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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

I’ve read in a lot of books and heard a lot of spiritual teachers and life coaches say that ‘forgiveness can release you from the past’, and my initial thoughts were; ‘well that’s all well and good if you’re able to forgive people/situations with ease, you are so much better than I am because I could never forgive this person/situation, it simply hurt me too much to forgive.’ So I would just continue on in my life and hope for the best that life was willing to offer me.

Then about a week and a half ago my inner Goddess woke up and was ready to kick butt! My inner Goddess listened to that lame excuse (because that’s what it is – a lame excuse) and this time she answered back!

“Do you know something Aurora? We DESERVE the best in life and we are going to CHOOSE exactly what we are going to have in life. We are going to stop crying, we are going to find a way through this because there IS a positive way through this situation because I darn well say there is. You are a good person, and this situation is a wakeup call, it’s nothing more than just an alarm to say ‘hey it’s time to LIVE happily ever after’. You can forgive this situation, you can release it with love, and you can forgive the other person in this situation, and you CAN forgive YOURSELF.”

And immediately I knew she was right. I began telling myself, ‘I deserve the best in life and I choose what that is’, ‘I forgive you ….. for ……..and I love you’, ‘I forgive you Aurora for feeling …….. and allowing yourself to perceive this situation as …….. I love you Aurora just as you are.’ 

It took a while before my new thoughts actually settled within me enough for me to actually believe. But my inner Goddess was feeding me strength, she was there standing next to me, like Super Woman with her hands on her hips, confidently posing next to the weak, limp and lifeless me. Slowly I began to look up and get on my feet until today I stand next to that inner Goddess matching her confidence and pose.

Now, it wasn’t easy, but I believed with all my heart and soul that I could change my situation, I believed that I was at least going to try and as much energy as I fuelled into this, the more rewarding it was going to be. A few days in, I realised that I’d told myself and the universe so much that ‘I forgive’ that I actually DID forgive the situation and all people involved so much so that when I was faced with a new situation where I could have been bitter and twisted, I was radiating confidence, and pure love and the thought of the previous situation didn’t even enter my mind. It didn’t have a chance to enter my mind; my bodyguards wouldn’t allow it to enter my mind. I’d worked too hard to make a bad situation good that when I was then experiencing life, I was simply in the moment enjoying the truth of the situation – Pure Divine Love.

Life is made up of LOVE. Love of people, love of jobs/careers, love of food, love of places, love of objects – it’s all based on Love. But how many of us really love who we are and our life? I’d really love to say that we ALL love ourselves and our lives, but sadly for many that’s not the case and the reason behind it all is that we simply don’t believe we deserve to be happy. Refer to my opening paragraph to this post, re-read my self-limiting belief thought. That was said from my mean ego, not my pure higher self. That’s what your ego does; it puts you down, makes EVERY situation seem like the end of the world.  And unless we wake up like I fortunately did this time, we carry on listening to that ego voice.

I grew up a lot over the past week, a heck of a lot because I decided that for once in my life, I wasn’t going to run and hide and spend time crying and indulging in lots of self pity. I decided to say “NO! – I accept that this has happened, but I refuse to see it from a place of lack of love. I am going to look at this situation, at myself, at the other person, at my feelings with pure divine love and I’m going to turn this all around.” And I have.

I used my spirituality to get me through, I practised elements from Kabbalah that has proved effective to me in the past, I called upon Angels, Archangels, even Mother Mary to help me. I combined all this heavenly help and assistance with my new thoughts of happiness and success.

Now I’m sat here writing this, truly knowing, understanding and feeling the true power of forgiveness and the immense healing it provides. I can say with confidence that;
Forgiveness can release you from the past and propel you into a magnificent future. Forgiveness is the Key to happiness.

Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be in the situation that you’re in. Forgive yourself for the feelings you’re having. Forgive yourself for believing that you have to be unhappy and miserable. Then tell yourself that everything is going to be OK, and that you deserve the best in life. Tell yourself and believe with all your heart that you can chose your life experiences and have total control how you perceive life and channel your feelings and emotions. You have the power within you. You have the key to a magickal life. You simply have to lift it to the door and turn it in the lock, push the door open and take a deep breath – be brave, be happy, and walk through the door of forgiveness. What lies behind that door is life transforming happiness.  

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