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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Book Review ~ Hannah Titania A True Fairy Story

A book filled with magick and faerie energy landed upon my doormat from the lovely Hannah Titania, and nothing prepared me for the opening of such a precious parcel. 

Upon opening and first handling the Faerie Book of Magick, I noticed it's padded cover and exquisite detailing as I stroked the ivy leaves surrounding the front cover. 

The story begins with a poem, setting the tone for magick and mystery which follows. Poetry is dotted throughout this book capturing moments of faerie inspiration and also providing thoughts to ponder with a magickal purpose to make one more aware of ones surroundings. 

Detailing the personal journey of Hannah Titania from before birth and throughout her toddler years, through to teenage years to present as she spent each day at home on the Isle of Islay connecting with the Sea Faeries  through the playing of music, this book showcases the growing up of a young faerie and the magick that touched her life so clearly. 
The incredible photos of Hannah's Fairy Tale life allow the reader to feel warm and welcomed as though sitting with a friend looking through a photo album. 

As I sat and read the beautiful tale, it recaptured my own memories of a childhood filled with magick and my time spent in nature with the Faerie Realm. This book, may spread that same magick in your own life when you sit still enough to really read and embrace the magick contained within these pages. 

Perfect for all ages (although the little ones may need some help to read the tale) and a perfect gift for a faerie believer. 

Available from Waterstones and Amazon, priced at £12.99 

Also available from Hannah's website 

Rating : 10.0 out of 10.0

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