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Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Five Levels of Attachment

The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz JR. 
Published by Hay House UK
RRP £12.99 
Hay House Price: £10.39 

Don Miguel Ruiz JR is a Toltec, just like his Father; Miguel Ruiz SR and just like his Grandmother who he speaks of fondly in this book as the teacher who taught him the wisdom he lives, breathes and teaches today. This book picks up where his Father's book; The Four Agreements left off. 

The Four Agreements was an international best-seller that sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. In it we were taught the four agreements which are; 

But with the four agreements, there are 5 levels of attachment that are causing us suffering according to Don Miguel. 

Don Miguel presents this ancient wisdom for finding your true self in a modern way that reflects well into the modern day world in which we live. What fascinated me was his in depth discussion on how we attach ourselves to beliefs that hinder our true growth and ability to be all that we truly are. 

The 5 Levels of Attachment are; 

  1. The Authentic Self
  2. Preference
  3. Identification
  4. Internalization
  5. Fanaticism

Throughout reading this book where Don teaches you in depth about each individual level of attachment with real life scenarios as examples of how we become attached on that level, I was amazed at the level of wisdom he imparted in his heartfelt, and sincere words. You could tell from reading just what a deep belief he has in this Toltec wisdom, and that it is with love that he shares this wisdom with the world. 

Some of the levels; when read truthfully can make you feel like you are looking in a mirror and seeing something not very nice, but the warming, nourishing and soulful Don Miguel reassures us that this book is not a tool of judgement, it's purpose is not to show you how awful you are being or just how unspiritual you are.  

The Purpose of this book is AWARENESS, to raise your own awareness of how your reactions are governed and guided by your attachments. It is through your heightened awareness of how you are reacting, of which level you are vibrating on, that you hold the key in knowing the true you and by knowing the true you, you instantly recognise what level you truly desire to be vibrating on. With the acknowledgment of this, you are in your power station to shift your reactions so that you vibrate on a more suitable level for who you truly are. 

This book is amazingly handbag/briefcase/man-bag friendly and is ideal to carry with you when you are first learning about your attachment levels. 

Don Miguel has with this book alone left a legacy for future generations to come that will benefit them and their offspring when applied. ~ Dawn Brierley, Celestial Life Coach 

The wisdom is heartfelt, nurturing, guiding and honest. I would recommend this book even if you haven't read The Four Agreements, because the radical shifts in your awareness of self that result from the reading and application of the wisdom contained in this book is phenomenal. 

The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz JR. 
Published by Hay House UK
RRP £12.99 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April Goals

Well the sun is finally shining here in England, and I am simply loved up on life. I couldn't wait for April to arrive so I could hang out my washing, I mean Goals for the month! I like to use the term STANDARDS rather than goals, but in my pretty little head they mean the same thing. 

I mentioned in my last blog how I was part of the Soul Path Tribe with my friend and Soul Coach Lyn Thurman, well this month I am dancing with delight at my goals that I have set myself. 

I love accountability and I love achieving my standards. I have to admit, I got started on my goals for April during the last part of March - unintentionally I might add, but Success came my way and I delighted in it. 

One of my goals / standards was to flirt more with men, smile more and slowly lower the barrier that I've placed around my heart after what I'd been through. Thing is, once I made that decision to change my life, and raised my standards (my life coaching motto - Visit my coaching page here), Love showed up for me. 

Yes ladies, I have a very handsome, caring, loveable, devoted guy in my life! He came out of the blue - or green should I say - He is the most lushest handsome, Paramedic I have ever known! He earned himself HUGE kudos for recognising that I am a Goddess, and even tells me every day. So yeah, pretty loved up here. 

What is interesting is that a couple of weeks prior to him showing up in my life, I told my fellow Soul Path Tribe friends that I felt ready to open my heart to love once more, and that I actually felt that "HE" was coming - he'd got down from the tree he was stuck in and he was finally searching for me. 

It was the most intense feeling ever, and then "MIRACLE" he found me. I listened to my H.I.N.G.E sisters! (HINGE stands for Higher Intuitive Nurturing Guiding Expression - I totally OWN the HINGE - My coaching can show you how you too can OWN the HINGE in your life!) By the way, he wasn't stuck in a tree but he had hurt his ankle - a sprain - possibly from jumping out the tree :P 

So I want to share with you my Goals for April - I hope you ladies will hold me accountable for them! Below SHARE with me your goal/goals for this month and I will hold YOU accountable for them. You can get even more support for achieving your goals over on my coaching facebook page which is constantly being updated 

Dawn's Goals for April 

  1. Maintain weight loss & do a little Bhangra as well as Yoga
  2. Limit the Intake of Chocolate (That's going to be hard - but I have a theory about this one!)
  3. Curl my hair more often (I love curly/wavy hair and should really stop straightening it!) 
  4. Practice "May Cause Miracles" - again :) 
  5. Flirt (With Mr Handsome Paramedic - won't be too hard - ahem!) 
  6. Have a night out with my gorgeous girlfriend who I have known my entire life!
  7. De-clutter (This one appears every month because I love de-cluttering, it is medicine for my OCD) 
  8. Maintain my University study and keep gaining those 95% + pass grades :) 
  9. Have a SPA evening
  10. Mow the lawn - (if the weather cheers up enough that is!) 

Below SHARE with me your goal/goals for this month and I will hold YOU accountable for them. You can get even more support for achieving your goals over on my coaching facebook page which is constantly being updated