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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Gratitude Awareness Classes

Happy December Everyone! 

A few months ago I never would have dreamed that I would be in the happy, successful and exciting place that I am in right now. It's been a tough journey healing my Mind, Heart and Soul, but I am 90% there now. I will share this in another blog post real soon. But right now, I want to keep the happy flow going! 

As you can see from the above banner that now graces my NEW page on Facebook, I have come out of the closet - I am now using my birth name "Dawn" rather than my spiritual name "Aurora" for my work, blogs, social media etc etc. So hi everyone! 

This morning I woke up to find we were officially at December 1st! 
20 days to do before we experience some cosmic shift of perception.  
And I have to say I was and still am, over the hills stupidly and excitedly happy!  

I'm really not a morning person, but today I awoke with a fresh perspective and a feeling of closure on the past and a new beginning just waiting for me to cross the START line. So I jumped to it! I grabbed my new journal I bought yesterday and began my fresh practice of daily gratitude and affirmations. 

Then when I logged onto facebook, I visited "DAWN BRIERLEY UK" and began my new "31 Day Gratitude Awareness Class" and I posted the following; 

♥ Gratitude Awareness Class - Day 1 ♥ 

Today, what are you grateful for? Do you feel grateful during your day? Try and mentally make a note of those moments where you feel really grateful, glad to be alive, and in a state of pure bliss. 
My gratitude for today:

"I am truly grateful for the text "A Course in Miracles" because it inspires me to be the best version of me and through it I have found inner peace"

Tell me 1 thing that you are grateful for today below this post:

My Copy of the text: A Course in Miracles

So, I would really love you to join me on Facebook at "DAWN BRIERLEY UK" and take part in the "31 day Gratitude Awareness Class"

Over at my new page, you'll also get posts related to Angels, Faeries, Tarot, Celestial Life Coaching , affirmations, A Course in Miracles, Mermaids, .... everything and more. It's an eclectic mix - it's ME and who I am, and I would love to share that with you all.

Before I go, I want to share with you all something from my "Celestial Life Coaching" segment. I wrote about Mission Statements; what they are and how to write one. 

Please stop by and leave a comment. And while you're there why not hit "Follow" and check out what else I've written about there. 

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