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Friday, 30 November 2012

F**K It Therapy by John C. Parkin ~ Book Review

F**k It Therapy by John C.Parkin
Published by Hay House 

I had fun reading this book. OK that might be a slight exaggeration, especially as when I was on page 274 - page not relevant - just an observation, so don't all go rushing to find page 274 like it holds the key to the universe - but on second thoughts if you feel guided to do that, then do that. Follow your feelings. (Something I was reminded during the reading of this book). Anyway, I was on page 274 and I text my friend and said "I want to say f**k it to this book!" LOL

  But I persevered, and I'm glad that I did, because letting go of time constraints, I discovered just how the ending of the book really tied up everything that I'd already read. 

This book really drummed into me something that I'd been practicing this past month or so - the art of letting go - or rather the art of saying "f**k it! and simply 'being'. " 

"F**k it Therapy" takes it's time in getting you to understand just how we are confined to prisons, of our own making sometimes. These prisons include; Prisons of Perfection , Prison's of Self Doubt, Prison's of Fear and Prison's of Lack of Imagination.  

I had this crazy idea that half way through this book review I would declare to you; 

"F**k it! You go read the book and tell ME what it's about... I've read some 300+ pages why can't you? Go on, it'll do you good." 

Oh go on then! I'll be nice and continue my review. Well I will when my cat - Magick - decides to stop waving his fluffy tail all over the keyboard and screen so I can type properly. 


OK, Mr Magick decided he was bored with trying to annoy me so he's toddled off for now. 

So, this book, ..... yes, I feel like by the end of the book if you haven't screamed at least once "OK John! I give in. I say F**k It!", then you haven't read it properly! 

Read it, you'll learn more about the prison's you find yourself in, how to break free from them and how you can live freely. It's invigorating... just  "F**k it! and go read it. 

F**k It Therapy by John C.Parkin
Published by Hay House 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Small Pleasures to Save Your Life by Maeve Haran ~ Book Review

Published by Hay House 

"Small Pleasures to Save Your Life" is a wonderful and charming little book that I feel has quite a vintage look to it which in my humble opinion makes it even more appealing. It really looks and feels like you are opening up a book filled with vintage pleasures and their secrets. 

In a way, that is exactly what you are doing, especially when you read about the pleasures of chocolate, cold pillows once turned, flirting, clean sheets, gossiping and being grumpy. 

Each pleasure is a short read and perfect for reading when you feel you need a little inspiration on just how everything that you do, see or experience has a good side to it, even illness. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and even passed it to my Mum who simply says "it's really a good read - it reminds me of a mixture between a gratitude journal in the style of simple affirmations". I totally agree with this, and couldn't have said it better (Thanks Mum!). When you feel down or lacking enthusiasm, reading one of the short simple pleasures that we all encounter in our day to day lives helps to lift the heart and see the fun in many of the mundane rituals. 

I think this book could teach us a lot - namely that we really do have a lot to be grateful for, and the most simple  of things in life are really the most satisfying. 

So if you are thinking about ways in which you can appreciate life more, and become more grateful, perhaps this book could give you the inspiration you need. 

Published by Hay House 

Keep Calm and Use an Affirmation ~ Book Review

(founder of Master Manifesting)
Published by Hay House 

'The Little Purple Book' is what this charming and powerful book has been called in my home ever since it arrived. I'm literally having to keep track of who I need to order one for in time for the festive period! (Although some of my friends have hinted that they would really appreciate it sooner) 

So what is this "Little Purple Book"? Well it really is what it says on the cover. It's a small book (Palm Size - perfect for carrying with you in even the smallest of handbags - clutches may vary according to size), and it's jam packed with affirmations by many Hay House UK Authors - 135 affirmations!! by 26 Hay House Authors! 

For a small book it certainly packs a serious "WOW" factor. 

"Keep Calm and Use and Affirmation"  is split up into sections including specific sets of affirmations for; harmonizing you home, loving your work, boosting your self esteem, flowing gracefully with change, connecting to spirit, manifesting financial prosperity, healing your body and forgiving yourself and others. 9 sections of affirmations! That's 9 areas of your life that can be healed, changed and improved with the use of this "Little Purple Book". 

Here are a few of my favourite affirmations from the book; 

I am connected with a higher power ~ Louise L Hay

My path is not to find a lover but to be love ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

I am grateful for the experiences of my past. I release all past hurts and embrace the present with happiness and joy ~ David R. Hamilton

I'm worth it. Not because I use a certain shampoo. But because I am ~ John C. Parkin

I'd love to share more with you, but then I would be taking from you the magic you'll experience when you get your hands on a copy!  

