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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Book Review ~ The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy ~ by Laurent Gounelle

I was drawn to this book the second it landed on my doormat for me to review, not only because of the really pretty book cover, but the fact the the title; "The Man Who Wanted To Be Happy" spoke to me in a way that told me that this book was about someone who really did want the happiness he believed he deserved. 

Laurent Gounelle's writing in this book captured me as a reader, as a life coach, and as a person who herself wants to be truly happy. I knew I had to 'check in' with this book to see if there were any tips or hidden subliminal messages throughout the text that could help me increase my own happiness levels. I wasn't disappointed! 

It begins with the character in the book approaching the end of his stay in Bali ( a place I dream of visiting ever since I watched, Eat, Love, Pray) and before he left to return home to a life that wasn't making him happy he had one last trip he wanted to make; to a well known healer. In a lot of ways, this book indeed did remind me of Eat Pray Love, which in my eyes is a really good thing as I was able to identify the plot but was nevertheless as eager as the character to discover what other wise words the healer would depart to him. 

I easily identified with the character who was a school teacher but wasn't happy in the job and dreamt of becoming.... well, I won't spoil it, but let's say that he had dreams. Since the reading of this book, I've found ways to feel happier in my role as a School Teacher myself, and feel that I'm finally clearing all the clutter from my life. 

With those dreams, like for the majority of us, there were fears. Throughout the book, the wise healer gave insightful teachings about how he could face those fears and see them for nothing more than what we life coaches call; False Expectations Appearing Real (F.E.A.R). 

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it really is a life changing read with the tranquility of being in Bali yourself as you begin a life transformation. 

This book now sits on the Staff Room coffee table and has been read by two of my colleagues already since I finished it. 

You can purchase it from HAY HOUSE for a great price too! 

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