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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Book Review ~ Soul Plan by Blue Marsden

Published by Hay House UK

When I received this book from Hay House UK to read and review I wondered what I had let myself in for. The sheer thickness this book is enough to scare anyone. But don't be put off. Acknowledge the fear and do it anyway. I did and I can honestly say that I have not regretted it one tiny bit. 

Soul Plan tells you that using a very distinct and completely authentic method that I have NEVER heard of, seen or used before (until now - I'm a tad bit of an addict now), you can discover what your Soul Plan is. Blue Marsden is an amazing guy for bringing this method to the masses through this book. I truly believe this is the key to really uncovering who we truly are. 

All you need is; the willingness to commit to reading it, an openess to the method, a pen, some paper and your FULL BIRTH NAME. 
Yes you did read that right, you need your name! 

That's it! All the rest is basically done for you! 

When I discovered the method it reminded me a little of Numerology and I recalled when I first started out the sheer time it took me to complete Numerology Reports for my clients. Soul Plan blows Numerology out of the water in my eyes, it's quicker, it's more in depth, it's uncomplicated, it's thoroughness and it is ACCURATE beyond belief. 

I completed a Soul Plan for myself, My Mum, My deceased Nan (There was a huge pattern in our challenges and talents that linked to it amazingly well!), and my friends and colleagues at work to test it out. All of them said how amazing it was and how they could relate to the reading. Some even said how it helped them see their lives in a different way and understand that the Universe isn't conspiring against us, it's actually working with us - the only one conspiring against us is ourselves. 

The key to reconditioning that it this method! 

I have since begun using it with my Coaching clients at Celestial Life Coaching because before they even return their initial questionnaire I can tell them what their issues are, what their talents are in the world, what their challenges are, and how they can move forward. I already know what areas in their life that are hot spots for chaos. This takes my Intuitive coaching to a whole NEW level!  

I cannot tell you how amazing this book is, but trust me, I would NOT implement this method into my Coaching sessions if it didn't work, if it took a ridiculous amount of time to complete, was confusing, or it if wasn't accurate. 

My clients count on me, and I hold myself accountable for that and this book helps me achieve the standards I set for myself, and the standards my clients expect from me. 

Published by Hay House UK

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