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Sunday, 15 July 2012

♥ Connecting to your Inner Mermaid ♥

Mer Blessings everyone,

Of late I have experienced the emotional roller-coaster experience that has really tested my faith in myself and my spiritual guides have been there as always reassuring me through comforting signs and communications that "everything would be OK" - and you know something? They were right! Everything has turned out stronger and better than before and it all helped by communicating truthfully with my partner, myself and my Spiritual Helpers. Communication really is key in building any relationship.

After I am self reassured that everything is OK, I tend to get a surge of energy that urges me to dive right in to  connecting to my spirituality, and this occasion was no different. Over the past 4 months I've really connected with mermaids and my inner mermaid who has been attempting to help me heal my own issues with my body. Like many women, I cannot yet say 100% truthfully that I love my body. The Mermaids can help with this and I am working through the issues, albeit slowly.

I've spent time thinking about ways in which we can all connect with our inner mermaid without donning a tail and swimming in the pool in our back garden...(what? You don't have a swimming pool? - We'll I'll let you into a secret - Neither do I!). I spend my time when I soak in the tub to connect to the Mermaids and my Inner Mermaid. I also use my Mermaid Oracle cards to see what guidance I need to be aware of, and I find that I always feel much more positive once I've connected to my inner mermaid.

Here are some fun ways in which you can too;

  • Create a Mermaid Sea Altar ~ Collect together some Sea Shells, Crystals (such as Sea Jasper, Coral, Aquamarine), incense related to the Sea such as Sea Breeze, Mermaid Oracle Cards, Mermaid Figurines and/or a beautiful picture of a Mermaid that fills your heart with joy. Also place a blue candle that reminds you of the sea and an oil burner where you can burn Sea Breeze fragrant oil. Try to spend at least 5 minutes every day here connecting with the Mermaids

  • Create a Mermaid Journal ~ Write/Draw in your mermaid journal regularly. You can write poetry, spells, or even thoughts that you have about the mermaids or your inner mermaid. Spend time writing about everything that you discover about Mermaids and their Myths. Maybe you can decorate your journal with sea shells or sea weed. 

  • Create a Collage ~ Collect pieces and pictures that remind you of mermaids and arrange them on a huge piece of card. There is no right or wrong way to create this collage, it's important that it represents to you what Mermaid energy is. Think about how you would look as a mermaid, (use websites such as to see what you'd look like as a mermaid, print and paste the picture on your collage).

  • Wear Mermaid Jewellery ~ A simple and easily powerful way to connect with the Mermaids is by wearing mermaid/ocean inspired jewellery. I have a couple of Mermaid necklaces, and sea shell necklaces and bracelets that I pop on when I want to connect with the Mermaids in a subtle way. I also wear a Sea Shell hair clip when I feel a little more confident and spend many an hour perusing the shops like a walking, talking, shopping mermaid! 

  • Read Mermaid Books ~ A quick search on Amazon or at your local library will bring up a whole host of mermaid related books and films. Films such as *The Little Mermaid*, *Splash*, and *Aquamarine* can help you relax, and connect with mermaid energy easily. Books on mermaids can offer lots of hints and tips on how you can embrace the mermaid within. 

  • Join a Mermaid Discussion Group ~ You can join a mermaid group online where you can talk to mermaids and mermaid appreciators without fear of being laughed at. There is a wonderful group on Facebook that I belong to that was created by Karen Kay, editor and creator of FAE Magazine & Mermaids & Mythology magazine ~ Mermaids of Facebook  

  • Throw a Mermaid Party ~ Wear mermaid style makeup (Blues, greens and sparkles), flowing clothes such as maxi dresses, your mermaid style jewellery and throw a huge mermaid party for children and adults alike. perhaps you can offer to use your Mermaid oracle cards and offer fun light-hearted readings to friends. 

Make a play date with yourself and your inner mermaid! Go on! You'll have a splashing time! 

Then come visit me on my facebook page *~The Faerie Whisperer~* and tell me all about your exciting Mer-Travels

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