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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel

Published by Hay House UK
RRP £12.99 Hay House £10.39
This book by Doreen Virtue is a natural continuation of the series of books she has written about the Archangels, already available are The Miracles of Archangel Michael, and The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael, so Gabriel was a welcome book to be next written and received by angel fans and believers everywhere.
I couldn't wait to get this book and read it and admit that it took me longer than usual to read it and write up the review due to my own heavy writing commitments - assignment writing for my University degree. Archangel Gabriel is the angel that is mentioned in the bible and is probably most well known for delivering the message to Mary about her impending pregnancy and birth of Jesus. Doreen, in this book covers all the biblical history of this beloved Archangel and features pages upon pages of divine artwork featuring Gabriel.
Doreen documents just some of the many experiences that readers have shared with her about their heavenly visits and divine interventions with Archangel Gabriel. Some of these include Gabriel's intervention with pregnancy and conception concerns, parenthood, heavenly signs and visions of Gabriel that has offered 'healing' to thousands of people.
Archangel Gabriel is also the 'go to angel' for all people working in the creative arts including writers. I've asked Gabriel for help, support and guidance many times for this particular reason and have found Gabriel's response to ALWAYS be one of perfect love and support. On all occasions that I have struggled with an assignment I have called upon Gabriel and Uriel to help me write and recall important information, from creative writing modules to psychology and business studies. Gabriel can always be counted upon. It is through Gabriel's guidance that this review is written in italics and in my opinion is flowing beautifully and serenely.
I also call upon Archangel Gabriel's assistance when I am preparing for a Pod Cast show or am about to record a video to upload to YouTube. My Pod Cast shows have covered a range of topics from Unicorns, Gratitude, Ascended Masters and even the text; A Course in Miracles - all of which have flowed beautifully when recording and have been received exceptionally well by the audience. Delivering messages of any kind is also something that Gabriel can help you with and Doreen covers this in this book.
I would urge everyone who finds comfort, peace and inspiration when working with the angels and Archangels to read this book, even if you are not a mother, a writer, or in need of support when delivering a message - be it personal life related, business life, etc., EVERYONE can benefit from learning about Gabriel, and asking for help from this awesome heavenly Angel.
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