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Monday, 22 July 2013

Full Moon Blog Changes

I am so pleased that you have taken the time to stop by, read my blog and browse my pages.
Here at *The Goddess Within* (yes another name change -  I swear it's the full moon) I hope to blog about my musings and ponderings on life, metaphysical topics and my journey to  find the Goddess Voice within me.
Like most 20 something's we have strong opinions (don't we all at any age!), questions that we are dying to ask our elders and fellow 20 something's, and generally a voice that we desire to be heard. My blog (here) is where I want to do that - respectfully of course, but I am fed up of not simply speaking my mind and tip-toeing around others so as to not hurt their feelings, yet my own feelings get hurt in the process. Where am I honouring my Goddess Voice within there? I'm not! And that is the one major thing I need to change in my life. I really need to start standing up for myself even more than I do now - because sometimes, people and their opinions can be fierce and hurt you deeply.
I chose to change my blog to reflect my current journey. I know how many of you really enjoyed reading my blog when I first began writing it back in 2009 when it was known as *THE WITCH INSIDE*, but right now, that name doesn't suit me as it's too confined for me. Right now I'm growing in life in all ways and all areas and I'm finding it more and more relevant to note that I am searching for the deep Goddess Voice within me, hence the name *THE GODDESS WITHIN*
The posts will hopefully reflect more of the topics that I originally used to blog about and won't really have any life coaching based posts as if you do want to read them, you can read them on my other blog. I'd love to get your feedback on what posts you love reading on here; as it's been a while since I wrote any of those posts. I apologise for my lack of clarity recently on this blog, and I do hope you can find it in your hearts to stick around and support me as I try to reclaim that part of me.
Friday, 5 July 2013

Pagan Portals : Hoodoo by Rachel Patterson

by Rachel Patterson aka Tansy Firedragon
Publication 30th August 2013
Published by Moon Books
£4.99 (available for pre-order from Amazon UK / Amazon US)
I was pleasantly surprised when the manuscript to this phenomenal soon-to-be-released book landed in my email account. Written by a Facebook friend of mine; Rachel Patterson who is also known by her craft name of Tansy Firedragon - a name perhaps many of you may know her as.
Hoodoo is a topic that I have never in my life read anything about, perhaps due to the media mis-conceptions of it all, which I feel is a great saddening cloak to be placed upon society. After reading this book that I feel would be a perfect introduction to hoodoo for beginners, novices, and even more experienced practitioners, I am now intrigued by the implantation of hoodoo into my own life and those of the people around me.
In the past I had had friends who were more knowledgeable about the subject of hoodoo but I chose to allow them to dip their toes or go for a swim in a topic that I personally was not ready for.
So as you can see, I had drawbacks and concerns about such a topic, and for that reason I can wholeheartedly declare to you that Hoodoo as explained in this marvellous book in the Pagan Portals series by Moon Books seems to be a very natural practice of incorporating spirituality and witchcraft into your life in a way that doesn't require you to advertise the fact that you practice it.
I leant so much from this book and I am sure that anyone can benefit from Rachel's words of wisdom even if it just to try a different blend of creating oils, incenses and such.
Here's a few things I learnt:
  • how to cleanse your house spiritually and physically correctly
  • just how magickal fluids can be ;)
  • how to uncross and protect myself
  • numerous oil blends, incense recipes and candle usage
  • how to create my own candles
  • the difference between a petition paper and name papers
  • hoodoo deities
  • and foot track magic to name only a few!
I was so impressed with this book and also excited by all the wonderful information one book contained that I simply had to catch up with the author herself and find out more about Hoodoo. Luckily for you, we created the whole interview just for you!
1.) How long have you been interested and involved in the practice of Hoodoo?

About five or six years ago I read a book on hoodoo that was recommended to me, as I read it I realised that it echoed a lot of the European folk magic that I already used within my witchcraft so it inspired me to research more and I have been working with it ever since.

2.) What is it about Hoodoo that appeals to you and you feel will appeal to readers?

The simplicity of it, when you take it down to the basics it is traditional folk magic. It uses natural ingredients and objects that are easily found and readily available and it uses a lot of symbolism – it just makes sense!

3.) What inspired you to write the book; "Pagan Portals : Hoodoo"

Having already written Pagan Portals: Kitchen Witchcraft I suggested Hoodoo as a subject that would fit in with the Pagan Portals theme of ‘introductions to pagan pathways’ thankfully Moon Books liked the idea! It is such a fascinating subject and works very well with witchcraft. I wanted to share how I use it within my own craft.

