to really share my soul with you all once more without fear of upsetting my readers, it means that I get to incorporate my coaching that I've studied, trained, and am qualified in with all my new age, metaphysical, spiritual and witchy ways. I wonder sometimes how they will blend together, but that is the beauty of life. They all blend into making my life MINE naturally, and I am sure that the Goddess, my angels and my loved ones on the other side will undoubtedly help me blend them here on the wonderful world wide web.

I spoke to some fellow light-workers on facebook today about these changes and a lot of people have felt the energy and even thanked me for posting about my personal feelings towards this. it seems that the New Moon certainly brought about a new beginning by bringing back some old ways of our own personal pathways.

I would love to hear about how the New Moon on the 5th October 2013 affected you, please share in the comments as I am deeply intrigued to hear your story and I'd also love it if you came and "friended" me on Facebook - I really am a Friendly Witch!

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Flower Therapy Oracle Cards ~ Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves

Published by Hay House UK / Hay House
RRP £13.99     Hay House Price £11.19

Doreen and Robert have teamed up yet again to create this breathtakingly beautiful oracle card deck; Flower Therapy, to compliment the book of the same title that I brought you the review of just over a year ago.

There are 44 cards in this oracle deck and each one is of a super high quality image of a beautiful flower that Doreen and Robert explain carries energy that can help heal the users life. The oracle deck as all oracle decks by Doreen Virtue are accompanied by a guidebook that is useful to use for the interpretation of these cards.

I conducted a few readings for myself, pulling a card for the day which turned out to be highly insightful, comforting and guiding before attempting a reading live on camera for a Pod Cast network that I host Pod Cast shows on. The reading was beautiful, very powerful and somewhat different due to the absence of directly based images of angels. To enhance the reading I now team the oracle card deck with the HUGE book that I reviewed for you last year, the book I'm talking about is THIS ONE and I believe it can be used to get an even more in depth reading.

I love using these cards because they are just so pretty to look at, having one propped up somewhere prominent in the home is not at all overpowering if you share your home with people who are not inclined to a spiritual approach or even have regular visitors whom may not welcome such a spiritual approach. Why? Because everyone loves flowers, and it becomes a gentle talking point, and looks very welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

Here is a small sample of what the cards look like;

I have to say, they really are uplifting to work with and I have even conducted relationship readings with these and have had wonderful results. They really are my new Go To Oracle Deck when I have a client who is not so deeply spiritually inclined to Tarot or Angels. They would make a wonderful stocking filler for Christmas, and perfect for birthdays, as these truly are flowers that will never die but will keep on blessing the receiver of them for many, many years to come.

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Tarot Lover & Mentor