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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Small Pleasures to Save Your Life by Maeve Haran ~ Book Review

Published by Hay House 

"Small Pleasures to Save Your Life" is a wonderful and charming little book that I feel has quite a vintage look to it which in my humble opinion makes it even more appealing. It really looks and feels like you are opening up a book filled with vintage pleasures and their secrets. 

In a way, that is exactly what you are doing, especially when you read about the pleasures of chocolate, cold pillows once turned, flirting, clean sheets, gossiping and being grumpy. 

Each pleasure is a short read and perfect for reading when you feel you need a little inspiration on just how everything that you do, see or experience has a good side to it, even illness. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and even passed it to my Mum who simply says "it's really a good read - it reminds me of a mixture between a gratitude journal in the style of simple affirmations". I totally agree with this, and couldn't have said it better (Thanks Mum!). When you feel down or lacking enthusiasm, reading one of the short simple pleasures that we all encounter in our day to day lives helps to lift the heart and see the fun in many of the mundane rituals. 

I think this book could teach us a lot - namely that we really do have a lot to be grateful for, and the most simple  of things in life are really the most satisfying. 

So if you are thinking about ways in which you can appreciate life more, and become more grateful, perhaps this book could give you the inspiration you need. 

Published by Hay House 

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