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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Book Review ~ Success or Your Money Back by Shed Simove

I loved reading this book so much and I found so many useful tips inside that it is plastered with post it notes so that when I feel I need a little Successful advice I can easily find just what I'm looking for. 

'Success or your Money back' contains 30 success tips that are easy to implement into your working life. Some of my favourite tips include 'The 33% rule' where you have to remember that 33% of the population will hate your idea, 33% of the population will LOVE your idea, and 33% won't give a damn about what you do. So you are encouraged to focus upon that 33% that will LOVE what you do! This helps to eliminate the fear that everyone will hate you and your idea. You only need think about 33% of the population. 

Another favourite of mine is discovering what men do better than women - self promotion. Most of us ladies fidn it really hard to toot our own trumpet yet men can't seem to stop and according to Shed, this is what stops many women from succeeding. So Shed shows you a few ways you can effectively self promote. 

I'll share another with you, Shed says it's so important to WRITE YOUR IDEA DOWN the second you get it because chances are (and I agree) that if you don't you'll forget it! And that idea could be the very thing that brings you success. I love this idea, because as a Self confessed post-it-note queen, I now have the perfect excuse to always have a post it handy! 

Throughout reading this book I found many of fears of success elimate themselves from within me. I feel that it has the power to calm and center you so that you step out of fear and into success which is essentially what you need to do in order to be successful. 

Shed promises that if by the end of reading this book you don't feel that you benefited from it and would like your money back he tells you how to go about doing this - but buying this book could quite possibly be the best mistake you've ever made! 

One last thing, Shed advises that you pay attention to detail and a little tip from me : Read EVERY single page and I mean EVERY single page ;) There is something quite original that brought a smile to my face. 

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