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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Guest Blogger : Herbs to Awaken Your Psychic Potential by Alex Clarke

Today we have an AMAZING pampering Guest Blogger; Alex Clarke! I adore her and her work (and will even be featured in her book "Awaken your Inner Faerie in 30 Days". Just in time for Mother's Day here in the UK, Alex brings us; "Enhance your psychic ability with herbs!"

If sugar and spice and everything nice is what little girls are made of, what are magickal diva’s made of – the answer? Well, keep reading and you are sure to find out!
Everything you put in, on, or around your body affects your well-being. From the colours we wear to the foods we munch and crunch, all will change how we feel. Wonderfully this emotional alchemy process is a personal one – what works for one may not work for another. The transformation of our inner and outer perceptions remains as unique as we are – no one glittery shoe fits all. In essence, what you need will find its way of appealing to you – so take what you need from this article and discard what doesn’t work. Yes yes, there is ancient customs associated with the use of magickal remedies and herbal enhancers but YOU still remain the most important factor in your own psychic development. Trust yourself. You know what’s best.
When looking at herbs we need to be aware that not all elementals are suitable for everyone – especially when we are looking at psychic development. Psychic development is specifically the raising of ones vibration to absorb more information from various debateable sources (debateable as there is no consensus on where we get ‘psychic’ information from). Personally, I believe there is nothing unusual about psychic ability. It is the normal human state. Anything less than fully-functioning perception is a mere disruption of the human capacity to be whole. Your psychic-ness is your humanity. Fundamentally, we are looking to become more human, more of our real nature and this article will look at the elemental teas, tinctures and incenses that can help you re-connect or enhance this wholeness. We are one and claiming your ability to perceive the full richness of interconnected reality, in all its glorious wholeness, is your birth-right!

Herbal and Natural Helpers!

Acacia – sacred to the Egyptians Acacia is great for any type of shamanic otherworldly work. Use as an incense to aid communication with the ancestors or loved ones on the other side –simply burn with the intention to connect.
Laurel – is used by shamans and witches to communicate with spirits who are not our kin, but who want to work with us in this realm of existence. It’s also wonderful when used to connect to our spirit guides, guardians or animal allies! Burn with the spoken intention to connect to your guides or helpers.
Camphor – woo hoo camphor has a double whammy effect. It can give you an influx of prophetic dreams (get those lotto tickets bought!) but also contains a powerful purifying component that’s second to none. Annoying spirits, attachments, or general bumps in the night (of the unpleasant variety) will find new haunts to, well, haunt.
Copal – is my utter favourite for spirit-work. Used by the indigenous tribes of Central America for underworld trance-work. Want visions? Burn copal incense resin to reach the right state. Simply state your intentions and don’t forget to jot down any visions, messages, or impressions that occur.
Dandelion – yes, those brilliant bright sunny weeds you see cracking concrete with their awesome power possess the ability to help your natural pre-cognitive abilities. Great if you are a tarot reader, palmist, or medium, simply have a cup of dandelion tea on hand throughout your readings!

Frankincense – sacred to many in the Middle East and for good reason, not only will it magnify your intention while meditating (or manifesting) but it also helps induce pre-cognitive dreams and visions. Simply burn some before bedtime!
Mugwort – A bowl of mugwort tea can be used to cleanse your scrying crystals such as mirrors, crystals, pendulums and jewellery. Mugwort has been used for centuries to induce visions – simply drink as a tea, elixir or burn as incense for crystal clear premonitions.
Wormwood – sacred to many spirits and faeries, wormwood should be carried not ingested. It can help you connect with many unseen helpers, enhance dreams and your ability to predict events. It has also been long used in protection spells to ward off envy and gossip.
Peppermint – for anyone who is having difficulty connecting with their natural psychic ability this is the starter elemental helper. Peppermint can clear away any fears you have about seeing, feeling, or perceiving your messages, environment or situation clearly. Burn 2 drops of oil at bath time or drink one cup of tea daily in the morning as it will stimulate your third eye and solar plexus during the day. If taken at night it may keep you awake – and you kinda need to be asleep for psychic dreams!
Sage – is another favourite of mine and many native cultures. This helper not only awakens your psychic abilities but will enable you to interpret the symbols from a place of love, wisdom and peace. You can burn dried sage leaves before or during meditation and even add to your bath in the evening to aid mystic dreams.
Thyme – fancy reading the Akashic Records? Of course you do! And thyme is your cosmic library card as it’s believed to enable you to integrate all that was, into all that is, and then into all that will be. (It may even help you interpret that sentence).
Rose – will enhance your psychic ability with great compassion, love and nurturing wisdom. It is one of the most gentle, but potent, spiritual helpers. Especially healing for women (and some men) who were persecuted in past lives for witchcraft. It will dissolve any fear such souls have around using and revealing their innate psychic gifts. Try using rose water to cleanse your third eye before sleep and gradually over time you will start to open up to the wonder of all that is unseen.
St. John's Wort – popular today for treating depression but originally used to resolve pain and suffering from past lives. Its major use shamanically is for enabling astral travel as it serves as elemental protector and guide. Simply use as a tea before meditating or travelling the cosmos!

