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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Book Review ~ The Angel Whisperer by Kyle Gray

Hello everyone, 

I was sent this book by Hay House UK to read and review on my blog here for all of you wonderful readers.

 The Angel Whisperer  is written by a young man called Kyle Gray. He lives in Scotland and has embraced his vocation wholeheartedly giving workshops, talks and provides comforting messages from people's loved ones in spirit to those who seek his help and guidance. 

When I sat down to read this book I thought it was going to be another book filled of stories of the afterlife and little else to engage the reader. I was wrong! So very wrong and can now say that after spending 4 days reading it cover to cover, word for word, it really does contain 'INCREDIBLE stories of hope and love from the angels.' However it contains so much more than that.

The book begins with Kyle telling you about his childhood and the heartwarming story of his beloved Nana who for him, helped set him off onto a pathway that would lead him to where he is now. It then takes you through many of his private readings with clients who have proved to contain a remarkable story of love from the other side.

Kyle talks to you as though his attention is solely on you as you read his journey which makes it a very personal and comforting experience whilst reading. I really felt that I was sitting down with a cup of tea chatting to an old friend about heaven and angels. My belief in angels has always been evident, but whilst reading this book, my belief has been cemented as I was able to feel my angels closer to me than before and even managed to discover what my Guardian Angel looks like(Something that has proved difficult for so many years) , I now just need to discover the name :)

My favourite aspect of this book that really makes it true gem to me and one that I will recommend time and time again, especially to Young and Upcoming teens and adults alike who are wondering if that voice they hear is worth developing a little more (it most definitely is!), is the immense amount of positivity that emanates from the pages. I am a huge fan of positive thought and new age thought practices, so Kyle's practice and use of such spiritual tools in his daily life, both work and personal, thrill me! His affirmations and exercises to connect more with your angels are FABULOUS!

Reading this book has lightened my heart, filled me with hope and inspiration. Kyle has reminded me of my own mediumship and spiritual practice and development, and being of a similar age to Kyle, he has inspired me to get back on my pathway with Angels and Mediumship, and do what I've always intended to do, and what Kyle intends to do and achieves daily, to provide messages of hope and love from heaven. **Thank You Kyle xx**

I simply cannot praise this book highly enough! On a personal level, practical level and professional level. Everyone can benefit from this book! Everyone! Skeptics, believers, newbies and the more advanced spiritual soul, this book simply cannot fail to touch your heart whoever you are, wherever you are in your life, what ever you are facing in life.

This book is truly ~ MGCK! 

Kyle Gray can be contacted via his website ~ www. 

To purchase this book, Hay House are doing a fabulously MGCK deal where you can purchase the book for £8.79 instead of the RRP £10.99 

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