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Monday, 20 August 2012

*~ ★ Book Review ~ Flower Therapy by Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves ★ ~*

When this charming faerie friendly sized book landed in the home and garden of The Faerie Whisperer (me) amongst the clover and grass from Hay House, I simply new it was going to take me on a magickal and scentsational journey.

It is written by two very lovely people (both of whom I've been lucky enough to have a chat with briefly), Doreen Virtue, who readers of my blog should be very familiar with as a lovely lightworker and spiritual teacher who has written countless books on angels, faeries, healing and divine guidance whilst living in the gorgeous Hawaii, and Robert Reeves who is a Naturopath in beautiful Australia (where they are both currently taking part in *I Can Do It*) as well as using his training in herbal medicine combined with his psychic abilities to help clients heal. He also writes articles, runs a natural health clinic (which he began at 17 years old!) and runs self-help workshops!

A perfectly matched co-author relationship I would say! 

So now, onto the book that these lovely people have written. 

Perfectly sized for carrying with you in your bag so that you have ready access to the messages, healing and guidance from the angels and nature angels (faeries) and the flowers that they work with.

The book begins with a wonderful introduction to what flower therapy is and how the angels and faeries work together to bring through the healing messages and energies from the flowers. It then discusses how to collect your flowers for your therapy session and even gives you a gentle "flower-picking ceremony" step by step guide so that you can be assured that the flowers you chose are perfect and don't get hurt in any way. 

Doreen and Robert then explain to us the many ways in which we can work with flower therapy in our lives such as; flower therapy readings, chakra balancing, aura cleansing and even creating a flower therapy garden. Naturally, they detail in an easy to follow step by step guide (these step by step guides really make you feel that you are taking a workshop with Doreen and Robert - you don't feel alone in the process of learning about Flower Therapy) you are told how to make flower essences and how to use them. I won't tell you the ways in which you can use these essences and infusions - I don't want to reveal everything!

Once, your theoretical knowledge of Flower Therapy is complete in the reading of this book, you reach the "Directory" which is jam packed with 88 of the common flowers we find in our gardens and park lands. Flowers such as Red Roses, Camellia, Orchids, Freesias and the mesmerizing Bottlebrush to name a few. Each flower has an accompanying photo (which has healing energies itself), chakra correspondences, associated Archangels, healing description and healing message which has been channeled from the flowers so that you can easily find and work with the right flower for you.

At the end of the book there are some wonderful helpful lists where you can find what flowers work with associated Archangels, chakras and situations in life such as Romance, Financial support, Anger (releasing) and Friendship.

This book has opened my eyes further more to the magick contained in any garden, park land or in fact where any flower grows. This is an ideal book for anyone with an interest in flowers, gardening, angels, faeries, and healing. It's also perfect for a beginner or the more advanced practitioner, as I believe people who have a connection with the faeries as well as those who perhaps haven't explored that aspect of spirituality fully, will have lots of their own intuitive thoughts and feelings to add to the directory (which has space at the end of the book for you to add your own observations - which you are actively encouraged to listen to the messages from the flowers yourself and to adapt the methods to suit how you feel when working with flower therapy). 

My only disappointment with this book is that is was released at almost the end of Summer here in the UK and I would have been super excited to have had this companion guide with me during Spring so that as I visited garden centers to purchase plants for my garden I could research what healing attributes they would bring to my garden and into my life. 

BUT.... it just means that I can work with the flowers I have right now, and get more super excited than I thought possible as I plan for Spring 2013 in the Faerie Whisperer garden!

You can order this book direct from HAY HOUSE 


You can also find a wonderful EXCLUSIVE feature in a Faerie special magazine **FAE MAGAZINE**  in which both Doreen Virtue and Myself write exclusive columns for, all about Doreen and Robert's book ~ Flower Therapy. It is an amazing read which I just know you will ADORE! Grab your copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition now to read this magickal feature and ALSO read my column which discusses having a Faerie Altar ( in the garden) so it would make a perfect companion to the book - you can use your new Flower Therapy knowledge to add to creating your very own Faerie Altar! 

Order your copy directly from 


Thank you for staying here to read this blog review, I hope you have enjoyed reading it, and I look forward to your returning to read more book reviews and more blogs that will help you live a life of blessings 

Faerie Blessings, 
Aurora xXx 

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