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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Faerie Initiation

Faerie Blessings, 

Today I have my *Faerie Priestess* hat on so to speak. It's been a while (it feels like it's been a while) but I really feel the strong energy of the fey around me of late. 

It began on Samhain, I was heading for lunch at work with my friend whom I share the class with and the wind was up slightly, just enough to encourage the leaves to dance along the pathway in front of us. However whenever I got close to these leaves the wind would get stronger - enough to lift these leaves not just off the pathway but to above my height (I'm 5ft5) and then begin encircling me as we walked along the pathway to the local cake shop. My friend and colleague laughed and commented to me about how whenever I got near to the piles of leaves they just came to life like in the Disney film; Pocahontas.  When we got to the cake shop the ladies behind the counter laughed at us and said "Look at those leaves in your hair!", we turned to each other and laughed like we'd been consumed with Faerie Laughter, we had both indeed got many leaves in our hair! 

I definitely felt the faeries and Elementals around me that day and since then too. 

The Elementals have been calling to me over the past day or so repeatedly telling me that it's time I teach others about them once more (I've previously written about the Elementals some 4 or so years ago, and more recently, The Elemental Masters). I've also received guidance from Queen Mab (My Faery Mentor) who has discussed at length with me the concerns she has for FaeryLand. There were many others from FaeryLand that also attended my initiation including the Elm Tree Elf, Oak Tree Elf, the Elfin Prince and Faeries of the Foxgloves. There was mush fun after the *official* discussions and I tend to agree with what she has said to me. Let me explain. 

Faery recently my whole persona has been questioned by myself, I've begun a journey of TrueSelf discovery and this is having a ripple effect upon all areas of my life; career, home life, health, interests, spirituality and friends. Dare I say that now I'm quite enjoying the fact that I have been "Given permission" (Although I needed no-one permission) to find myself! It's actually quite fun playing and seeing what excites me, and what doesn't. 

I've made choices, decisions and plans about my *Muggle* career, but my spiritual career, my life path calling is really the main event going on right now as I discover my TrueSelf. I may be a Faerie Priestess, and a Witch but I finally accept (in the last 24 hours) that I don't look like a Faery at all - and that is OK, it's more than OK, it's super! Why? Because I look like ME! (and sometimes I even resemble Regina from Once Upon A Time) 
Muggle Me 
Faerie Priestess & Witchy ME 

So, getting back to the serious message of this blog post, last night I was visited by the faeries and also Queen Mab and the Faerie Queen of Winter (Otherwise known and depicted as The Snow Queen), along with various faeries and elves who are now working with me on my Faery Pathway. 

I received another initiation into the realm of fey after a discussion with Queen Mab about what the Faery Realm would really appreciate me to doing next. Queen Mab sat with me underneath the Wild Oak and told me how they had sat and watched me as I'd been walking a very jagged pathway this year but with complete Faerie Love couldn't intervene as it was part of my destiny to experience such pain and sadness. However during that time, like every other area in my life, my work as a Faerie Priestess had at times been strained. I agreed, because I've noticed how I've sometimes been slack in my teachings. 

Queen Mab then gently touched my hand and said that my heart had been in it with good faith, so the blessings of the fey were with me. Then she told me that I needed to move on from my current pathway's and thrust myself forward as there are many people who will be coming to me soon through word of my teachings of the Fey. I was somewhat confused and she told me that some of my current avenues, my words go unheard and precious fey energy is wasted, and at this time in our evolution, Faery Energy is very precious. She asked me to close my eyes and describe to her what my vision is of my Faerie Priestess-hood, so I did, I told her that the teachings from me would be received warmly, welcomed and full of love, peace, joy and hope. 

She placed a dragonfly upon my forehead and said "This emblem was gifted to you by us for this very vision - we share your faery vision".
 Dragonfly's help you see through life's illusions, the illusions others have of themselves and also helps you to find your true power within. 

We both discussed how when I first began teaching about the faeries way back in 2004 the energy of the fey was very secretive, and special in that it was a truly magickal experience. We talked through our senses about how when someones received insight from the fey back then, it was literally like putting the spark back into their faery soul and it was almost like  golden glitter lit them up. Of late, in the past Muggle Year or so, I haven't noticed that, which is really very sad.

Queen Mab and I share a vision for mankind and Faery-kind. We want the magick to return to your lives, to your eyes, your soul and your heart. It is with this vision that I was initiated into being a Beacon of Faery Love & Light to all those who are willing to receive it once more.  

So my teachings will return to basics, they will be fun, light hearted and full of the magick that once was more than enough for mankind to accept into their hearts, in the hope that my light as a Faerie Priestess shines brightly once more, brightly enough to outshine those who are using the Realm of the Fey for monetary or egotistical gain. Faeries hate ego's they see what damage they cause, they are by no means angels in the heavenly sense, but they know an honest heart and soul when they see and meet one. 

I have always said that "I work for the Faery and with the Faery". And that is what I stand by. I am not concerned with what or whom I an affiliated to, my heart and soul is of the Faery and my TrueSelf, and that it where is will remain forever more. 

Queen Mab, introduced me to the Faery Queen of Winter and said that as I step up as Faerie Priestess and also as a Human being called Aurora, I need to stop being so much a of Doormat. Mab tells you how it is and she doesn't take time to be polite if the message is strong enough! 

She showed me where I had been a doormat and allowed people to take advantage of my good nature and of my Emerald Sea-Shelled Faerie Heart. I agreed that I had always be a "nice" person, to which she took my hand and said, "My child, I am not asking you to change, We love you as you are, that is what makes you our Faerie Priestess. However I want you to *Step into your Faery Power* once and for all." I asked Mab how I was to do this and she said that the Faery Queen of Winter will coach me and will be with me until Spring. In that time I will have perfected the art of  *Standing in my Faery Power*. 

So you see, I am really beginning to see my life change dramatically and improve since having the rug pulled from underneath my feet. And I know for sure now that the Faeries, do well and truly have my back! 

Faerie Blessings of Butterfly & Dragonfly, 
*Priestess of the Fey* 

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  1. this is so incredible to read, as i wondered if i was the only one feeling a stronger pull than usual to my fey my priestess hood...glad to see that i am not the only one! :D