You can use this book in a variety of ways. You can use it to strengthen your daily affirmations practice, or you can refer to it when you need to in order to boost your well being and uplift you. This book has the power to transform your life, and you can even use it give you an answer to any questions you may have. Simply hold the book in your hand, quieten your mind and focus upon your question. Ask that you be guided to the answer and open the book on any page. Read the guidance and know that you are supported and guided by the universe. 

If you want even more reasons why you SHOULD purchase this book, then how about if I told you that; 

Hay House UK will donate 50% of the proceeds earned from the sale of this book to the Hay Foundation.

So, if you are someone you know has requested that they don't have a gift this year and instead want you to donate that money to a good cause, why not get them this? You get to give them a gift that will give so much to them, and yet at the same time, it will give to others too. 

"It's the gift that keeps on giving" 

There's more! More? I hear you ask, "Yes, More" 

If you log onto (It even has it's own website that's how exciting this book is!), you can find an online affirmation generator with the option of printing out six different affirmation wall posters! 

I used this for this review and I for all you beautiful readers out there we got; 

So what are you waiting for? Don't sit there - order this book and change your life and the lives of others! 

You want change? Be the Change! Buy the Book 

(founder of Master Manifesting)
Published by Hay House 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

The famous quote by Susan Jeffers at first eluded me as I wondered why on earth anyone would want to do something they feared. I mean why would you want to be locked in a lift for hours on end - completely stuck? Or why would you want to skydive? Just thinking about them brings shivers down my spine. 

But this year I've learnt a lot about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I've achieved a lot and I've survived a lot this year. And that's the important two key words for me that really sum up 2012; 

Self inspiring when I think about how much courage it took me for me to post my photo on Facebook for the first time all those years ago, and how I didn't have the confidence to speak publically. And now... I really enjoy recording PodCasts and YouTube videos about all types of spirituality.... seems I'm stepping into a Public Speaker role ..... Many of my SHEroes are Metaphysical Speakers who inspire millions everyday... maybe there is a space there for me one day. Or perhaps "One Day has already Arrived"  ♥ 

So let me tell you, or rather, let me show you what I've been up to lately. 

I've recorded this latest Podcast for The Faeries and Angels Radio Network

And I have recorded this YouTube video for you to catch up with me 

And I have recorded this little Video for you via The Faeries and Angels YouTube Channel where I talk to you about the inspirational text; A Course in Miracles. This particular video is all about how we can see past the negative things in our life. 

So that's a little message to you all from me. Please let me know your thoughts below or on the YouTube channel in the comments below the video. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Book Review ~ Success or Your Money Back by Shed Simove

I loved reading this book so much and I found so many useful tips inside that it is plastered with post it notes so that when I feel I need a little Successful advice I can easily find just what I'm looking for. 

'Success or your Money back' contains 30 success tips that are easy to implement into your working life. Some of my favourite tips include 'The 33% rule' where you have to remember that 33% of the population will hate your idea, 33% of the population will LOVE your idea, and 33% won't give a damn about what you do. So you are encouraged to focus upon that 33% that will LOVE what you do! This helps to eliminate the fear that everyone will hate you and your idea. You only need think about 33% of the population. 

Another favourite of mine is discovering what men do better than women - self promotion. Most of us ladies fidn it really hard to toot our own trumpet yet men can't seem to stop and according to Shed, this is what stops many women from succeeding. So Shed shows you a few ways you can effectively self promote. 

I'll share another with you, Shed says it's so important to WRITE YOUR IDEA DOWN the second you get it because chances are (and I agree) that if you don't you'll forget it! And that idea could be the very thing that brings you success. I love this idea, because as a Self confessed post-it-note queen, I now have the perfect excuse to always have a post it handy! 

Throughout reading this book I found many of fears of success elimate themselves from within me. I feel that it has the power to calm and center you so that you step out of fear and into success which is essentially what you need to do in order to be successful. 

Shed promises that if by the end of reading this book you don't feel that you benefited from it and would like your money back he tells you how to go about doing this - but buying this book could quite possibly be the best mistake you've ever made! 

One last thing, Shed advises that you pay attention to detail and a little tip from me : Read EVERY single page and I mean EVERY single page ;) There is something quite original that brought a smile to my face. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Mary, Queen of Angels Video Review

As I promised I would, here is the Video review of Doreen Virtue's new Oracle deck; Mary, Queen of Angels. 


