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Monday, 23 July 2012

*Touched by the Faeries*

Faerie Blessings,

Today I decided to change my blog name and address to ****Faerie Whisperer**** ~ it made perfect sense to as I am known as *The Faerie Whisperer* who works in lots of different spiritual ways underneath her toadstool! So here on this blog, you will get a whole rainbow of themed spiritual teachings, insight, and diary posts by me.

Also, today I was reminded just how inspiring and awesome being touched by faeries for the first time can really be. I get a good amount of emails and messages via Facebook from people whom have been touched by the Fae  and they share their experiences with me (Which I am ever so grateful and blessed for).

Sometimes when we are touched by the faeries it can be a fleeting second when we see them or suspect we see them flutter on by, others can be a rewarding and healing experience where we enter a long communication with them either verbally or telepathically. But it is not the time that you spend with the fae or how long the communication lasts that is important, it is the love and lesson you bring back from the moment into your everyday waking life that matters. What you do with the special gift that the faeries have bestowed upon you is what counts!

I have been fortunate enough to have had many faerie blessings bestowed upon me right from having a Faerie Queen defend my corner and protecting me from harm, to the Faerie Tokens/Emblems that have been bestowed upon me through my work as a Faerie Priestess. I also count the little signs from nature that I receive when I ask for guidance and reassurance as gifts of the fae because in truth that's what they are, they are a heartfelt gift from the Faeries.

Although my receiving these gifts are wonderfully enchanting within themselves, they are not really important - it's how I used these gifts that matters. For example, the Faerie Priestess Emblems that I have received such as the Butterfly, I use spiritually when I am in need to transformation, or I want to turn a bad situation good. I visualize hundreds and thousands of butterflies surrounding the situation, clearing away the negativity and replacing it with sparkling energy of pure divine love and light. I also use these butterflies in World Situations such as the recent horrific tragedy in Aurora, USA. It's important that we Lightworkers ALWAYS strive to turn bad situations into good ones. We can't change what happens or take away what has happened, but we CAN help to diminish the negative black energy upholding the traumas. it's our Lightworker duty.

Make sure you think about the gifts the faeries have given you, be they a dream, a sign, a flower, a shape in the clouds, or even a feeling. Think about how you can use the energy to help others. If you are unsure how your particular gift can help others, ask the faeries for guidance, they WILL guide you if you ask them.

**If you would like to send me your faerie experiences or stories, please feel free to email them to me at or contact me via my Facebook Page **

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