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Sunday, 29 July 2012

*~ Faerie Whisperer's Faerie School ~*

Faerie Blessings everyone, 

I have some very exciting FAERIE news!!! 

I have set up a special facebook page ~ ** Faerie Whisperer ~ Faerie School**

What is *Faerie School*? 

I decided to set up this Faerie School during the summer holidays 2012 as in my experience as a Student Teacher (Primary Teacher) I know just how hard it can be to keep the little ones entertained and occupied. 

My mother was fortunate with me in that I was happy to spend the hours drawing or reading or even gardening with the Fae Folk in my holidays, but not all children are like me and rightly so - each Faerie Child is a spark of magick that needs to be tended to, nurtured and loved as they grow into their own being.

At the *Faerie Whisperer ~ Faerie School* I intend to give you practical ways in which you can help your children spend their summer exploring their spirituality in a relaxed manner, meaning they will be having so much fun they won't realise that they are developing their spirituality - but they will look back on the journey in years to come. 

With this in mind, if you decided to follow the program, it might be a lovely idea to get a blank journal of some sort and take photos of your little Faerie Children as they enjoy the activities. Perhaps you can make it a *Faerie School ScrapBook* and post small messages or reminders of what they were doing when the photo was taken. The idea is to keep a record of what you take part in at Faerie School. 

What can I expect from *Faerie School*? 

At Faerie School, all education is free as it is fully sponsored by The Universe & God. 

I aim to provide daily tips and ideas on how to teach your children more about faeries, angels, mermaids, and unicorns PLUS ways in which you can help encourage your children to think more positively. (I have in my work as a Student Teacher come across lots of children who have had poor self esteem and by using affirmations and positive praise for even the smallest of achievements witnessed children who were repeatedly told and expected to *FAIL* exams, coming out on top, acheiving the best SATs results in a 5 year history at the school! 

I will post oracle readings in a child friendly voice for your little ones to think about during the day/week. I will also be hosting fun competitions and offering very cheap Unicorn Readings for £5.00 for your children. These readings are to ONLY be purchased by an adult and must have a valid ADULT email address to send them too. It is advised that the adult reads the reading before sharing with their child. 

I will also be uploading videos for *Faerie School* whereby I virtually teach your children and give them an activity to complete once the lesson is over as homework. 

But this school is much different from Normal School.... this is FAERIE SCHOOL so it is soooo much more FUN!!! 

At the end of *Faerie School* 's first term which ends 1st September, all children who participated will recieve a sparkling certificate of achievement

If you would like any more information, please feel free to email me at

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