Please leave a comment below about what you think about these cards, this review and the reading I have done for you all too. 

You can Order these cards directly from Hay House UK 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Book Review ~ The 10 Second Philosophy by Derek Mills

The 10 Second Philosophy by Derek Mills ~ The Standards Guy

This book came to me at the perfect moment in my life. I thought it was all about how to make yourself clever which kind of makes me giggle now because it does SO much more than that. 

This book is literally the most worthwhile WAKE UP CALL anyone could ever have. The philosophy is so simple it literally hits you and you find yourself saying repeatedly "YES! of course." 

This book had so much of an impact upon me that I contacted Derek Mills before I even started Chapter 3 and this is what I said; 

I'm about to start chapter 3 and already I feel so empowered, alive and in control of my life. I woke up today, set myself a standard and I've achieved it in less than 24 hours.
Already, I can recall a time in my life where I was living my TrueSelf, and I can totally see that at that time I was setting Standards for myself, not goals. That's why I had a good life as a trainee accountant. But I began setting goals and my life began falling apart, and I lowered my standards believing that I didn't deserve the happiness and success in life.
Reading the 10-Second Philosophy is already making a remarkable impact upon my mindset, my feelings about myself, and my life. Thank you.

I received a lovely reply that simply oozed his compassion and TrueSelf. Derek is not just "another author" making his mark with a Self Help title, Derek Mills IS a guy who turned his life into a Success by simply being his TrueSelf and in this book he shares everything with you, he truly shows you how you can do the same.

You can tell that this book is written with honesty as Derek made a very warm apology in the book to his wife and children for all the years that he wasn't there for them they way he should have been or how he is now. Derek lives his philosophy and that is something that is clearly passed onto his children as you will read in the book.

This book teaches you to stop setting yourself Goals - and as a Life coach I can see how this might sound like madness, as we are constantly taught to set our self goals. But Derek opens our eyes in his reasoning for stopping this, and replacing it with something much more powerful. So powerful that each day I try it and it works, I even tested it by not doing it on some days and my day was not nearly as half as productive as the days where I followed Derek's philosophy. Derek Mills teaches you to have STANDARDS. And it's this philosophy that has very much influenced my Life Coaching practice and I regularly mention his book and use some of his quotes (with credit) to my clients.

All I can say is read this book, get it, read it. And I'm going to leave the last words to Derek himself;


(Be all you can be) 

You can order this book directly from Hay House

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Book Review ~ Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards

Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
published by Hay House 

I am super lucky to have been sent the brand new oracle deck by Doreen Virtue; Mary, Queen of Angels. These are not yet available in the UK (Published November 27th here in the UK) So my deck was kindly sent from Hay House UK just after they were sent from the USA offices so that I could review them for you all here. 

I have been working with Doreen's oracle cards for a good 11 years now (I began using them for myself when I was 13, and then used them to give readings to others from when I was 15), and each time I work with a new deck of Doreen's I am always amazed at just how beautiful the artwork is, and also the message contained on each card. However after reading Doreen's book; Mary Queen of Angels (the review of which can be found here), I was so eager to work with the wonderful energy of Mother Mary in the new oracle cards. 

When I opened these cards I felt the energy of compassion and love as I looked at each individual card in the deck. There are cards depicting a message and the pictorial energy of God, Compassion, Gratitude, Jesus and Blessings to name only 5 out the 44 cards included in this deck. 

I find them to of course be highly accurate in their messages in that the readings I've done for myself, my loved ones and friends have been very timely and compassionate advice just like you would expect from any mother. 

I really do love these cards and keep them by my bedside so the last thing at night I call upon Mother Mary as I shuffle the deck and ask her what I need to think about as I go to sleep, and when I wake up I ask Mother Mary what it is that I need to be aware of throughout my day. I have found that I have slept better as I fall asleep meditating upon Mary's Message, and I feel calmer during the day as I feel the energy of the message I receive at the start of the day. 

I will be doing a video review of these oracle cards that I will be uploading onto my YouTube TV channel ~ Faerie Whisperer TV and I hope you will enjoy seeing the energy of these cards shine through. 

