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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Book Review ~ Creating Luck by Marcio Amaral

"Creating Luck :  Transform Your Living Space and Your Life with a Simple Formula" by Marcio Amaral is a "charming little book that explores how we can create good luck and fortune in our lives." 

I was drawn to the reading of this book by it's powerful and inviting front cover and the hope that emanated from it. It took me a while before I fully got into the book (perhaps as I was reading it at bedtime and my mind was already tired), but I learnt a lot from the early chapters particularly about how our luck depends upon our parents and what they believe for us. (Highly worth reading!) 

Learning about Feng Shui and what it is and how it impacts upon our life was interesting, although I got somewhat confused when it came to the discussions for the directions of your home as they seemed to me, slightly different to previous books I'd read. So I am going to try and sit down with the book and other books on the subject and try and draw up the house room plan and see what comes up. 

If you follow this book and this book only to enhance your life and your living space, I believe that you will see dramatic improvements. It is worth noting that this book caters for both people living in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern Hemisphere, which is nice as it doesn't leave anyone out. 

Reading the individual chapters about how to transform those areas in our lives was highly interesting and the practicality of it all is simple. There is no need to go out and purchase "blessed" items or items specifically for Feng Shui enhancement. You simply use what you have and make the best of your life with it. This I like very much. 

At the end of the Feng Shui area chapters, there is an exercise that will help you invite, release, encourage or cleanse your life and home of negativity and inviting the good stuff in. 

This book is a superb read, with lots of helpful ideas, information, hints & tips, along with a good grounding foundation of what Feng Shui is, What it can do for you, and how you can implement it into your life. I would recommend this book to anyone who is an avid fan of De-Cluttering, and who likes things to have place in their life and home, because I felt highly motivated to de-clutter my life and home after reading this book even though I had de-cluttered not long ago. 

(RRP £10.99) 

Marcio Amaral is an accredited Chue Style Feng Shui consultant who has been doing this for 18 years. he is also a spiritual healer and medium, with years of experience of helping clients transform their lives. 

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