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Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday 13th, A Day of Happy Endings

So I began the day in a positive optimistic mood like I usually do on both Friday 13th and Tuesday 13th (the equivalent for Greeks), but it was like my morning coffee boost went sour! Seriously anything that could go wrong went wrong, like the fact that my stability ball lost it's pin to keep it inflated, I searched everywhere! Nowhere to be found!

Then there was the fact that I am just so seriously done with feeling "guilty" with not being the teaching assistant that is going to be walked all over, hence why I haven't been in the school since June! So I was going through a "Woe is me" moment (or hourS rather) and I'd quite clearly had enough of myself!

Further developments were that I was pretty pissed at the fact that I've paid to train, study and qualify as a life coach and since then, in less than a year everywhere I turn there is one of my "friends" who are launching themselves as a life coach just as if they woke up one morning and said in a Barbie tone "Oh, today I'm going to be a life coach!" and literally off they went! No credentials, no experience from their training because there is no training behind them, and in all honesty the mockery making of life coaching in my opinion is almost 30% away from being an utter mockery of a mess just like psychic readings have become "Entertainment purposes only!". These thoughts of mine then went onto start mentally listing all the people and ways people have stabbed me in the back and I thought, "you know what girl? You need a stab proof vest now!"  

Next I couldn't get registered on the course of my choice at University because I'd just missed the deadline by a day or so and they were not budging an inch! So I took a leaf out of a book I've read and reviewed and I said "F*CK IT!"

Then things started to shift. Not miraculously, but slowly. Mum found my stability ball pin, she literally laid her hands on it like any "Samantha - Be*Witched" style witch would, YAY!, then I found books from my childhood whilst going through boxes with Mum YAY! You know what... here's 13 ways that Friday 13th turned out to be a day of happy endings for me!

  1. Mum found my stability ball pin
  2. Discovered childhood books like babysitters club series, animal ark, fairytales, etc
  3. My Core Secrets Workout DVDs came
  4. Reclaimed my Jet Black hair seeing as the sun no longer has it's hat on and can no longer put a red tint in it through it's rays
  5. Amazing news that is going to BOOST my career through the roof and into space beyond until I am at LEAST in my 60s (bear in mind that I'm only 24 now!)
  6. Received the opportunity to revamp and update my wardrobe to an exceptionally high standard - twit twooo!
  7. Found spell books I'd packed away for safe keeping whilst my home was being upgraded
  8. Mum and I brainstormed a "Mother + Daughter" project :)
  9. Mum informed me that she's been making me a surprise new duvet/complete bedding set including curtains
  10. Amazing support from my Fitness coach :) Thank you hun!
  11. Found a Pentacle pendant of mine amongst music CDs
  12. Found a box of ornaments forgotten about
  13. Found an old handbag with a purse that happened to have £45.68 still in it!
So you see, Friday 13th and in fact any day may start out to be a complete and utter pants day, but it CAN turn out to be a happy ending!
Happy Friday 13th xxxx

All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Pod Cast Host & Mentor
Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel

Published by Hay House UK
RRP £12.99 Hay House £10.39
This book by Doreen Virtue is a natural continuation of the series of books she has written about the Archangels, already available are The Miracles of Archangel Michael, and The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael, so Gabriel was a welcome book to be next written and received by angel fans and believers everywhere.
I couldn't wait to get this book and read it and admit that it took me longer than usual to read it and write up the review due to my own heavy writing commitments - assignment writing for my University degree. Archangel Gabriel is the angel that is mentioned in the bible and is probably most well known for delivering the message to Mary about her impending pregnancy and birth of Jesus. Doreen, in this book covers all the biblical history of this beloved Archangel and features pages upon pages of divine artwork featuring Gabriel.
Doreen documents just some of the many experiences that readers have shared with her about their heavenly visits and divine interventions with Archangel Gabriel. Some of these include Gabriel's intervention with pregnancy and conception concerns, parenthood, heavenly signs and visions of Gabriel that has offered 'healing' to thousands of people.
Archangel Gabriel is also the 'go to angel' for all people working in the creative arts including writers. I've asked Gabriel for help, support and guidance many times for this particular reason and have found Gabriel's response to ALWAYS be one of perfect love and support. On all occasions that I have struggled with an assignment I have called upon Gabriel and Uriel to help me write and recall important information, from creative writing modules to psychology and business studies. Gabriel can always be counted upon. It is through Gabriel's guidance that this review is written in italics and in my opinion is flowing beautifully and serenely.
I also call upon Archangel Gabriel's assistance when I am preparing for a Pod Cast show or am about to record a video to upload to YouTube. My Pod Cast shows have covered a range of topics from Unicorns, Gratitude, Ascended Masters and even the text; A Course in Miracles - all of which have flowed beautifully when recording and have been received exceptionally well by the audience. Delivering messages of any kind is also something that Gabriel can help you with and Doreen covers this in this book.
I would urge everyone who finds comfort, peace and inspiration when working with the angels and Archangels to read this book, even if you are not a mother, a writer, or in need of support when delivering a message - be it personal life related, business life, etc., EVERYONE can benefit from learning about Gabriel, and asking for help from this awesome heavenly Angel.
Reviews that are coming up here:
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and a Special Surprise!
All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach, Consultant, Intuitive Angel Therapist, Pod Cast Host & Mentor
Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards ~ REVIEW

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue
Published by Hay House UK
Doreen Virtue has teamed up with her son; Charles Virtue to create an oracle deck that all indigo's have been waiting for. This deck speaks to everyone and is not limited in any way to indigo souls alone, yet it channels  44 powerful messages that all indigo warriors have been desperately desiring to share with the world since their mission began.
At first you may be drawn back by just how they are the opposite of the fun looking, and bright imagery that normally graces Doreen's angel decks, but you soon adjust to the deep indigo energy of the deck which  being an indigo soul myself, I find comforting as the healing power of the cards lie in the message itself and the knowledge that the angels are guiding us.

Indigo souls are children and adults who have incarnated since around 1978 and tend to have an indigo presence in their aura though it is not limited to this colour. Indigos tend to have a very warrior-like spirit and are determined to stand in their power and stand up for they believe is right, more so they are very likely to stand up to injustice of all sorts and hate conforming to societies expectations. They are very much a free-spirit and are highly intuitive.


A beautiful deck of angel cards perfect for the beginner and experienced alike, they have provided warm, loving and helpful advice to me when I've used them to connect to the angels. Perfect for adults and children to use to gain insight and feel supported by heavenly beings of light and love.
Each card is illustrated beautiful by Carol Heyers and offers a unique view of angels that we haven't seen before in Doreen's angel cards. I feel that this oracle deck speaks for itself when you hold them, work with them and connect to your guiding angels and indigo spirit within.

So, why not treat yourself to the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue, they are available from Hay House UK, Hay House US, Amazon UK and Amazon US as well as good bookstores, and specialist spiritual themed shops. Let the indigo within soar with the help of the angels
If you are interested in having an angel reading for £25 / $40 from me you can contact me via my facebook page Celestial Life Coaching
Angel Blessings,
Dawn xx


All written content on this blog is the work of © Dawn Brierley, Life Coach,  Consultant, Self Taught Intuitive  Angel Therapist & Mentor