If you would like a set of these Oracle Cards, you can Pre-Order them here directly from Hay House UK 


If you would like to Read my other reviews of Doreen's Work, some samples are included below with links to order them from Hay House. 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Faerie Initiation

Faerie Blessings, 

Today I have my *Faerie Priestess* hat on so to speak. It's been a while (it feels like it's been a while) but I really feel the strong energy of the fey around me of late. 

It began on Samhain, I was heading for lunch at work with my friend whom I share the class with and the wind was up slightly, just enough to encourage the leaves to dance along the pathway in front of us. However whenever I got close to these leaves the wind would get stronger - enough to lift these leaves not just off the pathway but to above my height (I'm 5ft5) and then begin encircling me as we walked along the pathway to the local cake shop. My friend and colleague laughed and commented to me about how whenever I got near to the piles of leaves they just came to life like in the Disney film; Pocahontas.  When we got to the cake shop the ladies behind the counter laughed at us and said "Look at those leaves in your hair!", we turned to each other and laughed like we'd been consumed with Faerie Laughter, we had both indeed got many leaves in our hair! 

I definitely felt the faeries and Elementals around me that day and since then too. 

The Elementals have been calling to me over the past day or so repeatedly telling me that it's time I teach others about them once more (I've previously written about the Elementals some 4 or so years ago, and more recently, The Elemental Masters). I've also received guidance from Queen Mab (My Faery Mentor) who has discussed at length with me the concerns she has for FaeryLand. There were many others from FaeryLand that also attended my initiation including the Elm Tree Elf, Oak Tree Elf, the Elfin Prince and Faeries of the Foxgloves. There was mush fun after the *official* discussions and I tend to agree with what she has said to me. Let me explain. 

Faery recently my whole persona has been questioned by myself, I've begun a journey of TrueSelf discovery and this is having a ripple effect upon all areas of my life; career, home life, health, interests, spirituality and friends. Dare I say that now I'm quite enjoying the fact that I have been "Given permission" (Although I needed no-one permission) to find myself! It's actually quite fun playing and seeing what excites me, and what doesn't. 

I've made choices, decisions and plans about my *Muggle* career, but my spiritual career, my life path calling is really the main event going on right now as I discover my TrueSelf. I may be a Faerie Priestess, and a Witch but I finally accept (in the last 24 hours) that I don't look like a Faery at all - and that is OK, it's more than OK, it's super! Why? Because I look like ME! (and sometimes I even resemble Regina from Once Upon A Time) 
Muggle Me 
Faerie Priestess & Witchy ME 

So, getting back to the serious message of this blog post, last night I was visited by the faeries and also Queen Mab and the Faerie Queen of Winter (Otherwise known and depicted as The Snow Queen), along with various faeries and elves who are now working with me on my Faery Pathway. 

I received another initiation into the realm of fey after a discussion with Queen Mab about what the Faery Realm would really appreciate me to doing next. Queen Mab sat with me underneath the Wild Oak and told me how they had sat and watched me as I'd been walking a very jagged pathway this year but with complete Faerie Love couldn't intervene as it was part of my destiny to experience such pain and sadness. However during that time, like every other area in my life, my work as a Faerie Priestess had at times been strained. I agreed, because I've noticed how I've sometimes been slack in my teachings. 

Queen Mab then gently touched my hand and said that my heart had been in it with good faith, so the blessings of the fey were with me. Then she told me that I needed to move on from my current pathway's and thrust myself forward as there are many people who will be coming to me soon through word of my teachings of the Fey. I was somewhat confused and she told me that some of my current avenues, my words go unheard and precious fey energy is wasted, and at this time in our evolution, Faery Energy is very precious. She asked me to close my eyes and describe to her what my vision is of my Faerie Priestess-hood, so I did, I told her that the teachings from me would be received warmly, welcomed and full of love, peace, joy and hope. 

She placed a dragonfly upon my forehead and said "This emblem was gifted to you by us for this very vision - we share your faery vision".
 Dragonfly's help you see through life's illusions, the illusions others have of themselves and also helps you to find your true power within. 

We both discussed how when I first began teaching about the faeries way back in 2004 the energy of the fey was very secretive, and special in that it was a truly magickal experience. We talked through our senses about how when someones received insight from the fey back then, it was literally like putting the spark back into their faery soul and it was almost like  golden glitter lit them up. Of late, in the past Muggle Year or so, I haven't noticed that, which is really very sad.

Queen Mab and I share a vision for mankind and Faery-kind. We want the magick to return to your lives, to your eyes, your soul and your heart. It is with this vision that I was initiated into being a Beacon of Faery Love & Light to all those who are willing to receive it once more.  

