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Saturday, 27 October 2012

News and Plans for the Future

Hello everyone,

I thought it was about time that I update you on happenings within the Faerie Whisperers' Faerie Witch life. 

As you all are aware, I've had a very horrible and testing time in my life and my plan was and is to take back my power and fully control my life. Well, on Tuesday I had another counselling session which helped so much. I don't feel it immediately but a couple of days after the session I start to feel that anything is possible and I can and will be happy again. It's during those days that I feel like the old me in a way, yet I feel more like the NEW me. (See my picture above - that was/is me on a good day since it happened). 

My lists of "Things I like about myself" have improved dramatically with one entry the other day actually declaring that "I am beautiful". The photo above helped me realise that I am very good looking (She says with a pang of ouchy as she feels that's a little egotistical of herself). I've also been reading a book that I will be reviewing, and it's really got into my head and thus removed a great deal of the ex's voice out of my head. I've realised where I was going right many years ago in my life and where I went slightly wrong in more recent years. This is helping me to gradually grab my life by the horns and begin to steer it back in the direction that makes me truly happy, that allows me to live as my true self. 

So what's my plan? 

Well, right now everything is really still in the Inquiry stage, so I don't want to declare too much in case it all falls through and I back out, but let's just say that being a Primary Teacher really isn't where my heart lies, and it doesn't make me as happy as a career could do. 

I've been taking part in Lyn Thurman's Soul-Path Tribe, and it is so amazing! Actually having steps and following them is really helping me turn my life around. I highly recommend it! 
I know that by taking part in this and being honest with myself and those around me about what it is that I want in my life and from life, I can achieve my dreams of being a successful Life Coach, Writer, Author and Spiritual Teacher. 

Which now brings me nicely onto positive and happy news!! 

I am featured in November's issue of Soul & Spirit magazine. 

It tells the story of how I manifested Romance into my life through "Cosmic Ordering". What I've been saying to everyone is, that it's the METHOD of how I cosmically ordered the romance into my life, NOT who the person was (Obviously he wasn't "The One"), but it's a method that I know works, and will be the method I use again when I'm ready to find love and be in a relationship again. Unless the Universe brings me "The One" beforehand - in according with Divine Timing of course :) 


Next year (2013) I am so pleased to say that I will be writing TWO very new and exciting columns for The Faeries and Angels Magazine! Both very different, and very exciting so watch this space. Also, they have a special UNICORN edition coming up soon which I am featured in so keep a look out for that and I'll update you on here ASAP. 


SO what I have learnt from the horrible mess in my life? 

1. Don't EVER let anyone have control over you, and your life. 


3 Readers Musings:

  1. I'm in a similar process. Wish you the best. Congrats on the columns, and the change :)

  2. You WILL get there..the road is not as long as we think you are BEAUTIFUL always have been and always will be in looks in spirit and in being YOU..May your path be blessed with less stones and with more sunshine to gladden your heart..the answers for each of us lie in each of us < Take bck and keep taking back your self empowerment it is yours by divine right.. ALL WILL BE WELL..those that are meant to TRULY be in your life will be in it..those not will simply not be..lousie hay used to say this years ago..enough waffle from me the meddler leaving love and lots of it beautiful one.. <3