Magickal bath time!!

Baths! They are genuinely fantastic and brilliant –soothing or invigorating depending on your mood. And, if you are anything like me, they are your creative hub of magical luxury. My best ideas surface when I’m submerged. Indulgence is made for bath time – candles, bubbles, scented oils and now psychic development! So before you settle to meditate, sleep, or preform any form of divination try running yourself a bath with the following helpers infused in the water.

• One/two drops of lavender oil. Lavender is my favourite all time herb. Lavender is the ‘be all’ plant – she is protector, manifester and healer. Lavender is mother goddess in plant form. Your intention is her intention.
• One handful of rose petals or a splash of rose water. As we have seen roses are love in a bud. Add some for the gentle blossoming of your abilities and the soothing acceptance of all you can be.
• One tablespoon of salt. Salt protects and cleanses all negativity. It heals the aura and will make it easier to change your vibration. After all – if you travel light you can hold more light!
• One sage leaf. To help you uncover and understand the symbolic meanings of whatever visions you experience during your development phase.

Before you climb into your bath, hold the intention of gaining great foresight. Simply state clearly that you are willing to – ‘hear, see, speak and be the truth behind the illusion’ now you are ready to delve into the waters of your subconscious and the collective consciousness. Enjoy your journeying and let us know what you discover – especially if it’s lotto numbers!

Alex Clarke is author of Awaken your Inner Faerie in 30 days ~ learn to live from your creative core which won 6th Books and Prediction magazine’s publishing competition. 
She is a playwright, activist and street artist from Manchester UK 
For more on her work visit
or follow her on twitter @alexclarkes
or on facebook @

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Crystal Crazy Goddess

Hey gorgeous people! 

How are you? (grabs cuppa and sits in lotus position waiting to hear all your fantabulous news!) 


WOW! That's awesome! I am so happy for all the good stuff in your life right now! 

We'll as you know I'm busy rocking my style over at my coaching page a lot lately, really amping up my biz and enjoying the twists, turns and cartwheels that occur there - not to mention the fan-dabby-doozy-ness of Miracles that occur in my life right now. I kid you not that I experienced 8 miracles in 3 hours!!! 

Any way, I've also been spending time OM~ing with my Inner Guru to discover what spiritual love really rocks my chakras right now and I've discovered that i'm experiencing a re-birthing of all things Crystal, Chakra and Angel related! Seriously, it's been too long since I gave a damn about my whizzing chakras and felt such bliss at the thought of "ANGELS" but it's back! 

So, I decided that to embrace the NEW fantabulous me I should celebrate by starting a NEW crystal collection. All my other crystals I will display nicely in a cutesy fish bowl and drop a couple of floating candles in there to amplify there power. 

Yesterday I actually completed the goal I set for myself by kick starting my new collection with 11 new crystals - basic ones but heck - why over complicate things? 

So I have new shiny energy rocking babies that are currently being cleansed and empowered in Mother Nature. Do you collect crystals? When did you start collecting? What's your fave Crystal Baby to work with?  COMMENT below - I Love chatting with you  _Gush_ 


Do you want to know what else has been rocking my inner goddess guru? YOGA!! 

I used to stretch my soul with Yoga quite regularly once but I dropped out of it and gained weight (Which I am so pleased to say that I have lost 3 stone of it now - WOOHOO go ME!!!), but I rolled out the Yoga Mat and pressed "play" on the YOGA DVD and I did 75 mins of pure blissful goddess yoga. I freekin' LOVED it and it loved me right back. That's the thing with life - Love it and it will Love you right back regardless of your shape, size or age! Rock your Yogi Goddess! 