So my teachings will return to basics, they will be fun, light hearted and full of the magick that once was more than enough for mankind to accept into their hearts, in the hope that my light as a Faerie Priestess shines brightly once more, brightly enough to outshine those who are using the Realm of the Fey for monetary or egotistical gain. Faeries hate ego's they see what damage they cause, they are by no means angels in the heavenly sense, but they know an honest heart and soul when they see and meet one. 

I have always said that "I work for the Faery and with the Faery". And that is what I stand by. I am not concerned with what or whom I an affiliated to, my heart and soul is of the Faery and my TrueSelf, and that it where is will remain forever more. 

Queen Mab, introduced me to the Faery Queen of Winter and said that as I step up as Faerie Priestess and also as a Human being called Aurora, I need to stop being so much a of Doormat. Mab tells you how it is and she doesn't take time to be polite if the message is strong enough! 

She showed me where I had been a doormat and allowed people to take advantage of my good nature and of my Emerald Sea-Shelled Faerie Heart. I agreed that I had always be a "nice" person, to which she took my hand and said, "My child, I am not asking you to change, We love you as you are, that is what makes you our Faerie Priestess. However I want you to *Step into your Faery Power* once and for all." I asked Mab how I was to do this and she said that the Faery Queen of Winter will coach me and will be with me until Spring. In that time I will have perfected the art of  *Standing in my Faery Power*. 

So you see, I am really beginning to see my life change dramatically and improve since having the rug pulled from underneath my feet. And I know for sure now that the Faeries, do well and truly have my back! 

Faerie Blessings of Butterfly & Dragonfly, 
*Priestess of the Fey* 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

♥ 30 Days of Gratitude ~ Day 1 ♥

For the whole Month of November I will be taking part in the the "30 Days of Gratitude" project on my blog. I practice the art of Gratitude and giving thanks daily and have been for a while now. I've seen it change my life and the lives of others. I was always brought up my Mum & Dad to say Thank You and to always do something nice to help others. I've really learnt in the past 8 years since the passing of my Father just how much of a Spiritual Teacher he was to me. Thank you Dad. 

Which, now leads me onto today's post of Gratitude. Each day I will post about 1 thing/person/event/situation that I am grateful for. I could give you a list of things I'm grateful for, but I doubt they would mean much to you, so I'm going to do it this way. 


November 1st 2012 

I am eternally grateful for the Loving influence of my Father in my life that still teaches me how to live life successfully to this day even though he is in the Spirit World/Summerlands because he has helped me to see the powerful tools and abilities I have within me that can truly make my dreams come true. Thank you Dad x 

My father was a very successful and lived a full life that was full of ambition, meaning and achievement. He was most proud of his time spent as  Police Dog Handler, and Scenes of Crime Plan Drawer. He also had many other professions from being in the Army, Grenadier Guards where he actually stood at St James Palace and Guarded our Queen. He took part in the Queen's Coronation and even was a Boxer for the Police Force. 

I always knew that he was successful in life, not because of his job titles but because he worked hard and achieved what he set his mind to. He was a fantastic artist and loved painting with oils and sketching with me.  I do wonder sometimes what my artistic ability would be like had I let him teach me more. Still, he was always very proud of me and continually praised me to everyone he met. (It sometimes - OK a lot of the time, was very embarrassing). It didn't matter what I was interested, what Job I wanted to do be it; teacher, accountant or nurse, he "sung my praises". 

He also taught me a lot of things that I've since come to look upon as "Spiritual Keys to Life". Both Mum and Dad instilled in me morals, manners and Love of all that is from birth. I always say thank you, I always allow people to pass if there isn't room for both to walk on by, I open doors, offer help, show my appreciation to others the best way I can, and I always listen to what people have to say. One thing my Dad always said to Mum and I was that "Every night, I thank god for you both." I think this really is important to do, sometimes we can take people for granted, perhaps thinking that they will always be there. Especially our loved ones. Maybe we don;t say Thank you to them individually enough, but could we perhaps dedicate some time throughout our day to give thanks for them? I think so. 

So, today, I am saying, "Thank you God for giving me a wonderful Father who always did his best to teach me how to live a happy and successful life. Thank you for giving me a father who wasn't afraid to stand in his power and do what he believed was right. Thank you for giving me a father who helped hundred and thousands of people in his professions he had over the years. And thank you God for giving me a Father who made my Mum so very happy." 

What are you grateful for today?