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Monday, 18 February 2013

Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Published by Hay House  

By now, you all should now that when Doreen Virtue releases a new product I cannot wait to read it or use it and this oracle deck was no different. I've taken my time somewhat in writing up my review of these and have probably used this oracle deck more than any other (even though I sincerely adore all Doreen's decks). I've made it my mission to really utilize the power in these cards by using them in a variety of ways which I will share with you. 

First things first, Doreen teamed up with Melissa Virtue (dream interpretor and daughter-in-law to Doreen) to create this 55 card deck. In this beautifully illustrated card deck, Doreen and Melissa reveal the meaning of 55 basic dream symbols. "The accompanying guidebook explains how to conduct 'dream readings' to resolve your deepest questions and concerns and shine light upon your unconscious mind. In this way, you can harness the power of your dreams to steer yourself in your desired direction! "

In the guidebook you are given wonderful new and exciting card layouts to help guide your reading and aid your understanding. I tried a layout of my own and found the reading to be highly insightful and accurate. I could relate to the guidance and even looked out for what guidance it gave me for up and coming events.

The Dream Spiral Lay Out

I have found these cards very useful when consulting them after a dream that I may not have understood. The first time I consulted the cards after I woke up, I pulled the "Fire" card (pictured below) and it helped me realise the meaning of the dream I'd had which was by no coincidence only divine and perfect synchronicity-  about a fire!

I've also used these cards to guide my day ahead as you would do with any other card deck and have found that they are very complementary to any other deck and of course radiate guidance for your day ahead. I've felt closer to my spiritual practice with the angels using this deck, perhaps because I am a bit of a "Dream Freak" in that my intuitive abilities are at their strongest in my dream time. My intuitive dreams began when I was 13 with the dramatic plane crashes and such, to even witnessing Heaven prepare for a passing from our world back into theirs - our true home.

What really surprised me pleasantly was the cards in this deck featured colours, chakras, and herbs as well as crystals.


I would say, try these cards, purchase them from Hay House absolutely if you love symbolism, colour, and fancy trying something new from Doreen Virtue. I don't see you being disappointed - only guided and more inspired by your dreams. 

Stop by and let me know how you get on with them, and if you already have them, what do you think of them? Leave your comments below and help other readers who may be new to oracle cards, or wondering if they should purchase them.

Published by Hay House  

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