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Friday, 30 November 2012

F**K It Therapy by John C. Parkin ~ Book Review

F**k It Therapy by John C.Parkin
Published by Hay House 

I had fun reading this book. OK that might be a slight exaggeration, especially as when I was on page 274 - page not relevant - just an observation, so don't all go rushing to find page 274 like it holds the key to the universe - but on second thoughts if you feel guided to do that, then do that. Follow your feelings. (Something I was reminded during the reading of this book). Anyway, I was on page 274 and I text my friend and said "I want to say f**k it to this book!" LOL

  But I persevered, and I'm glad that I did, because letting go of time constraints, I discovered just how the ending of the book really tied up everything that I'd already read. 

This book really drummed into me something that I'd been practicing this past month or so - the art of letting go - or rather the art of saying "f**k it! and simply 'being'. " 

"F**k it Therapy" takes it's time in getting you to understand just how we are confined to prisons, of our own making sometimes. These prisons include; Prisons of Perfection , Prison's of Self Doubt, Prison's of Fear and Prison's of Lack of Imagination.  

I had this crazy idea that half way through this book review I would declare to you; 

"F**k it! You go read the book and tell ME what it's about... I've read some 300+ pages why can't you? Go on, it'll do you good." 

Oh go on then! I'll be nice and continue my review. Well I will when my cat - Magick - decides to stop waving his fluffy tail all over the keyboard and screen so I can type properly. 


OK, Mr Magick decided he was bored with trying to annoy me so he's toddled off for now. 

So, this book, ..... yes, I feel like by the end of the book if you haven't screamed at least once "OK John! I give in. I say F**k It!", then you haven't read it properly! 

Read it, you'll learn more about the prison's you find yourself in, how to break free from them and how you can live freely. It's invigorating... just  "F**k it! and go read it. 

F**k It Therapy by John C.Parkin
Published by Hay House 

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