So I have a few fave poses which I shared with my Friendies on Facebook; 

Warrior Pose (Great to boost your confidence and Power up your day when done to greet the Sun) 
Tree Pose (Super cool at helping you find balance) 

Cobra (kinda my go to pose for YEARS - Set's my back into good shape and easy flexibilty) 

A practice that I've really become addicted to is OM~Chanting 

I find that it calms me, centers me, and grounds me in a awesome way! I found myself getting slightly stressed yesterday on a phone call and said to the guy who was spinning my chakras the wrong way "Sorry hun, but you are freekin' stressing me out - give me 10 mins I need to OM~Chant myself in prep for talking with you" 

So I did my thing regardless of what a freak he may have thought I was because to be perfectly honest - my Inner Bliss, My Inner Goddess Guru, My Inner WowNess deserves LOVE and plenty of it. 

So LOVE on yourself BIG time Gorgeous! 


Don't forget to comment below and let me know all about your crystals, angels, chakras, Yogi Goddess, or anything that rocks your chakras! 

(There's a magickal Goddess who's going to be rockin' this blog in the next couple of days with her Herbal Magick for Psychic Development - so swish back soon!) 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Published by Hay House  

By now, you all should now that when Doreen Virtue releases a new product I cannot wait to read it or use it and this oracle deck was no different. I've taken my time somewhat in writing up my review of these and have probably used this oracle deck more than any other (even though I sincerely adore all Doreen's decks). I've made it my mission to really utilize the power in these cards by using them in a variety of ways which I will share with you. 

First things first, Doreen teamed up with Melissa Virtue (dream interpretor and daughter-in-law to Doreen) to create this 55 card deck. In this beautifully illustrated card deck, Doreen and Melissa reveal the meaning of 55 basic dream symbols. "The accompanying guidebook explains how to conduct 'dream readings' to resolve your deepest questions and concerns and shine light upon your unconscious mind. In this way, you can harness the power of your dreams to steer yourself in your desired direction! "

In the guidebook you are given wonderful new and exciting card layouts to help guide your reading and aid your understanding. I tried a layout of my own and found the reading to be highly insightful and accurate. I could relate to the guidance and even looked out for what guidance it gave me for up and coming events.

The Dream Spiral Lay Out

I have found these cards very useful when consulting them after a dream that I may not have understood. The first time I consulted the cards after I woke up, I pulled the "Fire" card (pictured below) and it helped me realise the meaning of the dream I'd had which was by no coincidence only divine and perfect synchronicity-  about a fire!

I've also used these cards to guide my day ahead as you would do with any other card deck and have found that they are very complementary to any other deck and of course radiate guidance for your day ahead. I've felt closer to my spiritual practice with the angels using this deck, perhaps because I am a bit of a "Dream Freak" in that my intuitive abilities are at their strongest in my dream time. My intuitive dreams began when I was 13 with the dramatic plane crashes and such, to even witnessing Heaven prepare for a passing from our world back into theirs - our true home.

What really surprised me pleasantly was the cards in this deck featured colours, chakras, and herbs as well as crystals.


I would say, try these cards, purchase them from Hay House absolutely if you love symbolism, colour, and fancy trying something new from Doreen Virtue. I don't see you being disappointed - only guided and more inspired by your dreams. 

Stop by and let me know how you get on with them, and if you already have them, what do you think of them? Leave your comments below and help other readers who may be new to oracle cards, or wondering if they should purchase them.

Published by Hay House  
Monday, 11 February 2013

Gastric Mind Band : Book Review

with Fiona Graham 
Published by Hay House UK 

Gastric Mind Band is a very in depth and eye opening book that really makes you think about food, diet and weight loss more thoughtfully. Martin and Marion Shirran run their own clinic in Spain and are both trained hypnotherapists, so they know what they are talking about given their wide coverage in the media, and the extensive case studies of people who have used this therapy to combat their weight and diet demons.

Gastric Mind Band Therapy doesn't restrict what you can eat, or when you can eat it. You simply have to eat what you like but you have to STOP when you are full, and ONLY eat when you are hungry. GmBand Therapy really makes you sit up, and take responsibility for what you put in your mouth.

This book will give you the tools to learn;

* how to use the GmB mental Pause Button to freeze time and save you from yourself
* about the dieting 'conspiracy' that's been keeping you feeling helpless and stuck
* how to have the level of motivation and control around food that you've been longing for
* how to harness the power of the subconscious mind.

