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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Book Review ~ Little Lost Seal Pup by Hannah Titania

A charming book of poetic literature that tells the story of how unconditional love for a Sea Faerie (otherwise known as a Seal) can heal hearts and souls. 

This book is perfect for little ones who love stories that rhyme or even stories about animals and the ocean. The illustrations that are also created by the author, Hannah Titania, are bright, colourful, and have an ethereal glow to them that will make anyone who gazes at them completely captured in their magick. 

*Little Lost Seal Pup* is told by Hannah Titania through the eyes of a new born seal pup who through a storm loses her Mum and spends days hoping she would return. A little girl saves the seal pup one day and cares and loves her back to strength until the pup is ready to return to the Ocean. 

A heart warming tale, perfect for bedtimes as we tuck our little ones in before they drift off with the Faeries to  dream land. 

I shall be taking this book into my workplace (Primary School) to read to the children as I know they will enjoy it's magickal message much more than we could ever imagine. 

Available from Waterstones and Amazon priced at £9.99 

Also available from Hannah's website 

Child Friendly Rating : 9.0 out of 10.0

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