4.) What do you hope the book will achieve in it's readers eyes?

Hopefully it will take away some of the mis-representation that the media and Hollywood have given to the art of hoodoo and encourage people to investigate folk magic more and see how effective it is.

5.) Do you have any exciting plans for another book?

Happily I have another Pagan Portals book at the publishers already, this time on Moon Magic which is very exciting as it is such an important area within witchcraft and who knows after that? I have lots of ideas whizzing around!

6.) You do many things aside from writing fabulous and insightful books, can you tell us a little about them?

I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and supportive family that allow me to do what I do. I am High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven, we meet regularly in a local forest to hold rituals, I am also part of the Leadership Team for the Kitchen Witch online School of Witchcraft, we also run workshops in Chi Coffee (a spiritual café locally where I am also involved in lots of other workshops and gatherings) and I am honoured to be able to give talks on witchcraft for various local groups.

7.) Lastly, how can people contact you to find out more about the work you do, work / learn with you, and really just get to know more about you?

I have a website

And a facebook page

And the school website & free forum is

School facebook page is

I am always happy to help and answer any questions that I can for anybody on this path either via the websites or facebook pages.
Thank you so much Rachel for taking the time for the interview, I sincerely wish you many blessings for the publication of this book, and I am already eagerly awaiting your next upcoming book!
If this book sounds like something that would definitely add sparkle to your life, use the links at the start of the review to pre-order /purchase your copy, and don't forget to let us know what you think of it, Rachel and I would love to hear your reviews.

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Reveal by Meggan Watterson

Reveal by Meggan Watterson
Published by Hay House UK
What is within you, will save you ~ Gospel of Thomas
Reveal is described as a 'manual for revealing your soul' and 'getting spiritually naked' - it simply does what it says on the cover, but this occurs in a way that your soul needs it to.

The book documents what Meggan has learnt, felt, heard from within, felt from within - it literally is her Soul-Voice in writing, as she talks about the Divine Feminine in a way that captivates you, embraces you, cradles you in safety and security but also implores you to make enquiries into your own soul-voice.
As I read Meggan's Soul-Voice words about her pilgrimages in Europe, the Sacred Site's of the Black Madonna and the story of Mary Magdalene along with Kali and Buddhism's Green Tara, I found myself in part crying tears of joy and acknowledgment of the sheer feminine power and wisdom that her words contained.
History and Religious Studies have always fascinated me and this book topped up my pleasure zones until they were overflowing with a Feminine radiance. I found myself discussing the Divine feminine with my partner which then voice-mapped our discussion to Saints and the stories of how they have impacted upon people's lives even today. One such discussion of ours centred on 'Our Lady of Fatima' and Pope John Paul II and how he had in the 1980's credited Our Lady of Fatima to his healing and recovery. (I love the wisdom that my Mr shares with me).
Reveal makes you relax into the journey as you too feel you are discovering, and journeying with Meggan, as she embraces her own feminine power throughout her pilgrimage.
Reveal cracked me open and made me acknowledge all the femininity within me and desire to express it more - proudly displaying my femininity in a way that declares "I am Powerful in my own right - I am WORTHY".
If you enjoy reading about spiritual pilgrimages, Divine Feminine works, or are interested in religious history, then I highly recommend this book, and I believe it is the perfect summer time read.
Here are some of my favourite quotations from the book:
"There's no reason to define or delimit who I am or what I can become."
"Surrendering is a soul capacity that must be flexed and developed like any bicep or tricep. It allows us to move deeper, move further into who we truly are. Surrender aligns us only with what's true for us. It disengages us from the surface drama of life, as entertaining as that may be, and takes us beneath the waves of who we try to be and who we want to be, letting us rest in who we truly are."
"You need guidance and support not to follow someone else's truth but to remain loyal to your own."
"It was time to make all of my life a spiritual practice, to be a mystic in the middle of traffic and a saint at the local supermarket"
Meggan Watterson is a spiritual mentor, speaker, scholar of the divine feminine and also a fabulous soulful author. She is the founder of a spiritual community that encourages women to reclaim their bodies as sacred and to be led by the soul-voice within them, called REDLADIES. She has a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary. Basically she knows her stuff!
Check out her website :
Reveal by Meggan Watterson
Published by Hay House UK

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