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Monday, 25 March 2013

The March of Mayhem

Hi everyone,

How is your month of March going? I appologise for not stopping by for the past 20 days, it's very naughty of me, forgive me? Pwetty pwease?

I'm taking part in Lyn Thurman's "Soul Path Tribe" and have been since it;s launch in November 2012. It's helped me make goals, and reach targets that I quite possibly would never have achieved without the support and accountability. This month, has been the worst month for me in all honesty when it comes to setting goals and meeting them. I say that, but in hindsight I have achieved some pretty awesome stuff too.

Lyn Thurman

Each month we work with a Goddess who we learn about and literally we bounce ideas off each other of ways in which we can be creative, express ourselves and even have a whinge and moan (Obviously i'm the whinge and moan queen LOL), but it's a lovely friendship group and sister-brother hood of dreams and miracles.

This month, we worked with Ixchel, the Mayan Rainbow Goddess. Boy do I not click with her!! So much that I've already printed off April's workbook section, and filled in my goals for next month! Next month we will be working along side ARTEMIS :D See now you know why I'm so happy! isn't Artemis the most amazing kick ass, focused, determined, enchanting energy you've ever come across? Yep, that's why I adore working with her so much! So April is going to be a kick-ass month for achievement, focus and love.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Soul Path Tribe, you can check out the details here SOUL PATH TRIBE (we also have a hang out group on Facebook which is very very very active - there is always someone to chat to, lean on, laugh with, cry with, and smile with.)


In other news, I spent time in Hospital having tests because I couldn't breathe :( I had chest x-rays, blood tests, oxygen levels, ECG, blood pressure, canulars  etc, you name it, I had it. In the end the doctor who was very nice, told me that I had a very severe chest infection, which would clear up with antibiotics, lots of fluids and rest at home. I was released from the A&E department after being teased by Mr Doctor about my fear of needles, and sent home to rest and recuperate. I'm pleased to say that I'm feeling much much better now, and just have the odd coughing fit but overall I'm well again. 


Oh, and I have teamed up with my gorgeous metaphysical friend George Lizos to do a 5 week book study of " Loveability" by Robert Holden. You can find all our details and updates about this here; Dawn & George's Loveability Journey

So what have you gorgeous people been upto this month? I miss you!!! 

Love & Miracles
Dawn/Aurora/Faerie Whisperer/Witch Inside


3 Readers Musings:

  1. So many book studies going on! This is a lovely post about the SPT and I am thrilled to have you in my life.

  2. This is beautiful, Dawn. Thank you so much <3

  3. This is beautiful, Dawn. Thank you so much <3