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Monday, 13 August 2012

Hearing the Messages of the Nature Angels

Working with the faeries isn't always an easy job to have. Believe me when I say that all the hard work really is worth it. When you put the effort in, the faeries mirror that energy and return that energy to you with blessings.

I use the word "faeries" a lot more than I use the term "nature angels" purely because people seem to quickly understand the spiritual entities that I speak of when I call them Faeries. In my own private practice and communications I always refer to them as Nature Angels, because that is what fills my heart with peace, serenity and love.

The photo of myself above affirms that I am "sending you faerie blessings", and on my Facebook posts I always try to end my status updates giving 'faerie blessings' which I also do when I welcome a new friend or fan of my work on my profile and page.

But what exactly is it that I am sending you, what are Faerie Blessings?

Faerie blessings to me can be any energetic gift from the faerie realm and the universe that I feel you need or that the faeries guide me to bestow upon you. Sometimes when I am posting on my status, I will write something referring to love. Love of life, love a person, finding someone to enjoy love with, or love of a situation. I may channel faerie blessings of love into my post to everyone who reads it so that upon reading, if their soul is willing to accept the blessings, they will subconsciously invite the blessings of love into their life, which will in turn, work with the divine order of the law of attraction and attract more blessings of love into their lives.
So whatever the post is about, you can usually decipher what Faerie Blessings of energy that I am sending to you. Some wonderful examples of faerie energy that I channel into my posts are; harmony, peace, upliftment, joy, inspiration, fun, love, compassion, empathy, happiness, abundance, optimism, empowerment and appreciation.

Can I send Faerie Blessings to people?

Yes you can! In fact in the past few days I have experience a deep and profound (to me) faerie calling to ask people to join with me in sending Faerie Blessings to parts of our Planet. Recently I asked fans on my Facebook page to send healing energy to our planets forests. Right now the trees on our planet are working overtime to provide for us and many of us are not as appreciative as we could be. So, I urge all Lightworkers to listen to their faerie heart and listen for the faerie's calling to send healing energy. They may ask you to direct it to a person, a group of people, organisations, government, companies, countries or aspects of nature.

How can I hear my Nature Angels messages?

The Nature Angels are simply waiting to commune with us and believe it or not, they are not always sitting on lily pads or toadstools stroking daisies all day! Sure, I have clairsentiently been made aware of some of the Baby Nature Angels (younger faerie energies) who do this because they have the vibrational match of the lily pads, toadstools and daisies in which they can assure all these wonderful aspects of nature are in divine and perfect order.

The faeries have always told me that the very best way in which to hear their messages and guidance is to get out in nature and be at one with them. This can mean going for a walk along the beach, in the park, around your local garden centre (as you will be amongst the flower faeries - perfect for healing messages and guidance), or it can mean spending time in your own garden amongst the trees and plants that grow there. When you think of the word 'nature' - whatever location springs to mind is the perfect place for you to hear their messages.

I found this hard to understand sometimes I always seemed to be outdoors in my garden awaiting the messages of the faeries. This recent week, I have spent more time outdoors thanks to the glorious warmer weather I've been able to enjoy. My recent message from the faeries occurred whilst I was outdoors reading in the stillness. I had become so open to reading the messages in the book I was reading that my ego mind (the one that says ; You need to load the dishwasher, or take out the rubbish, feed the goldfish etc) was simply shut out. My higher mind was fully open and receptive to the intuitive thoughts, feelings and messages the nature angels wanted to share with me. My message came like a stroke of lightening but because I was able to clearly hear them as I was surrounded by the beautiful air, scents from the nearby plants and my mind was occupied into a relaxed state reading, I was able truly feel the pureness of this message. I jotted it down, pondered on it, (half expected my ego mind to tell me that 'it was useless') and realised that in fact this was wonderful and perfect for what my soul needed.

So, to hear your faeries messages, you really do just need to show respect for their wisdom, get outdoors and relax. Try it!

Later that evening I was rewarded with a wonderful evening spent with my Mother, my Partner and his Parents enduring hours of fun stories about ourselves that we rolled into the night embraced with hysterical laughter.

A sure gift from the Faeries for my listening to them.

Thank you for reading, I hope you return again soon for the next post on my blog,

Faerie Blessings, 

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  1. Love this post Aurora !!!
    Glad you had such a special day !!
    Judy xx

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