I called upon my lovely Mum to test drive GmBand Therapy for the purposes of this review as I wanted a person who was open to the method, but who was so honest she would admit if it was a load of rubbish and the fact that she had been trying to lose weight for years! 

Here is my Mum's testimonial of the book and the therapy that is; Gastric Mind Band Therapy. 

I found this book very eye-opening especially about what the actual Gastric Band operation details,  so much so that I actually found myself repulsed at having the operation myself. I started to notice my eating habits change whilst I was reading the book. I even imagined myself having the Gastric Mind Band fitted whilst continuing to read. I spent time thinking about what I could spend the (approximately) £10,000 on that it would have cost me had I had the actual band surgery, which was rather enjoyable mentally spending that amount of money whilst having in the back of your mind the fact that it hadn't cost me a thing - only time to visualise.   I was automatically putting less food on a plate and even downsized to using a small section of a side dinner plate, but I still found myself leaving food on the plate as I was feeling full. In 10 days I lost 12lb and i'm still losing now. I feel fantastic! I'm actually getting the help I need (from reading this book and the case studies on the author's website) to help me lose weight. I still have a way to go and I feel hopeful of reaching my target by July. 

Well, there you go! Not my testimonial telling you how great this book is and the method but my Mum! I have to say from an outsiders point of view, seeing the difference in my Mum has been thrilling! I have been there when she weighed herself and saw the sheer joy at a 12lb weight loss over 10 days! I'm there on a daily basis seeing her confidence grow, meal choices change and determination to succeed. The most "crazy" observation I made was when she used a small side dinner plate for a Sunday dinner and left food on the plate!!

So if you have weight to lose what are you waiting for? Head on over to Hay House UK and purchase the book that will change your eating habits for life without having risky surgery!

Martin and Marion have also written Pause Button Therapy which would work well with this book. I am currently reading it, so expect a review soon!

I'm off to read the book myself now to see how much I can lose in weight.

 Gastric Mind Band by Martin and Marion Shirran 
with Fiona Graham 
Published by Hay House UK 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Book Review ~ Soul Plan by Blue Marsden

Published by Hay House UK

When I received this book from Hay House UK to read and review I wondered what I had let myself in for. The sheer thickness this book is enough to scare anyone. But don't be put off. Acknowledge the fear and do it anyway. I did and I can honestly say that I have not regretted it one tiny bit. 

Soul Plan tells you that using a very distinct and completely authentic method that I have NEVER heard of, seen or used before (until now - I'm a tad bit of an addict now), you can discover what your Soul Plan is. Blue Marsden is an amazing guy for bringing this method to the masses through this book. I truly believe this is the key to really uncovering who we truly are. 

All you need is; the willingness to commit to reading it, an openess to the method, a pen, some paper and your FULL BIRTH NAME. 
Yes you did read that right, you need your name! 

That's it! All the rest is basically done for you! 

When I discovered the method it reminded me a little of Numerology and I recalled when I first started out the sheer time it took me to complete Numerology Reports for my clients. Soul Plan blows Numerology out of the water in my eyes, it's quicker, it's more in depth, it's uncomplicated, it's thoroughness and it is ACCURATE beyond belief. 

I completed a Soul Plan for myself, My Mum, My deceased Nan (There was a huge pattern in our challenges and talents that linked to it amazingly well!), and my friends and colleagues at work to test it out. All of them said how amazing it was and how they could relate to the reading. Some even said how it helped them see their lives in a different way and understand that the Universe isn't conspiring against us, it's actually working with us - the only one conspiring against us is ourselves. 

The key to reconditioning that it this method! 

I have since begun using it with my Coaching clients at Celestial Life Coaching because before they even return their initial questionnaire I can tell them what their issues are, what their talents are in the world, what their challenges are, and how they can move forward. I already know what areas in their life that are hot spots for chaos. This takes my Intuitive coaching to a whole NEW level!  

I cannot tell you how amazing this book is, but trust me, I would NOT implement this method into my Coaching sessions if it didn't work, if it took a ridiculous amount of time to complete, was confusing, or it if wasn't accurate. 

My clients count on me, and I hold myself accountable for that and this book helps me achieve the standards I set for myself, and the standards my clients expect from me. 

Published by Hay House UK